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goodnight karl! Have a good sleep, You deserve it! <3 :)
12 May, 06:01 AM UTC
i'm not on the priv but idk goodnight karl sleep well remember people love you and you're doing great :D
12 May, 05:55 AM UTC
little doodle bc goodnight karl is trending :]
12 May, 07:12 AM UTC
why is goodnight karl trending? 😭😭 this is so cute omg
12 May, 07:35 AM UTC
Nala ☽ 📎
Bruh goodnight Karl is trending cause he asked us to say it back to him, I love this community <3
12 May, 06:37 AM UTC
I did this in like a minute and I’m not in the priv acc but GOODNIGHT KARL
12 May, 07:25 AM UTC
Why is Goodnight Karl Trending Lmaoo 😂 Anyways, Goodnight Karl! <3
12 May, 06:56 AM UTC
goodnight Karl Jacobs
12 May, 06:43 AM UTC
goodnight karl <3
12 May, 07:18 AM UTC
Damn I guess he went to bed goodnight karl
12 May, 09:12 AM UTC
lena / lee 🎰 LOVEJOY EP
im not in the priv but goodnight karl :]
12 May, 07:50 AM UTC
saw “goodnight Karl” was trending and had to chime in, goodnight Karl! 💗
12 May, 06:54 AM UTC
erie | 📌SELFIE!!
aw :) goodnight karl!!!
12 May, 06:54 AM UTC
Dazzy ✨
YOU GUYS ACTUALLY GOT GOODNIGHT KARL TRENDING- Stop- I love this community- so sweet- at first i was scared tho cuz he has been getting hate lately, and then i saw a wholesome picture
12 May, 08:39 AM UTC
Jess || check 📌
I assume goodnight Karl is trending bc of his private tweet but goodnight anyways <333
12 May, 07:47 AM UTC
@THEHONKBOY goodnight karl :) sleep well
12 May, 07:34 AM UTC
too young ♡s karl
goodnight Karl! Have a well sleep, love you ❤️
12 May, 07:05 AM UTC
@THEHONKBOY 3 hours late but goodnight karl<333
12 May, 09:15 AM UTC
and i oop 🙊
i miss the nightly alt streams but goodnight karl sounds cuter. sleep good big man
12 May, 07:53 AM UTC
kati is at school but probably on my phone aha
@THEHONKBOY Goodnight Karl :)
12 May, 07:32 AM UTC
joli 💫 vince | is married !☺💍
ppl got goodnight karl tredning by replying to his alt..,,. let me In please ler me in i wanna be IN PLEASe??
12 May, 07:03 AM UTC
im not on the priv but goodnight karl!
12 May, 06:55 AM UTC
goodnight karl you may stomp on me
12 May, 06:46 AM UTC
@THEHONKBOY Goodnight Karl have a good sleep
12 May, 06:45 AM UTC