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"Form follows function." That was the driving principle behind the Bauhaus—a school of thought as well as an actual school whose revolutionary approach to art & design helped shape the 🌎 we live in. Today's animated #GoogleDoodle celebrates its legacy → https://t.co/EgNd06RiiW Google Doodles's photo on #GoogleDoodle
12 Apr, 05:41 AM UTC
Bonnie Greer
The #Bauhaus (1919-1933) fought #fascism; #nationalism; #populism #misogny - many of the dangers that we suffer from today. Design, function ,rationality was their driving force. This is why one of the first moves that Hitler made was to shut them down. #GoogleDoodle #Bauhaus100 https://t.co/zJz9aOm6qA
12 Apr, 08:54 AM UTC
Schon gesehen? 100 jahre bauhaus bei @Google. ................................................... Have you seen it? 100 years of bauhaus at Google. #bauhaus100 #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/QA8pKItHax
12 Apr, 07:27 AM UTC
Google Brasil
🎉🎨Nosso #GoogleDoodle de hoje celebra os 100 anos da #Bauhaus, a escola alemã de arte, design e arquitetura fundada por Walter Gropius cuja abordagem revolucionária ajudou a moldar o 🌎atual Google Brasil's photo on #GoogleDoodle
12 Apr, 02:24 PM UTC
Google Arts&Culture
Bauhaus: The School of Modernism. Discover more about today's #GoogleDoodle on #GoogleArts: https://t.co/f94sJ4f5eZ https://t.co/dkvP4h39MN
12 Apr, 08:56 AM UTC
Today’s #GoogleDoodle celebrates the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus. https://t.co/hWFrciYQYF Curbed's photo on #GoogleDoodle
12 Apr, 12:30 PM UTC
Google en español
🎉🎨 Nuestro #GoogleDoodle de hoy celebra los 100 años de #Bauhaus, la escuela alemana de arte, diseño y arquitectura fundada por Walter Gropius. ¡Feliz centenario, Bauhaus! → https://t.co/ayvwn2UkSo Google en español's photo on #GoogleDoodle
12 Apr, 02:30 PM UTC
Google UK
Today’s #GoogleDoodle celebrates Bauhaus, the movement that transformed modern art in the 1920’s 🎨 Even though Bauhaus originated as a German school of arts in 1919, its unique influence is still behind a lot of architecture and design we see today 🖌 → https://t.co/shMpXhb7hN Google UK's photo on #GoogleDoodle
12 Apr, 11:30 AM UTC
O #GoogleDoodle do dia celebra os 100 anos da influente escola de design #Bauhaus. Aqui, mostramos alguns produtos da instituição: https://t.co/M0tftdsEn7 https://t.co/5y1S09obRp
12 Apr, 03:16 PM UTC
Rafael Pedraza Díaz
La Bauhus me recerda lo que necesitamos: maña, fuerza y atractivo para la gente 100º aniversario de Bauhaus. #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/7O6D0byOwL
12 Apr, 11:05 AM UTC
Princeton Architectural Press
Love the #GoogleDoodle today! Happy #bauhaus100 https://t.co/ELlVGxZNCt
12 Apr, 01:31 PM UTC
Israel en Argentina
¿Vieron el #GoogleDoodle de hoy, en homenaje al 100° aniversario de la #Bauhaus? https://t.co/8MBKL4ccZA
12 Apr, 03:24 PM UTC
Adobe UK
To celebrate today’s #GoogleDoodle, we’re looking back at the lost alphabets that were uncovered from the #BauhausDessau. Download the fonts today: https://t.co/WTFSX86Arm #AdobeHiddenTreasures #FlashbackFriday Adobe UK's photo on #GoogleDoodle
12 Apr, 02:26 PM UTC
Deb White
@WickedDecent @IntentionBook Thought of you when I saw today's 100th Anniversary of Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/RjHjfaHrQz
12 Apr, 12:39 PM UTC
Umberto M. Cataneo
100° anniversario del Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle //g.co/doodle/65yue
12 Apr, 07:41 AM UTC
Rohit Gupta
10 Bauhaus movement - Facts about Bauhaus Design movement Art by 'Doodle' https://t.co/ccUPVc03Nd #Bauhausmovement #BauhausDesign #GoogleDoodle
12 Apr, 03:13 PM UTC
Rodolphe Koller
100e anniversaire du Bauhaus ! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/2O1nso85Ho
12 Apr, 03:07 PM UTC
Tifani Roberts
100th Anniversary of Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/G1N9rGHmCG
12 Apr, 03:07 PM UTC
100º aniversario de Bauhaus. #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/8qyW1Y0W4Y
12 Apr, 03:06 PM UTC
100th Anniversary of Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/m9DKMmQQjf
12 Apr, 03:05 PM UTC
Anna M. Lewis
Cool graphic to celebrate 100th Anniversary of Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/bOtJOIUFcB #designhistory
12 Apr, 03:32 PM UTC
Know Your Onions
#GoogleDoodle misses the #Bauhaus #bauhaus100 mark as far as I'm concerned Know Your Onions's photo on #GoogleDoodle
12 Apr, 03:32 PM UTC
cu pra fora de konoha
100º Aniversário do Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/19m7sewQSj
12 Apr, 03:32 PM UTC
Enzerubebii the beastmaster Hunter
100th Anniversary of Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/HhBU61i7oI
12 Apr, 03:31 PM UTC
100º aniversario de Bauhaus. #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/6ucSfpKjai
12 Apr, 03:31 PM UTC
100th Anniversary of Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/svdjox2v18
12 Apr, 03:30 PM UTC
100th Anniversary of Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/xkBJLeJh2k
12 Apr, 03:30 PM UTC
100º Aniversário do Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/VI6c5gnl5J
12 Apr, 03:30 PM UTC
Cephas Penn, IV
100th Anniversary of Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle //g.co/doodle/6fpdjh
12 Apr, 03:29 PM UTC
Víctor Bruno Lima
100º Aniversário do Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/BXo31grid3
12 Apr, 03:28 PM UTC
Richard Borges
100º Aniversário do Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/SVBhH49Ms9
12 Apr, 03:28 PM UTC
Grupo Educativo
100º aniversario de Bauhaus. Movimiento Bauhaus: la revolución mundial del estilo sin estilo en el diseño #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/RO1TqOQYDn
12 Apr, 03:26 PM UTC
Elaine Fauth
100º Aniversário do Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/OEWPk107dM
12 Apr, 03:25 PM UTC
Marie Boran
100th Anniversary of Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/SHfIYSMNAo
12 Apr, 03:25 PM UTC
Lányi Balázs
100 éves a Bauhaus #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/MBwxPgFkUC
12 Apr, 03:25 PM UTC
Su Silva
100º Aniversário do Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/IE70JaJZ9d
12 Apr, 03:24 PM UTC
Juan D. Beltran
100th Anniversary of Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/g60ifVdEnd
12 Apr, 03:24 PM UTC
100 Jahre Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/GDguPU415o
12 Apr, 03:23 PM UTC
Today’s #GoogleDoodle celebrates 100th anniversary of Bauhaus ❤️ #Bauhaus100 https://t.co/2b3PGvVwUo
12 Apr, 03:22 PM UTC
Miguel A. Santángelo
100º aniversario de Bauhaus. #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/LpodzZPHgH
12 Apr, 03:21 PM UTC
The Real Gail
100th Anniversary of Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/vZc4tyPQY7
12 Apr, 03:21 PM UTC
Raquel Ivy Sousa ッ
100º Aniversário do Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/DYhJaOsMmT
12 Apr, 03:20 PM UTC
Alexis Romero
¡Hoy es el centenario de la Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle //g.co/doodle/j1aph
12 Apr, 03:20 PM UTC
Les Taylor
100th Anniversary of Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/BavnbLYtsD
12 Apr, 03:19 PM UTC
Heart Internet
Check out todays #GoogleDoodle which celebrates 100 years since the founding of #Bauhaus! #art #design https://t.co/9Gp6RVRiKn
12 Apr, 03:19 PM UTC
100th Anniversary of Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/irFJGEWwJy
12 Apr, 03:19 PM UTC
Leslie Horna
🥰 Happy Fri-YAY! 100th Anniversary of #Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/7p9YtQXRWP Celebrating 100 years: https://t.co/yPH4b6XqoE Leslie Horna's photo on #GoogleDoodle
12 Apr, 03:17 PM UTC
Ian Shea-Cahir
I had no idea @petermurphyinfo was that old, Google! #BelaLugosiIsDead #IKnowItsArchitecture 100th Anniversary of Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/MxBRJ4Hw71
12 Apr, 03:17 PM UTC
KR Architecture
If you have not seen the #GoogleDoodle today, check it out. Some very famous #architects were associated with #bauhaus #waltergropius #miesvanderrohe #architect #100yearsold #modernism @Google
12 Apr, 03:17 PM UTC
Steve Mendat
100th Anniversary of Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle Bec6okhttpsBec6okhttpskBec6okhttpsBec6okhttpsku00ku6se3gtgg5g5g6ģ5httpsguhhhyuhttps://g.co/doodle/steak huyhuyyyyyyy
12 Apr, 03:16 PM UTC
Uriah Arbogast
100th Anniversary of Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/DB2nJFCUD9 Did you know the band was originally called Bauhaus 1919. That would be confusing AF if you tried to Google that today.
12 Apr, 03:15 PM UTC
LeighAnn Little
100th Anniversary of Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/9PJILHGcrz
12 Apr, 03:15 PM UTC
ᴀʟᴀɴ ᴛʀᴀᴠᴇʀs
Nice tribute to the #Bauhaus movement on it's 100th anniversary by Google today. https://t.co/GXOiT2gz84 #bauhaus100 #design #GoogleDoodle
12 Apr, 03:14 PM UTC
Our biggest threat is the Infestation of Ignorance
WALTER GROPIUS, Y'all! 100th Anniversary of Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle //g.co/doodle/6fpdjh
12 Apr, 03:14 PM UTC
Alexandra Ruggiero
Loving the #GoogleDoodle for the 100th Anniversary of Bauhaus! https://t.co/cXHq1A7aCC via @GoogleDoodles
12 Apr, 03:13 PM UTC
Ernesto de Lorenzo
100º aniversario de Bauhaus. #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/idPiL3To69
12 Apr, 03:13 PM UTC
Hugo Janeba 🅰️+
100º Aniversário do Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/CbSE4ayT04
12 Apr, 03:12 PM UTC
100th Anniversary of Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/J2cmwuy2ax
12 Apr, 03:11 PM UTC
Paco Gascón
¡Hoy es el centenario de la Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/6GYqflFWhv
12 Apr, 03:09 PM UTC
Mihael Mello Keehl
100th Anniversary of Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/T4dSG38O5G
12 Apr, 03:09 PM UTC
Laura Innocenti
100th Anniversary of Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/ZjIqi0ObZY
12 Apr, 03:08 PM UTC
Felipe Cretella
100º Aniversário do Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/XnikMguOws
12 Apr, 03:07 PM UTC
El Capricho de Gaudí
¡Hoy es el centenario de la Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle En periodo de entreguerras se desarrolló esta idea de #arquitectura, #diseño, #artesanía y #arte bajo el lema "la forma sigue a la función" Aún siguen sus premisas vigentes... https://t.co/lHz1GL2PrM
12 Apr, 03:07 PM UTC
Oh that's just wonderful! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/DYsp0aRG6q
12 Apr, 03:07 PM UTC
Seth Plotnick
100th Anniversary of Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/9dlaBruTad
12 Apr, 03:06 PM UTC
Erdem Aygün
Bauhaus'un 100. Yıl Dönümü! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/i1k7uZp1W3
12 Apr, 03:06 PM UTC
100th Anniversary of Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/Oj9ty8L8UM
12 Apr, 03:06 PM UTC
Amanto Moura 📚
100º Aniversário do Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/dwVTFvE4Rq
12 Apr, 03:05 PM UTC
Lil clip that makes me smile. ah Bauhaus...100th Anniversary of Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/0uyrrWB5g4
12 Apr, 03:04 PM UTC
Fatma Betül
Bauhaus'un 100. Yıl Dönümü! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/MfQd416jrj
12 Apr, 03:02 PM UTC
Yakov Manshin
100th Anniversary of Bauhaus! #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/vyGvkbj75o
12 Apr, 03:02 PM UTC
100º aniversario de Bauhaus. #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/YxYgm60Lv2
12 Apr, 03:01 PM UTC
Octavio Olivos Vargas
100º aniversario de Bauhaus. #GoogleDoodle https://t.co/1viakk437q
12 Apr, 03:01 PM UTC
Brendan Collinge
Heads up the #GoogleDoodle is kinda neat today
12 Apr, 03:01 PM UTC
I'm a giant squid! What's your Earth Day #GoogleDoodle quiz animal? https://t.co/zwj5okkw7M
12 Apr, 03:00 PM UTC

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