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The Swift Society
‼️SPOILER: @TaylorSwift13's "this is me trying" featuring the 7th episode of #GossipGirl https://t.co/ATKFKMp9WH
25 Nov, 03:41 PM UTC
A segunda parte da 1ª temporada do reboot de #GossipGirl já está disponível na HBO Max, com 3 novos episódios 💜 https://t.co/fPuVaJAfTh
25 Nov, 01:01 PM UTC
max realizing that he has feelings for both of them and not being able to express them while traitor is playing in the background I AM NOT OKAY #GossipGirl  @brookedavcis's photo on #GossipGirl
25 Nov, 04:44 PM UTC
luna and max being besties is something so personal to me #GossipGirl https://t.co/rctNkka68M
25 Nov, 06:03 PM UTC
xoxo, miranda
just wiped a tear #gossipgirl https://t.co/VL2OHcNBNP
25 Nov, 01:27 PM UTC
Gossip Girl Brasil
Essa cena aqui...💔 #GossipGirl https://t.co/nPRvnl9nWK
25 Nov, 10:38 PM UTC
Max being the one who is left out. My boy doesn't deserve this hello 😭 #GossipGirl https://t.co/ylwEdjlywq
25 Nov, 06:06 PM UTC
HBO Max Latinoamérica.
¡La madre de todos los chismes revelada en pleno Thanksgiving! Las verdaderas mentes maestras detrás de #GossipGirl Tres nuevos episodios ya están disponibles. XOXO 💅 @HBOMaxLA's photo on #GossipGirl
25 Nov, 06:35 PM UTC
the lone wolf of the upper east side. — #GossipGirl #gossipgirlreboot https://t.co/IKhGcwm0lE
25 Nov, 08:03 PM UTC
Pati Chapoy
Los mejores chismes revelados en pleno Thanksgiving! Las verdaderas mentes maestras detrás de #GossipGirl Tres nuevos episodios disponibles en @hbomaxla Xoxo @ChapoyPati's photo on #GossipGirl
25 Nov, 08:39 PM UTC
PLS THIS IS SO FUNNY #GossipGirl https://t.co/zTJaHBENbg
25 Nov, 06:38 PM UTC
i couldn't find a link that had the teaser so i had to record my laptop.... but here is the teaser for the last three episodes #GossipGirl https://t.co/cjHCiY9iow
25 Nov, 02:05 PM UTC
Nana Rude
VEM MUITO AÍ! O criador da série #GossipGirl, Joshua Safran, revelou em entrevista ao site 'Decider' que quatro atores do elenco original da série irão aparecer no 10º episódio da 1ª temporada do reboot. O autor só não contou quais são…➡️Saiba mais: https://t.co/c3RjV7T802 https://t.co/j23HaesELX
25 Nov, 03:01 PM UTC
Katy Fast
The Episode 01 of HBO Max’s #GossipGirl will feature Harleys in Hawaii by Katy Perry🌺 By music supervisor: @/robertlowry on Instagram https://t.co/fOQfN7p2x0
25 Nov, 11:23 PM UTC
Gossip Girl Brasil
Apesar de tudo, irmãs. #GossipGirl https://t.co/lvsoYADmxn
26 Nov, 11:30 AM UTC
poe de haan,, today's lunet day
jodie and kiki best moms i love them sm #GossipGirl https://t.co/b4SekvXV8E
25 Nov, 05:58 PM UTC
HBO Max Latinoamérica.
Hola followers, si quieren estar listos para la parte 2 de #GossipGirl, aquí les dejo todo el chismecito de la parte 1. XOXO @HBOMaxLA's photo on #GossipGirl
26 Nov, 02:02 AM UTC
Max and Audrey Gifs
The only plot we know and care for #GossipGirl https://t.co/VHpysBWTzb
26 Nov, 07:00 AM UTC
Max and Audrey Gifs
This user is no more #Maudrey #GossipGirl https://t.co/udpwQW75kA
25 Nov, 10:41 PM UTC
poe de haan,, today's lunet day
oh baby no :(( #GossipGirl https://t.co/UbYM1o2KpS
25 Nov, 07:04 PM UTC
No matter who ends up with whom this bonding needs to stay 🤧 #GossipGirl https://t.co/9nizEbqLb2
25 Nov, 02:46 PM UTC
I’m confused by Obie though because he sucks but when he is with Julien and he isn’t being so self absorbed he kind of works. Like I don’t know but I kind of like them together #GossipGirl https://t.co/kxOIfSJrfh
25 Nov, 05:31 PM UTC
🌻Thugga Elizabeth 🌟
Zoya should’ve never got involved with her sister’s ex in the first place. Now she sitting up there crying herself to sleep #GossipGirl https://t.co/YqMAJcWHKV
25 Nov, 09:25 PM UTC
these three are my new ot3 i support a polyamorous endgame #GossipGirl https://t.co/2OfVSyotN2
25 Nov, 11:31 PM UTC
joão ☁️
O Max percebendo que tem sentimentos pelos dois e não sendo capaz de expressá-los enquanto toca “traitor” de fundo NÃO ESTOU BEM #GossipGirl https://t.co/7eMhDujdVL
26 Nov, 02:38 AM UTC
ending #GOSSIPGIRL episode 9 with Olivia Rodrigo's "Traitor" hit me hard https://t.co/LiB2bxjohR
25 Nov, 06:01 PM UTC
ericfloyd 
big cinephile energy #GossipGirl https://t.co/lOV1lQelKs
26 Nov, 12:27 PM UTC
𝔩𝔬𝔲𝔦𝔰𝔢 🏳️‍🌈
ทำไมเรื่อง Gossip Girl ใน HBO Go แปล Queer ว่าเกย์อะ #HBOGo #GossipGirl #HBOGOTH
26 Nov, 10:31 AM UTC