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UK is with EU
Gove's car crash interview about Michelle Mone's PPE #ToryCorruption https://t.co/M5sH5pgwpT
24 Nov, 08:46 AM UTC
Best for Britain
Michael Gove in an ABSOLUTE PANIC about having made the initial introduction of that controversial Michelle Mone PPE contract. Worth watching the whole clip. Definitely more to this story. - Are you taking my water? - Yes, I am. ~AA @BestForBritain's photo on Gove
24 Nov, 09:07 AM UTC
Cllr Jack Lenox 🌍
Interesting to hear Michael Gove saying that homes should be fit for human habitation. Of course, in 2016 309 Conservative MPs voted against a proposal that would have required private sector landlords to ensure their properties are fit for human habitation.
24 Nov, 08:47 AM UTC
Jo Maugham
'No, you can't see the emails between Gove and Mone.' Not for the first time, the Cabinet Office seems to have got confused between the Conservative Party's interests and the public interest. https://t.co/hGLP9cQnL9
24 Nov, 10:34 AM UTC
Will Thorpe
It seems to have been forgotten that Michael Gove was secretly involved in helping Michelle Mone get a £200m+ PPE contract. Mone used her private gmail account (against rules) to contact procurement minister Lord Agnew re a contract, copying in Gove via his private gmail account
24 Nov, 10:34 AM UTC
Jo Maugham
Michael Gove lying about his involvement in Michelle Mone's taxpayer funded PPE bonanza? Surely not! https://t.co/nHvJkwQ2Xk
24 Nov, 05:07 PM UTC
Good Law Project
The Cabinet Office refused our FOI request to release the emails between Gove and Mone saying it was ‘not in the public interest’. 👀 🤯 https://t.co/Dwu7yK6uw2
24 Nov, 10:16 AM UTC
Good Law Project
Just what did Michael Gove know about Michelle Mone’s PPE contracts? 🧵 @GoodLawProject's photo on Gove
24 Nov, 10:15 AM UTC
Haggis_UK 🇬🇧 🇪🇺
Nick Robinson: How have you made the life for businesses easier by leaving the EU Michael Gove: We've got rid of the common agricultural policy... farmers are working to make rivers cleaner... we control our migration policy.. NR - That doesn't help Britain get richer #r4today https://t.co/LmNjoU3lK7
24 Nov, 08:56 AM UTC
Good Law Project
We believe millions of pounds of public money being awarded unfairly to a Conservative peer IS squarely in the public interest. Our complaint to see the correspondence between Gove and Mone is currently with the Information Commissioner. https://t.co/9AqzSKOSrf
24 Nov, 10:19 AM UTC
David Conn
Michael Gove under pressure to explain his role in the award of PPE deals to Michelle Mone-linked company; His answers to @KayBurley this morning appear at odds with emails we previously reported of Mone's approach to ministers offering to supply PPE. https://t.co/PPhx3sru85
24 Nov, 05:12 PM UTC
Sally Miller 💙
Apparently it’s not in the public interest to release emails between Gove and Mone Havent we had enough of this? The country is broke, they took the cash, but it’s not in OUR interests to see what happened? It’s because it’s not in THEIR interests..... #ToriesOut141 @GOV2UK
25 Nov, 12:02 AM UTC
David Conn
Remarkable, must-watch interview by @KayBurley of Michael Gove, who was the first contact for Conservative peer Michelle Mone when she offered to supply PPE through “my team in Hong Kong” that led to £203m Government contracts. https://t.co/kwKyizcRxj
24 Nov, 10:21 AM UTC
Daniel Hewitt
A short exchange of my interview with Michael Gove in Rochdale. Why, I asked, has it taken the death of a little boy to get urgency from the govt on housing reform? Why wasn’t Grenfell the defining moment? This is what he said: @DanielHewittITV's photo on Gove
24 Nov, 06:50 PM UTC
Daniel Hewitt
Exclusive: Michael Gove visited the estate in Rochdale where Awaab Ishak died and agreed to come with @itvnews to meet a tenant who showed us the mould and damp in her flat, in the same block where Awaab lost his life. She’s pregnant, worried about the impact on her unborn child. @DanielHewittITV's photo on Gove
24 Nov, 06:26 PM UTC
Lock them up! Strip her of her peerage and make her pay back the £29m. Then prosecute Gove for lying to the public about Brexit. When we have finished with them, go after The Johnson and the rest of them https://t.co/oLmkghOV7A
24 Nov, 05:11 PM UTC
The Purple Pimpernel
How does this make sense? https://t.co/OQ7ijKs8g8
24 Nov, 11:23 AM UTC
Look at the state of this and Michael gove says since brexit we are working harder for cleaner rivers. Really. https://t.co/7VGlFxcugO
24 Nov, 06:42 PM UTC
George Ruddell
Nick Robinson, on @BBCr4today asked #MichaelGove to tell him how #Brexit has made it easier for UK businesses to trade with Europe. He repeated the question 3 times while Gove squirmed. The best he could come up with was ending the C.A.P. @Anna_Soubry #brexitshambles #BrexitLies https://t.co/aga0hPBvjL
24 Nov, 08:52 AM UTC
Rishi Sunak's foodbank
@NaqviMA @GOV2UK Matt Hancock gave a PPE contract to his pub landlord. Michael Gove gave a PPE contract to his lingerie-model pen-pal A plague on all of their houses #ToriesOut141 #GeneralElectionNow #MichelleMone #PPEScandal #BrexitSlug #bbcqt #FionaBruceIsATory https://t.co/pMWOa2EmpA
25 Nov, 12:20 AM UTC
Paul Lewis
Michael Gove facing questions tonight over the Michelle Mone/PPE Medpro controversy. His explanation in an awkward interview with @KayBurley appear to be at odds with private emails released under the Freedom of Information Act. https://t.co/lvcWSIqBe4
24 Nov, 05:15 PM UTC
David Henig 🇺🇦 aka @DavidHenig@mastodonapp.uk
Doubtless the most unpopular opinion I'll express here today, but Michael Gove didn't need to do this visit or interview, and many of his colleagues probably wouldn't have done. While I don't think he has the right solutions, we should recognise ministers making such an effort. https://t.co/z2qzmYtjRQ
25 Nov, 08:03 AM UTC
Laurence Unboxed
Honestly, are we supposed to believe that Gove was ignorant? Really! https://t.co/EAWhfushIq
24 Nov, 08:21 PM UTC
Just call me Elon. For Now.
I hope this runs and runs. It says everything about this Tory government, its corruption and contempt for ordinary people. #FollowBackFriday #ToriesOut141 https://t.co/Y5fshIzSN5
25 Nov, 07:05 AM UTC
Gilly McPotteryMum 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
All rotten to the core. Mone and Gove knew it was not fit for purpose. The whole thing stinks. https://t.co/m7AnQwl3JN
25 Nov, 07:02 AM UTC
Colin Tassell #FBPE #FBPA #TakeBackBritain
Finally, Nick Robinson gives Gove a negative grilling over Brexit. It'll take time but, to paraphrase George W Bush, this sucker's going down - eventually.
24 Nov, 06:48 PM UTC
tim archer
£29 million stolen from us - with the help of Michael Gove. And Richman Sunak signed the cheque. https://t.co/ayWzUVQXxU
25 Nov, 08:32 AM UTC
. Steve Shaw Wright 💙
Obviously Government with integrity doesn't apply to Cabinet members https://t.co/IfiIZLESrn
25 Nov, 07:54 AM UTC
@thecarolemalone @NicolaSturgeon It's fab isn't it. We just love Nicola up here. Oh, by the way how much did Gove give Baroness Mone for failed PPE and Hancock give Dido Harding for a failed Track and Trace system? Malone go and sort Westminster out first where there are real criminals in office.🖕
25 Nov, 08:44 AM UTC
Todd Fitzgerald
All the right noises from Michael Gove yesterday, but let's get this done as soon as possible - people are still suffering #awaabslaw https://t.co/k7FsQqpHAm
25 Nov, 08:45 AM UTC