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Lady Gaga
I can’t believe we just won Best Original Music @BAFTA ‘s . I wish so much I was there but am at the Grammy’s to show them our love as well. We made a film about music. This means the world to me. Thank u to all our fans we love u so much, we wouldn’t be here without u #BAFTAs Lady Gaga's photo on Grammy
10 Feb, 08:30 PM UTC
didn’t win the grammy but got to put on nice clothes, and the “mmmm” in pretty little fears still undefeated. plus that’s one of the best Cole verses i ever heard, and i’m not saying that cz it’s my song lol. big love. thanks.
11 Feb, 12:18 AM UTC
BTS' ARMY reacts to 'Love Yourself: Tear' Grammy loss with positivity & love billboard's photo on Grammy
10 Feb, 10:03 PM UTC
Ariana Grande
it’s me your tiny, highly emotional, italian, and now grammy award winning friend. i’m super tarnished lol. but super grateful. thank u for everything. myron is in my arms n he says hi as well. Ariana Grande's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 08:49 AM UTC
Twitter Moments
K-pop group @BTS_twt were an instant hit at their first Grammy Awards as they showed off matching black suits on the red carpet. #GRAMMYs
11 Feb, 01:28 AM UTC
#BTS Takes To The Stage For The First Time At The Grammy Awards As Presenters With A Promise To Return #TearItUpBTS #BTSxGrammys2019 Soompi's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 04:55 AM UTC
Entertainment Tonight
🚨 #ARMY, this is not a drill. New @BTS_twt music is coming! #TearItUpBTS
10 Feb, 11:54 PM UTC
Zachary Jaydon
The MOST TALKED ABOUT ACT at the #GRAMMY’s was K-Pop SUPERSTARS, @BTS_Twt. Over 10-MILLION tweets were sent about them, in less than two-hours. NONE of the headlining acts broke the 3-Million mark. They should play, next year’s Awards! WOAH, @BTW_Army @btsvotingteam @BTS_National
11 Feb, 05:55 AM UTC
cafe ☘️ army
🐨: we gotta come next year and do it properly! and the grammy- 😆 🐿: seriously let’s do it properly next year 🐰: we should really do it properly then 🐱: next year we gotta come to accept an award. THE. MIN. YOONGI. HAS. SPOKEN. @BTS_twt #TearItUpBTS cafe ☘️ army's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 07:42 AM UTC
why r kpop stans clowning bts losing a grammy nomination ... y’all cant even win on inkigayo😭
10 Feb, 09:18 PM UTC
Anyone else feeling like BTS should be back on the #GRAMMYs stage to accept an award next year? #BTSxGRAMMYs -'s photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 04:04 AM UTC
cynthia / bts @ grammys!
11 Feb, 04:33 AM UTC
Joan Grande
GRAMMY AWARD WINNING ARTIST @ArianaGrande ... still crying... Joan Grande's photo on Grammy
10 Feb, 11:08 PM UTC
Shorty went from stripping to a fucking Grammy. SALUTE.
11 Feb, 04:06 AM UTC
JP 🐨back for Grammys
2017- Billboard Music Awards 2017- American Music Awards 2018- Billboard Music Awards 2019- Grammy Awards #TearItUpBTS
11 Feb, 05:07 AM UTC
for yixing ♡
Yixing’s Red Carpet interview at the 61st annual Grammy Awards! Singer-songwriter/Producer/Actor @layzhang #LayZhangGRAMMYs “It is my dream to perform on the Grammy stage” and Yixing also said he wants to give fans a surprise on who’s he working with in music ❤️ for yixing ♡'s photo on Grammy
10 Feb, 10:13 PM UTC
n pude comparecer ao grammy por motivos de um conflito de agenda mas desejo toda sorte do mundo aos indicados
10 Feb, 11:39 PM UTC
Entertainment Tonight
The BEST moments from BTS' first-ever GRAMMY Awards! 💜 #GRAMMYs @BTS_twt #TearItUpBTS Entertainment Tonight's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 09:31 AM UTC
Sarah Baska
that was macs last chance to win a grammy i......... god i’m so annoyed Sarah Baska's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 05:46 AM UTC
Sam Yeezy
Future and Young thug both won a grammy Sam Yeezy's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 01:59 AM UTC
Bangtan trying to explain their unsync 'grammy goes to---' 🤣🤣 쟈근콩's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 06:38 AM UTC
Check out BTS' red carpet interview at the '61st Annual Grammy Awards'! #TearItUpBTS allkpop's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 12:41 AM UTC
"Growing up in South Korea we always dreamed about standing on the Grammy Stage, thank you to all our fans for making our dream come true, and we will be coming back" .@BTS_twt presenting best R&B Album #TearItUpBTS 🐥📺's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 03:59 AM UTC
🌙🖤 スイク6倍 ひ♡ 🥶🦅ॐ
Future got a Grammy and Cole still don’t got one 🌙🖤 スイク6倍 ひ♡ 🥶🦅ॐ's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 12:07 AM UTC
Consequence of Sound
.@BTS_twt makes history as the first Korean act to present at the #GRAMMYs: Consequence of Sound's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 05:26 AM UTC
nana yaw
Top 3 Grammy performances ever nana yaw's photo on Grammy
10 Feb, 11:40 PM UTC
Nos vimos 4 horas de los grammy por 10 minutos de bangtan. Si esto no es amor, no se que sea. #TearItUpBTS @BTS_twt
11 Feb, 04:07 AM UTC
Best R&B Album goes to H.E.R. for her self-titled EP #GRAMMYs Highsnobiety's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 03:45 AM UTC
BTS National
190211 [SBS News] BTS attends 2019 Grammy Awards and presents Best R&B Album, first Korean artist to do so #방탄소년단 #BTS #GRAMMYs⁠ ⁠#TearItUpBTS #BTSxGrammys @BTS_twt BTS National's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 09:04 AM UTC
Otto Von Biz Markie
Young Thug winning his first Grammy for doing adlibs on a Childish Gambino song is all you need to know about the Grammys.
11 Feb, 01:56 AM UTC
cynthia / bts @ grammys!
11 Feb, 07:45 AM UTC
wisha 🥳✨
“THE GRAMMY GOES TO .... B T S!” 🥂 wisha 🥳✨'s photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 08:02 AM UTC
the slow motion GRAMMY video of BTS we've all been waiting for @BTS_twt #TearItUpBTS •᷄ɞ•᷅'s photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 12:18 AM UTC
SAfm news
BREAKING NEWS: The Soweto Gospel Choir has won a third #Grammy, winning the Best World Music Category at the prestigious music awards in Los Angeles for their album FREEDOM #sabcnews SAfm news's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 03:35 AM UTC
[YOUTUBE] 190211 @BTS_twt #BTS in the Grammy's Backstage Portrait Studio ( #TearItUpBTS #Grammys BTS UPDATES's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 06:14 AM UTC
Ella Mai won a Grammy before Nicki Minarge? 🃏's photo on Grammy
10 Feb, 11:43 PM UTC
lay pics ☆
10 Feb, 10:10 PM UTC
↓まだぶつぶつ言ってるユンギ爺ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 🐭グラミーでプレゼンターしたからってシャンパン… 👥ああ〜その価値ありますよ〜 🐰さあアミ達と一緒に過ごすパーティー 🐥乾杯の音頭決めて下さい and..the grammy goes to bts!!! 微笑ましい🤣🤣🤣 #TearItUpBTS @BTS_twt BANGTAN LAB's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 09:36 AM UTC
ARMY for the next 24h, tweet #TearItUpBTS + @BTS_twt. Celebrate the appearance of BTS as Grammy presenter & promote the advocacies, songs & achievements of BTS. Follow the guidelines for valid tweets. Can we reach 50M tweets in the next 24 hours? Teamwork makes the dream work💜 BTS Europe ARMY's photo on Grammy
10 Feb, 04:02 PM UTC
Drake calls out Grammys race problem during acceptance speech: "I promise you, you already won." CNN's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 04:16 AM UTC
Camila 💜
BTS: vamo fazer uma live depois do grammy, pode ser uma boa idéia *live nem começou direito e as armys já quebram o vlive* BTS: @BTS_twt Camila 💜's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 04:50 AM UTC
OurFavOnlineDoctor 🥳🏁
A gang member at 16. A stripper at 19. But her story didn’t end there. She’s won Guinness World Records, topped the Billboard Charts and made the TIME Magazine 100. Now the first female solo rapper to win Grammy for the Best Rap Album. This is Cardi B A true #MondayMotivation
11 Feb, 07:48 AM UTC
E! Online Brasil
BTS declara seu amor aos fãs no tapete vermelho do #GRAMMYs 2019! #TapeteVermelhoE #TearItlUpBTS --> (📸: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for The Recording Academy) E! Online Brasil's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 02:43 AM UTC
11 Feb, 03:44 AM UTC
11 Feb, 07:36 AM UTC
LOOOOL Cardi B won a Grammy before Nicki Minaj 😂😂 These rappers ain't your sons no more, respect them.
11 Feb, 05:07 AM UTC
“Fue realmente un momento de ensueño. Agradecemos a ARMY una vez más por darnos este regalo inolvidable. También queremos agradecer a muchas personas en todo el mundo que vieron en vivo y a los Premios Grammy por invitarnos ". #TearItUpBTS ©agirlinthepark @BTS_twt ✨ BTS SQUAD ✨'s photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 05:10 AM UTC
ɪᴢα ᴄʜɪʟᴅ 🌙 [ 'тнαик υ втѕ' ] 🍷
Vocês tem noção BTS sempre se recusa a estar em after party Com inúmeros artistas grandes Com oportunidades de contatos BBMAs 2017 AMAs 2017 BBMAs 2018 Grammy 2019 Só por nós O nosso AFTER PARTY no vlive BTS x Army @BTS_twt #TearItUpBTS #Grammys #BTS #BTSxGrammys ɪᴢα ᴄʜɪʟᴅ 🌙 [ 'тнαик υ втѕ' ] 🍷's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 01:30 AM UTC
myselfandheize [Lento por temas de salud]
🐨: Tenemos que volver el próximo año y hacer debidamente! Y el Grammy- 😆 🐿: En serio hagamoslo bien el próximo año 🐰: Debemos hacerlo bien entonces 🐱: El año que viene tenemos que venir y aceptar un premio YOONGI HA HABLADO ©cafe_army #TearItUpBTS myselfandheize [Lento por temas de salud]'s photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 08:07 AM UTC
Pye Waw
If you have a problem Cardi B winning a Grammy ahead of Nicki Minaj, listen to what Drake had to say #GRAMMYs Pye Waw's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 09:52 AM UTC
Iseunife The First
How did Cardi B’s Invasion Of Privacy win a Grammy for Best Rap Album?! Yes, it was good, but a Grammy win???
11 Feb, 07:35 AM UTC
Jin United
BTS Jin created buzz in Korea because of his good manner in 2019 Grammy, many of k communities shared seokjin moment bowed to foreigner singer and said " "BTS kids all look kind to me, especially Jin... his personality really stand out to me"#방탄소년단 #진 #BTS #JIN @BTS_twt
11 Feb, 08:18 AM UTC
escucharon lo que dijo drake??? dijo que como artista si tenes a personas que paguen para verte y escuchar tus canciones no necesitas un grammy porque ya ganaste NO POR NADA ES EL REY #GRAMMYs #TearItUpBTS
11 Feb, 02:53 AM UTC
BTS At The Grammys 👑
BTS at the Grammys was the best part of the Grammys. #TearItUpBTS @BTS_twt
11 Feb, 08:18 AM UTC
[#TaehyungNaver] Grammy... “Who’s the green hair?” the surge of interest in BTS V As soon as V got on the red carpet, lots of response to V's world's best handsome looks & charismatic charm with a neat black suit & mint hair has flooded the SNS+ @BTS_twt
11 Feb, 09:15 AM UTC
Bangtan Brasil
🎥 Ao final do VLive, o @BTS_twt gritou junto: “E o Grammy vai para... BTS!” A previsão está feita, ARMYs, agora é só esperar! 💜 #TearItUpBTS Bangtan Brasil's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 10:40 AM UTC
The Notorious B.I.G (4 nominations, 0 wins) Tupac Shakur (7 nominations, 0 wins) J. Cole (4 nominations, 0 wins) Nicki Minaj (10 nominations, 0 wins) Nas (13 nominations, 0 wins) Snoop Dogg (18 nominations, 0 wins) The Grammy’s don’t recognize talent, END OF DISCUSSION. 💯🙌🏽
11 Feb, 05:20 AM UTC
GRAMMY 2019 JUN 💜: the King (did you saw how he entered the hall ?!) SHO❤: the photobomber ( dont worry fans, I'll make sure to appear in the screen) AIBA💚: Charming prince (always smiling) NINO💛: cameraman lol!! Aiba's buddy OHNO💙: *hide* can you find me now?😎
11 Feb, 05:00 AM UTC
Rɑw Data
I don't fuck with the Grammys... They gave Macklemore "Best rap album" over Kendrick... I'll never forget that. Not to mention Biggie, Pac, Snoop,Busta, & Nas never won a Grammy... Will Smith has tho.
11 Feb, 03:19 AM UTC
17 AMAs🥂 18 BBMA🥂 19 Grammy🥂 항상 우당탕탕 왁자지껄 샴페인 쨘으로 끝내는 방탄문화 너무 조아한다 꾹타민🍑's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 10:30 AM UTC
Bangtan_India (인도 아미) 🇮🇳
Who would’ve thought that @BTS_twt would be the one presenting the Grammy award to H.E.R. #TearItUpBTS
11 Feb, 10:34 AM UTC
bom dia para quem não se esqueceu da noite incrível de ontem com bts no #GRAMMYs Namjoon: crescendo na Coréia do Sul, nós sempre sonhamos em estar no palco do Grammy. Obrigado a todos os nossos fãs por tornar esse sonho realidade e nós estaremos de volta! cr.laughkpop @BTS_twt ☆*.。Maria。.*☆'s photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 08:28 AM UTC
AJ+ français
Les #GRAMMYs, c’est aussi @iamcardib qui a remporté le premier Grammy Award de sa carrière. Elle s’est vu décerner le prix du “meilleur album rap de l’année”. Cardi B est la première femme à remporter ce titre en solo depuis la création de cette catégorie en 1996. AJ+ français's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 09:13 AM UTC
They’re gonna be the ones taking a Grammy home next year and Jin is gonna walk into the korean airport like this but with a GRAMMY BITCH
11 Feb, 04:19 AM UTC
William 🇧🇷
eu to feliz pela Cardi, mas vocês sabem que o que o Grammy tá fazendo é uma falta de respeito com a Nicki, ela fez de tudo pelo rap feminino colocou no auge e nem se quer é indicada nas categorias, Nicki não liga porém eles estão desvalorizando todo o esforço feito pela Nicki! William 🇧🇷's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 04:30 AM UTC
gente desculpa eu amo now united mas ele precisa comer muito arroz e feijão pra participar do grammy amigos vamos com calma
11 Feb, 02:47 AM UTC
What is a Grammy Afterparty ... if you can celebrate the Grammys at the hotel with your members drinking champagne ? #TearItUpBTS emel🍀's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 10:35 AM UTC
Yonhap News TV memberitakan mengenai BTS sebagai artis Korea pertama yg hadir dan menjadi presentan pada 61th Grammy Awards 2019 P.s. repost, ternyata typo keterlaluan maafin ㅠㅠ Cr. Ve2jl0tt #방탄소년단 #BTS #GRAMMYs⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠ #TearItUpBTS @BTS_twt ☁️ BTS ARMY SPACE's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 10:08 AM UTC
Justice Music
Justice win 2019 Grammy Award for Best Dance/Electronic Album! #etjusticepourtous Justice Music's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 07:37 AM UTC
Future Hendrix, the greatest rapper of this generation, now has a Grammy 🐐
10 Feb, 11:55 PM UTC
𝐫𝐚𝐟𝐬 𝐦𝐨𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐞⏳
Agora, imagina comigo Todo mundo em silêncio pra ver quem é o vencedor do Grammy até que anunciam: "Niall Horan senhoras e senhores!" Todo mundo aplaude, Niall fica de boca aberta, a fixa cai e ele não para de sorrir com os olhinhos cheios da água Grammy 2020, nos aguarde.
11 Feb, 12:57 AM UTC
I remember Kacey Musgraves from Global Citizen!!! So happy to see her win a Grammy! She's Amazing!
11 Feb, 02:35 AM UTC
os barbz e a nicki viveram por anos sem grammy, mais um ano não faz diferença poxa, não ignorem toda a carreira da nicki só pq ela não tem grammy. já viram o tanto de artista SUPER talentosos que não tem? fiquem gratos por mulher estar no topo, isso é raro meu amores
11 Feb, 04:53 AM UTC
EXO’s Lay Shines On The Red Carpet Of The 2019 Grammy Awards's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 02:32 AM UTC
Scott Feinberg
BLACK PANTHER won the best score for visual media Grammy today. Scott Feinberg's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 07:58 AM UTC
not a salad dressing
Post Malone didn’t need to win a Grammy. He broke records he has a loving fan base. Like drake said when you got people singing your songs and loving what you do you already won. I love you @PostMalone
11 Feb, 07:25 AM UTC
@iamcardib .@iamcardib congrats on the Grammy!! OKURRRRR! I KNEW YOU WERE GONNA WIN ITTTTT! Was your weed comment because of what I said the other day? ❤️ I would so be down to smoke weed with you, Cardi. That shit would be a life dream!!!! ❤️#BardiGang #Grammys⁠ ⁠#CardiB Aaron's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 07:43 AM UTC
Jorge Martínez
Ayer Julio Iglesias recibió un Premio Grammy honorífico por toda su carrera. Es el primer artista no sólo español si no latino en recibirlo. Uniendo su nombre a desconocidos como Elvis, Sinatra, Beatles, Bob Dylan, Queen o Michael Jackson. Un ESPAÑOL que nos enorgullece
11 Feb, 10:20 AM UTC
Pot de miel 🍯🇲🇷🏴‍☠️
Cardi B c’est sure elle a baiser pour avoir son Grammy #Grammy2019
11 Feb, 09:11 AM UTC
Alors déjà de 1 je t’aime, de 2 t’es trop beau, de 3 je suis si fière de toi et de 4 t’es un artiste rempli de talent qui méritait de participer à une cérémonie aussi grande que les grammy
11 Feb, 10:43 AM UTC
alicia 🇹🇳
C'était le rêve de Mac de gagner un grammy. Mon coeur est brisé
11 Feb, 10:45 AM UTC
Phương Anh
Có ai giống mk hơm 😭😭sáng nay có chiếu GRAMMY mà phải đi hok 😭
11 Feb, 10:45 AM UTC
I get it y’all are still very emotional about Mac Miller, and y’all should be. But don’t act like EVERY person who is nominated for a Grammy doesn’t get flown out. I think it’s nice they invited his parents on his behalf.. win or lose they get to be in his shoes. Sweet.
11 Feb, 10:45 AM UTC
kerem ekici
🌟 Harika! 🌟 #ÖzgecanAslan Grammy Ödülleri Mehmet Demirkol ayrımsadığımda sığacaklardı taşımasankerem ekici's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 10:45 AM UTC
Arzu Yazılıtaş
🌟 Harika! 🌟 #AşkİçinRiskAl Grammy Ödülleri #pazartesi sürmeyecekleri çayırı yutulmaktadırArzu Yazılıtaş's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 10:45 AM UTC
İsmailcan Aydoğan
🌟 Harika! 🌟 Grammy Ödülleri Mehmet Demirkol #pazartesi hesaplamıştı bahçıvanları yönettirmeyin karşılaşmamaİsmailcan Aydoğan's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 10:45 AM UTC
🌟 Harika! 🌟 KPSS Türkiye Grammy Ödülleri KPSS Türkiye uzatabileceklerini seçtirebileceğini liriklerialiveveli's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 10:45 AM UTC
Everyone Wanted To Take Pictures With BTS At The 2019 Grammy Awards Red Carpet imheelyhnne's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 10:45 AM UTC
rapadura é doce mas num é mole não
Não assisti o grammy gostaria de saber se teve barraco
11 Feb, 10:45 AM UTC
I told y'all cardi was going to win a Grammy I knew it
11 Feb, 10:45 AM UTC
La lista de ganadores de los premios Grammy 2019 vía lariojamide's photo on Grammy
11 Feb, 10:45 AM UTC
Y’all really thought Cardi wasn’t winning at least one Grammy... lol what planet y’all been on
11 Feb, 10:45 AM UTC
o tae entregou o grammy pra h.e.r. caralho que foda
11 Feb, 10:45 AM UTC

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