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Josh Eberley 🇨🇦
Kawhi was 25, arguably the best player in the league, playing in maybe the most convincing playoff game of his career when Zaza Pachulia undercut him. Since that time he’s missed 242 games. We should almost be talking about him like we do Grant Hill and Brandon Roy.
24 Nov, 02:10 PM UTC
Tom Fitton
NEW: Fauci Agency KNEW About Gain of Function Research in Wuhan Going Back YEARS. Fauci dishonestly suggested they weren't funding dangerous gain of function research. https://t.co/PCZusZHEZk @TomFitton's photo on Grant
24 Nov, 04:23 PM UTC
Peter Obi
I pray God to grant you more abundant health of mind and body, and deeper wisdom to function, greater love for the people of God and more dedication to the gospel of Christ.
24 Nov, 07:14 PM UTC
「ちゃんと反省するまで出しませんよ…」 https://t.co/cKp0q3zfDf
25 Nov, 08:28 AM UTC
Islamic Strength
It's Friday, the Best Day of the Week. Be sure to attend Jumu’ah, recite Surat Al-kahf, and pray with loved ones today. May Allah accept all our acts of worship, Grant us forgiveness and success in this life and the hereafter. Ameen
25 Nov, 02:31 AM UTC
Jawed Sheikh
My Dearest Friend & A Legend Comedian Ismail Tara Passed Away Today In Karachi May Allah Grant Him A Higher Place In Jannah.Ameen https://t.co/smCgkLiFd3
24 Nov, 08:50 PM UTC
We are airdropping passes to a select few. Passes grant WL for the next 5 collections (and more in the future) and collabs. We are also going to auction a few of them. A portion of the funds will be donated to active members to help grow the community https://t.co/bgrG6rSPjw
24 Nov, 02:11 PM UTC
islamic Manner Support
A'isha reported that the Prophet (ﷺ) said, "Jibril, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, kept on recommending that I treat neighbours well until I thought that he would order me to treat them as my heirs." Al-Adab Al-Mufrad
25 Nov, 12:49 AM UTC
Y. Satya Kumar (సత్యకుమార్)
Why lie, Mr CM, @ysjagan ? - PM Modi has released a grant of Rs 4,032 Cr under PMAY-U this fiscal - Of it, you have released only Rs 2,556 Cr to the AP Housing Dept - Diverted Rs 1,476 Cr to your kitty But now lying of spending Rs 5635 Cr. Your anti-poor attitude is exposed. https://t.co/EeoaqQy4fS
25 Nov, 06:34 AM UTC
Yaya Sule
May Allah bless our parents and grant us jannah.
25 Nov, 04:41 AM UTC
Senator Uba Sani
Ya Allah! You are the listener of all requests and the solver of every problem. Accept & answer our silent prayers, forgive all our sins, guide us to the righteous part, heal our sickness, have mercy on us, hear us when we call on You & grant us Jannatul Firdaus. JUMA’AT MUBARAK
25 Nov, 07:10 AM UTC
May Allāh have mercy on my father & grant him Jannah🤍
24 Nov, 08:31 PM UTC
May Allah grant him long life. 🌸 https://t.co/xyxOdPfp7V
24 Nov, 01:36 PM UTC
if you're rich and you always claim sapa, may God grant it to you ijn🤲🏽
25 Nov, 07:14 AM UTC
Ankit Mayank
Meet Grant, a US citizen living in India for last 10 years, who joined Rahul Gandhi's Padyatra today. Listen what motivated him to join the Yatra. Must watch. https://t.co/aoh9xlKriP
25 Nov, 06:03 AM UTC
May Almighty Allah grant you peace, stability, prosperity, goodness, love, kindness and peace of mind. Juma’at Mufeedah.
25 Nov, 07:19 AM UTC
Humayun Saeed
The Pakistan entertainment industry has not only lost a great entertainer but a lovely human being. His sense of humour & comic timing was unparalleled & he will surly be missed. It was an honor working with him. May Allah grant him the highest place in jannah #RIPIsmailTara @iamhumayunsaeed's photo on Grant
25 Nov, 09:51 AM UTC
NEW: TfL backs pedestrian-friendly Greenwich town centre with £250,000 grant https://t.co/RB0ldPIG7w
24 Nov, 02:37 PM UTC
Maurice Brosnan
Coincidences/crossroads Mark O'Connor wins AFL premiership. Geelong grant permission to play with Dingle in offseason. Players tag along, fly to Kerry Oct 8. Meanwhile Rob Hennelly's stag. Decide on Dingle. On Oct 8. That night Oisin Mullin bumps into half the Geelong team...
25 Nov, 09:40 AM UTC
FuTuRe police😎
Alhamdulilah for wake up alive and healthy, may Allah forgive our sins and grant us jannah
25 Nov, 04:33 AM UTC
Omera Anwar
Never thougt ll meet u this way.😢Allah pak grant u highest place in jannat ul firdous ameen shaheed @arsched https://t.co/nckGz4EMfo
25 Nov, 09:44 AM UTC
Big Smoke
Една слика: 👉 128 станбени единици 👉 10 кила гел 👉 0% шанса за успешна политичка кариера https://t.co/0q9zZhdqrE
24 Nov, 03:07 PM UTC
Bahá’í Prayers
“Grant that they be freed from all defilement, and released from all addictions. Save them from committing any repugnant act, unbind them from the chains of every evil habit, that they may live pure and free, wholesome and cleanly, worthy to serve at Thy Sacred Threshold” #Bahai
24 Nov, 06:07 PM UTC
Angry Scotland Podcast
I remind you all again that it was Westminster that forced the matter by not simply granting the Section 30 inline with the will of the Scottish people. Douglas Ross said a vote for the SNP was a vote for IndyRef2, yet the Tories refused to grant us what we voted for. https://t.co/r9KAT3HSgc
24 Nov, 11:53 AM UTC
Will Ross Official
Merciful Lord, grant Your mercy and every final grace to those journeying tonight to meet You. Let them TRUST in You, O Lord. Our Lady, Star of the Sea, guide them safely home to Your Son. https://t.co/sbLzMQXWFg
24 Nov, 11:53 PM UTC
yasu( ・_・)
@elonmusk Dear Elon, Thank you for holding the survey. Users from all over the world would have participated with interest. Please grant an amnesty without exception in the world including "TwitterJP". Best regards.
24 Nov, 10:41 PM UTC
Lloyds Bank Foundation
Our funding will open soon. #SmallButVital charities with an income of £25,000 - £500,000 and working with people to overcome complex issues will be able to apply for a three-year, unrestricted grant of £75,000. Receive a notification once we are live 👉 https://t.co/K8CWnfyjaX https://t.co/OGZg5tIJsj
24 Nov, 05:04 PM UTC
NINFA.io - Curated NFT Marketplace
GM, Another beautiful day to see @GrantYun2 exhibition at Ninfa Labs Milano. “California” features 15 artworks by Grant, reserve ur visit via link in bio. ✨ https://t.co/05pWTeakhj
25 Nov, 09:30 AM UTC
Uncle Moh
May Allah SWT bless our parents endlessly. We will not get anyone better than them in this world. Their love is so pure and they’re willing to face difficulties just to make sure that our life is full of peace. May Allah bless and grant them Jannatul Firdausi 🤲🏾.
25 Nov, 04:49 AM UTC