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CNN Politics
Former Rep. Abby Finkenauer announces Senate bid in Iowa, becoming the highest-profile Democrat vying to possibly take on seven-term incumbent Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley
22 Jul, 01:52 PM UTC
NEW: Former Rep. Abby Finkenauer (D) announced that she'll run for Chuck Grassley's Iowa Senate seat in 2022.
22 Jul, 01:53 PM UTC
Kate 🤍🇺🇸
Chuck Grassley was there when they signed the Declaration of Independence. Pretty sure it’s time to retire.
22 Jul, 03:05 PM UTC
Jennifer Jacobs
Iowa Democrat Abby Finkenauer, a former congresswoman, catching some national attention for jumping into the race for US Senate, challenging Chuck Grassley, if he runs again.
22 Jul, 02:10 PM UTC
The Washington Post
Former congresswoman Abby Finkenauer (D-Iowa) on Thursday entered the 2022 race for the U.S. Senate seat long held by Republican Charles E. Grassley.
22 Jul, 04:06 PM UTC
Palmer Report
Looking forward to Democrat Abby Finkenauer defeating Chuck Grassley in 2022: @Abby4Iowa
22 Jul, 04:22 PM UTC
Jess O'Connell
Senator Chuck Grassley has been in office almost as long as I’ve been alive. His votes and viewpoints reflect it. It’s long overdue for change. Beyond excited to see @Abby4Iowa run for Senate. Her fresh leadership is needed. She’s defied expectations before and she will again.
22 Jul, 02:18 PM UTC
CBS News
Former Iowa congresswoman announces bid for Grassley's Senate seat
22 Jul, 04:20 PM UTC
Claire Celsi
It was just a procedural vote. But @joniernst and @ChuckGrassley would rather vote against a robust infrastructure bill that would fix Iowa's crumbling roads and bridges. ASCE has rated Iowa's infrastructure as one of the worst in the nation.
22 Jul, 02:31 PM UTC
Kim Reynolds
Chuck Grassley is a family farmer, taxpayer watchdog & trusted leader in the US Senate. The choice is clear: while Abby Finkenauer supports failed liberal policies like higher taxes, reckless spending & more gov't, @GrassleyWorks for Iowa.
22 Jul, 03:16 PM UTC
Dr. Miller-Meeks
Abby Finkenauer was a Pelosi puppet in the US House and she would be the same way for Chuck Schumer in the US Senate. ⁦@GrassleyWorks⁩ is a tireless fighter for the people of Iowa and we need to keep him in the US Senate!
22 Jul, 04:24 PM UTC
Eric Schmidt
@ChuckGrassley It’s way past time to vote Grassley out of office. It’s time for a change, Iowa. Grassley doesn’t represent the modern interests of Iowa.
22 Jul, 02:00 PM UTC
Dem Ex-Rep Launches Bid For Grassley's Senate Seat - @JoeMyGod's photo on Grassley
22 Jul, 04:04 PM UTC
Jen Sorenson of Iowa Select Farms says pork producers can't find workers. But they want to pay below-poverty wages while failing to provide safe, sanitary jobs. @SecVilsack knows this but is intent on placating industry donors at expense of U.S. workers.
22 Jul, 04:07 PM UTC
Sawyer Van Horn
@Abby4Iowa is running for Senate to defeat Grassley next year!!!! Give her a follow! Donate if you can:
22 Jul, 04:31 PM UTC
Raymond Baker
@KimReynoldsIA @GrassleyWorks .@ChuckGrassley voted to kill health insurance for Iowans with NO replacement plan in place. He voted twice to let a criminal Republican president off with NO consequences. Grassley voted AGAINST the American Rescue Plan to help folks during a pandemic. #VoteBlue #IASen
22 Jul, 03:25 PM UTC
Cristina 🐶😺🌞🍸🌶🥑 🇲🇽🇺🇸
Democrat Abby Finkenauer is running for the U.S. Senate seat long held by Chuck Grassley - USA TODAY
22 Jul, 04:16 PM UTC
Jeff Singer
New for @DKElections: Former Rep. Abby Finkenauer gives Dems a prominent opponent against #IASEN Chuck Grassley in a very uphill race
22 Jul, 04:40 PM UTC
Griffen 🛵🇮🇹 Silenziatore di Bruno! 🇮🇹🛵
@Abby4Iowa For Iowa! Abby’s gonna “Chuck” Grassley right outta Washington and into retirement.
22 Jul, 04:42 PM UTC
@thefirststriker @Dan_J_West @Abby4Iowa @ChuckGrassley No. They heard Grassley say REPEATEDLY he wanted to kill the ACA. They just think that if the ACA is dead it will hurt non-white more than it hurts them.
22 Jul, 04:42 PM UTC
kristen g ⭐️ 208A1🌲, ⭐️⭐️ 210A4🌹
@ryanhealy Scalise, Grassley, I thought I saw something about desantis, but I’m failing to find it now.
22 Jul, 04:42 PM UTC
@CNNPolitics Hahahaha.....Grassley in a landslide! Audit all 50! Pelosi needs to testify under oath in front of her own committee....
22 Jul, 04:38 PM UTC
Jim S
@Abby4Iowa @ChuckGrassley Tell it like it is Chuck Grassley is a crook, a common criminal look into the $800,000 he got in PPP loans. And that's just the start he's been bought and paid for for many years he's a criminal.
22 Jul, 04:37 PM UTC
Jamison Wagner
Grassley has been in office so long, he should join The Dementia Party.
22 Jul, 04:35 PM UTC
Speaker Pat Grassley
Now more than ever, we need Chuck Grassley fighting for Iowans in DC. Nobody works harder or knows Iowa better. We don’t need a Nancy Pelosi Jr representing Iowa in the US Senate. Join #TeamGrassley & keep out-of-touch Ex-Rep Abby Finkenauer out of office
22 Jul, 04:35 PM UTC
@washingtonpost Grassley is running??? How old is he?
22 Jul, 04:34 PM UTC
Jamison Wagner
Grassley has lost touch, placing his seat in jeopardy.
22 Jul, 04:34 PM UTC
Kim Tarpley
@ChuckGrassley Shut up Grassley, you disingenuous turd.
22 Jul, 04:32 PM UTC