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Kendrick Perkins
The Memphis Grizzlies are on 4 game winning streak and Grayson Allen has played an huge part in that!!! He dropped a cool 30 piece wing dinner tonight and since it was against Atlanta you know it had to be Lemon Pepper style! Just saying tho...
08 Apr, 02:37 AM UTC
NBA Central
Grayson Allen tonight: 30 points 4 rebounds 3 assists 10/18 FG 7/8 FT
08 Apr, 02:16 AM UTC
NBA Retweet
Grayson Allen tonight: 30 points 4 rebounds 3 assists And the W. 🔥
08 Apr, 02:33 AM UTC
Zion O | #SI6HTS
Grayson Allen tonight: 30 points in 30 minutes. A hooper @GraysonJAllen
08 Apr, 02:24 AM UTC
Grayson Allen (30 PTS) and the @memgrizz win their 4th in a row! Ja Morant: 19 PTS, 7 REB, 7 AST Jonas Valanciunas: 19 PTS, 11 REB Dillon Brooks: 17 PTS Kyle Anderson: 16 PTS, 9 REB, 6 AST @NBA's photo on Grayson Allen
08 Apr, 02:46 AM UTC
Grizzly Bear Blues
“Ask that MF about me” - Grayson Allen @ Trae Young @sbnGrizzlies's photo on Grayson Allen
08 Apr, 01:36 AM UTC
Molly Morrison
grayson allen is a good NBA player. i’m sorry you had to find out this way
08 Apr, 01:34 AM UTC
Parker Fleming
Grayson Allen in the locker room after that 30 piece and the dub
08 Apr, 02:05 AM UTC
Grayson Allen already has a season high 28 points through three quarters.
08 Apr, 01:51 AM UTC
Peter Edmiston
Grayson Allen has destroyed Trae Young tonight - he's legally got to start spelling it Tray now
08 Apr, 02:05 AM UTC
Jessica Benson
Grizzlies beat the Hawks, 131-113. 4 straight W's for Memphis. 30-point night for Grayson Allen + bonus points for tormenting Trae Young. Grizzlies made 17 three's. 60 points in the paint. 54 rebounds. 30 assists.
08 Apr, 02:14 AM UTC
Drew Hill
Four straight victories for the Memphis Grizzlies after a dominant win over the Hawks. Grayson Allen gets a season-high 30. Every Grizz starters scores 16 or more. Play-in chances looking delicious.
08 Apr, 02:23 AM UTC
Grizzly Bear Blues
Atlanta Hawks: You’re a dirty player! Grayson Allen: 30 piece for the Duke product in the A tonight @sbnGrizzlies's photo on Grayson Allen
08 Apr, 02:03 AM UTC
NBA Fantasy
Grayson Allen (39.3 FPTS) SHINES for a season-high 30 points to lead the @memgrizz past the Hawks 🤩 @NBAFantasy's photo on Grayson Allen
08 Apr, 02:39 AM UTC
just heard Grayson Allen copped a 30 piece
08 Apr, 05:04 AM UTC
HoopBall Grizzlies
Grayson Allen gets the last laugh as the Grizzlies hand Trae Young and the Hawks a beat down in Atlanta. @Dwill2111 is postgame. Listen: Itunes: #GrindCity #HoopBall
08 Apr, 02:58 AM UTC
Jazz Fan
A lot of people criticized the Grayson Allen draft pick but he’s the type of player that will have 12+ year NBA career which is very rare for a pick in the 20s
08 Apr, 04:59 AM UTC
I forget that Duke team that Utes beat at MSG had Luke Kennard, Brandon Ingram, and Grayson Allen on it. Also, forgot how fast Lorenzo Bonam was. He had some serious acceleration.
08 Apr, 05:22 AM UTC
30 punts de Grayson Allen en la victòria del Grizzlies 🔥 #NBA #NBATwitter
08 Apr, 05:35 AM UTC
ABS-CBN News Channel
NBA: Grayson Allen nets 30 as Grizzlies win 4th straight, dump Hawks
08 Apr, 04:50 AM UTC
Rollie Worster Fan Club President
@utahjazzman47 I’ve also been an adamant Grayson Allen Stan.
08 Apr, 05:02 AM UTC
Dans ce duel d’équipes en « back-to-back », les Grizzlies ont pris la mesure des Hawks (131-113) pour décrocher leur quatrième victoire de suite. Grayson Allen (30 points) et Ja Morant (19 points, 7 rebonds, 7 passes) ont fait basculer le match dans le troisième quart-temps.
08 Apr, 05:56 AM UTC
@kylerussforever Russ had a 90% ts, 14 boards 15 assists and was clutch. Ove trae got sonned by grayson allen
08 Apr, 05:33 AM UTC
Brandon Snethen
@HappySpursFan People need to stop the Grayson Allen slander.
08 Apr, 05:22 AM UTC
Lee Harvey
Grayson Allen in a 131-113 win @ the Hawks : Season-high 30 points (17 in the 3rd quarter. Most points in any quarter in his career) on 10-18 shooting, 3-9 from 3, 7-8 from the FT line, 4 rebounds & 3 assists in 30 minutes
08 Apr, 05:20 AM UTC
jumthe. (Jummy Owookade)
*slowly crawls out into the light revealing he has been secretly driving the Grayson Allen bus for 5 years now* Something about a villain thriving.
08 Apr, 04:58 AM UTC
Dynamics • £
Grayson Allen is finally getting it?
08 Apr, 04:50 AM UTC
NBA Noticias
🦅 Atlanta Hawks (27-25) 113 x 131 Memphis Grizzlies (26-23) 🐻 🦅 Bogdan Bogdanović: 24 pts e 6 reb 🦅 Trae Young: 14 pts e 11 ass 🐻 Grayson Allen: 30 pts 🐻 Jonas Valančiūnas: 19 pts e 11 reb
08 Apr, 04:47 AM UTC
qvahisdead 27-25
@MemphisReborn It ain’t 2-3 guys yous also defend Grayson Allen for being the biggest school threat in the nba 😂
08 Apr, 04:45 AM UTC
Cedric Davis ™. ⁶𓅓
Damn, Grayson Allen dropped 30 tonight!!!
08 Apr, 06:00 AM UTC