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Premier League
🦁 @AVFCOfficial's Jack Grealish has created 63 #PL chances this season - more than double that of any other Villa player #AVLTOT @premierleague's photo on Grealish
16 Feb, 04:04 AM UTC
Liam Canning
Jack Grealish is a special player.
16 Feb, 02:40 PM UTC
Pøgba Senior
Jack Grealish is unbelievable. Man Utd's newfound fetish for British players might payoff if it gets us this baller
16 Feb, 02:23 PM UTC
Vardy’s top goalscorer in the league, Ings has two goals less, Maddison and Grealish among best playmakers in the league, TAA arguably the best RB in the world, but you’ll see Dier, Alli, Kane and Trippier regularly start for England because they play/played for Spurs
16 Feb, 03:54 PM UTC
Pøgba Senior
I stg if that horse faced prick Southgate starts Alli, Trippier and Pickford over Grealish, Trent and Dean Henderson at the Euros
16 Feb, 03:36 PM UTC
Unpopular Opinion: Grealish is the best England player right now, based on current form. @AFCMax9's photo on Grealish
16 Feb, 03:20 PM UTC
Red Devil Bible
Jack Grealish is such a silky smooth baller, he's literally ripping apart Tottenham's defence. Would love to see him at Manchester United.
16 Feb, 02:20 PM UTC
Fantasy Premier League
BONUS POINTS AS IT STANDS 3 - Son 2 - Reina 1 - Grealish #FPL #AVLTOT @OfficialFPL's photo on Grealish
16 Feb, 03:59 PM UTC
If anyone ever compares Maddison to Grealish again they're just being disrespectful.
16 Feb, 03:41 PM UTC
United Zone
United will accept bids of 130m for Paul Pogba with Juventus and Real Madrid leading the chase. Jack Grealish and James Maddison are lined up to replace him. #muzone [Mirror]
15 Feb, 11:38 PM UTC
Squawka Football
Only two English players in Europe's top five leagues have recorded 6+ goals and 6+ assists this season: 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Jadon Sancho 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Jack Grealish 🆕 cc Gareth Southgate. 😉 @Squawka's photo on Grealish
16 Feb, 03:19 PM UTC
Squawka Football
Jack Grealish has won more fouls than any other player in Europe's top five leagues this season. ❍ 111 fouls won ❍ 64 chances created ❍ 7 goals ❍ 5 assists Time to remind Spurs exactly what they missed out on. 😉 @Squawka's photo on Grealish
16 Feb, 10:01 AM UTC
Jonas Giæver
Jack Grealish is what the Argentinians would call a "gambetador". Almost looks like he's dancing to his own rhythm whenever he has the ball, and everyone has to dance along at times.
16 Feb, 03:16 PM UTC
Statman Dave
Jack Grealish in the first half vs. Spurs: most final third passes (11) most attempted crosses (5) most chances created (3) most fouls won (3) Running Aston Villa’s attack. 🏃‍♂️ @StatmanDave's photo on Grealish
16 Feb, 02:58 PM UTC
Jack Grealish vs Tottenham: 68 touches 28/37 passes completed (76%) — 12/20 attacking third — 10/12 forward passes 8/12 ground duels won (75%) 6/6 long passes completed (100%) 6 times fouled 5 chances created — 2 big chances — 1 assist A sublime performance from the captain. @utdarena's photo on Grealish
16 Feb, 04:08 PM UTC
Villa Views
Dean still my manager. Engels still my centre back. Grealish my captain Villa still - and always - my team. This is NOT over. #avfc
16 Feb, 04:29 PM UTC
Arsenal fans talking about signing Grealish 🤣🤣
16 Feb, 04:05 PM UTC
13 - Jack Grealish has had a direct hand in 13 goals in the Premier League this season (7 goals & 6 assists), five more than the next Villa player and three more than any other English midfielder. Excellence. @OptaJoe's photo on Grealish
16 Feb, 03:18 PM UTC
Give Grealish some serious teammates ASAP
16 Feb, 03:54 PM UTC
Which 10 are you taking? 🤔 🔁 - Maddison ❤️ - Grealish @ESPNUK's photo on Grealish
16 Feb, 03:51 PM UTC

Unpopular opinion: Jack Grealish would walk into any premier league starting 11. Debate.
16 Feb, 02:22 PM UTC
Simply Utd
Things I would do to see Jack Grealish in a United shirt, makes the game look effortless. #mufc
16 Feb, 03:22 PM UTC
Jack Grealish would likely be described as #mufc's number 10 — if he were to sign — but it's unlikely that he'd be restricted to that role considering his ability to freely dominate the entirety of the left half space. In technical terms: a mezzala sinistra.
16 Feb, 03:14 PM UTC
Hot football players
Jack Grealish 🍑🤤
16 Feb, 02:39 PM UTC
Grealish is built for the Theatre of no screens! 🔴⚪️⚫️ #MUFC
16 Feb, 06:34 PM UTC
Miss Universe
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16 Feb, 05:24 PM UTC
😂😂😂 forget grealish, he passed up on the opportunity to sign Sadio Mane for £30M, and some fans still think he’s a good chairman.
16 Feb, 10:05 AM UTC
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16 Feb, 04:00 PM UTC
i’m sold on Grealish, get him in if/when Pogba leaves
16 Feb, 03:13 PM UTC
Chemical Son
Burna did you tell Dybala Emery Neymar Spurs Bayern Tboss Jack Grealish Danny Drinkwater Dele Alli #tinubu #TachaWePin Toby about this car in Nigeria?😂😂😂😂😂
16 Feb, 03:32 PM UTC