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Ray Bowlding
@RexChapman I tried closing my eyes and just listened... I heard "Brainstorm"... then I thought to myself "Green Needle" and I actually heard "Green Needle". With a wicked smile I then thought hmmmm... "Impeach Trump..." ... crickets... It was worth a shot though...
31 Jul, 08:21 PM UTC
Fr. Frank Pavone 🇺🇸 (Text LIFE to 88022)
Newest Viral Craze for your Friday! "Green Needle" or "Brainstorm?" 🤔 You will hear the words you are looking at ! What Do You Hear? #FridayVibes @frfrankpavone's photo on Green Needle
31 Jul, 07:54 PM UTC
Green needle or brainstorm?! 🤯 (TikTok/emilysophie.m) @WhistleSports's photo on Green Needle
31 Jul, 06:19 PM UTC
Jim OShaughnessy
And if you really want to mix it up, stare at Brainstorm but THINK Green needle and that's what you'll hear. Vice versa as well.
31 Jul, 07:55 PM UTC
Robert Clemente 0764834
@treyrosejohnson @LRaun @RexChapman This one works for me. All I hear is green needle on the other one!
31 Jul, 08:17 PM UTC
em lafleur 💙 Remember George Floyd 💙
@Alyssa_Milano I get green needle both ways. Am I dying?
31 Jul, 10:28 PM UTC
Bòcan McMoughin 🇳🇴
@HungryScribbler I only hear “brainstorm” ... cannot make myself hear “green needle”. I’m also a “Yanni” and blue dress guy.
31 Jul, 10:19 PM UTC
That Cat Lady Over There
@RexChapman I shut my eyes and it just repeats itself. It says green needle and then brainstorm if you listen in a loop.
31 Jul, 09:36 PM UTC
Chad Molin
What?! I hear whatever I think without looking. I think brainstorm, I hear it. I think green needle i hear it. Same for my wife. We're both 👽 apparently.
31 Jul, 10:41 PM UTC
millenial de 40 anos
@CaioCorraini Não importa o que eu leia, eu só escuto green needle.
31 Jul, 10:34 PM UTC
Virtual Madness
@HungryScribbler I only hear brainstorm no matter how much I concentrate on green needle
31 Jul, 10:33 PM UTC
Blair Marnell
@JimVejvoda @TheEricGoldman @SethGreen It changes for me. So I get green needle from looking on the left. We've all left ourselves open to some ST: TNG style brainwashing, haven't we?
31 Jul, 10:33 PM UTC
Ludwig von Mises's Pieces
@BobMurphyEcon Before looking at either I heard green needle, Then reading brainstorm I heard it, Then reading green needle I heard brainstorm. Now I can't hear anything but brainstorm
31 Jul, 10:29 PM UTC
@JonathanRamen @RexChapman Yeah, except its more like Grainstorm to me. I heard Green Needle the first time, but can't hear it again, no matter how much I focus on the words.
31 Jul, 10:26 PM UTC
Dave Piper
@thomasiannucci_ No... no... it's green needle or brainstorm... not insane!
31 Jul, 10:20 PM UTC
Kellen Pickel
Ok I need an explanation on why green needle and brainstorm sound the exact same?? I have driven myself nuts for 4 straight hours now. I don’t wanna google why..I just wanna know why
31 Jul, 10:19 PM UTC
N. Malone - Trapped Princess available now
@RexChapman If you don't read the two words first, you hear green needle.
31 Jul, 10:19 PM UTC
jonah jill
All I have to say about the Green Needle/Brainstorm debate is what black magic is this?
31 Jul, 10:19 PM UTC
J. Bishop
@RexChapman All I hear is green needle. Have yet to hear brainstorm
31 Jul, 10:45 PM UTC
@askjillian I’m hearing “brainstorm” on brainstorm, and “green storm” on green needle.
31 Jul, 10:44 PM UTC
@elijahwood I can only hear green needle. ;___; I must be broken.
31 Jul, 10:44 PM UTC
Mia Campbell
@AJemaineClement @squideatsquid I read the word “word” instead and heard green needle then brainstorm. I think it’s looped
31 Jul, 10:44 PM UTC
Ecchi Angel
@girlwithatail I can only hear green needle no matter what I'm reading 🤔
31 Jul, 10:44 PM UTC
Aurochsss ☕
@elijahwood it clearly says green needle over and over again
31 Jul, 10:44 PM UTC
@AJemaineClement I closed my eyes, turned head to left shoulder. Heard green needle. Turned head towards right shoulder, brainstorm. Did it random times, many times. Could be how the sound waves hit your outer ear?
31 Jul, 10:44 PM UTC
@moon_beems I heard green needle at first. Then all I heard was brainstorm after lol
31 Jul, 10:44 PM UTC
@RexChapman I keep staring at green needle and only hear brainstorm
31 Jul, 10:44 PM UTC
🌴 𝓔𝓿𝓪 🌴
TikTok audio illusion divides opinion as listeners hear either 'green needle' or 'brainstorm'
31 Jul, 10:44 PM UTC
@askjillian I only hear brainstorm and am staring at green needle
31 Jul, 10:43 PM UTC

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