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Jennifer Cohn ✍🏻 📢
21/ As for Kerry, despite promising his supporters to make every vote count, he had conceded the election. The Green Party requested a recount. Under Ohio law, the recount compared a manual 3% count to a 3% scan. It wld proceed to a full recount only if the partial didn’t match.
06 Apr, 08:58 PM UTC
James Melville 🌸
Hats off to The Green Party and The Liberal Democrats for taking a stand against the appallingly illiberal and authoritarian vaccine passports. And yet The Labour Party continue to hedge their bets over this. #NoVaccinePassports
06 Apr, 11:00 PM UTC
Jennifer Cohn ✍🏻 📢
47/ The experts then asked the Green Party (Jill Stein) if it would request a recount, as it had done in 2004. Many Ds didn’t trust Stein bc she had been photographed dining with Putin and Michael Flynn in Moscow, but there was no one else with standing to go to.
06 Apr, 10:59 PM UTC
Channel 4 News
“I don’t trust the Conservatives with our freedoms” @CarolineLucas of the Green Party and Liberal Democrat @EdwardJDavey tell the government to scrap plans for ‘illiberal’ covid passports.
06 Apr, 09:13 PM UTC
apparently malaysia does have a green party established in 2010, focused on pushing environmentalism in politics but it’s only active on facebook with very little coverage & posts. to revive it now would be very relevant.
07 Apr, 11:06 AM UTC
Lorrie Goldstein
Senior Green party officials are sabotaging Annamie Paul, the first Black woman to lead a Canadian political party, ‘disgusted’ insiders say #cdnpoli
07 Apr, 11:17 AM UTC
Michael McCahill 🍀
If this is true I would like an explanation @scotgp @patrickharvie Surely only a blinded bigot would suggest the closure of Catholic schools is the answer to sectarianism in Scotland. Catholic schools are successful all over the world, why would the Green party have an issue?
07 Apr, 08:23 AM UTC
Mike Schreiner
We need Guelph’s values and Green voices leading the post-COVID recovery at Queen’s Park. I love being a champion for Guelph, and I’ll continue to work hard for a greener and more caring future. #onpoli
07 Apr, 11:40 AM UTC
Dave Schwab 🌻
Thread on how the Green Party uncovered the rigging of the 2004 Presidential election (still massively underreported by US media):
07 Apr, 12:49 PM UTC
Donal O'Keeffe
I asked Fianna Fáil, Sinn Féin, Fine Gael, the Labour Party, the Social Democrats, People Before Profit, and the Green Party their policies on elected representatives giving character references to convicted sex offenders. The replies were interesting.
07 Apr, 12:43 PM UTC
350 Canada
Our best hope for real climate action in Canada is for the Green Party and the NDP to work together. Check out our new #ClimateAlliance site, sign the petition and spread the word. #cdnpoli
07 Apr, 01:24 PM UTC
Pittsburgh Green Left 🌻🥑
This is why the Green Party has been speaking out about the campaign finance part of HR 1. Yes, the bill makes some good changes to electoral system -- but as currently written, will allow even more money to flood the system. What good is it to vote easier if you have no choices?
07 Apr, 03:02 AM UTC
Trivial Punk
#BasicIncome update from the Welsh election in the BBC. The Green Party also wants a #UBI! #Liberal #NDP #CWL "On personal finance, the party said it would "ensure basic financial security" for all by implementing a universal basic income."
06 Apr, 11:01 PM UTC
Melissa Mbarki
Have to give the Green Party credit for being openly racist whole the NDP hides behind minorities.
07 Apr, 12:41 PM UTC
Toronto Star
In recent days, the Star interviewed nine Green party insiders about the situation. Some allege the party has failed to properly address complaints about transphobia and racism. Another described a “toxic” dynamic that pushed him to resign.
07 Apr, 11:14 AM UTC
Toronto Star
Over her first six months as leader, Paul has endured “significant resistance” from high-ranking officials on the Green party’s most powerful governing body, said Sean Yo, a party operative who worked on Paul's leadership campaign.
07 Apr, 11:07 AM UTC
Sian Berry, the Green Party candidate for Mayor of London, has called for an end the use of #pesticides on land controlled by the mayor, and promises to work towards making all of #London pesticide-free if elected.
07 Apr, 01:06 PM UTC
@paulhutcheon PH gives me the creeps! He is not a pleasant person. His disgust for women is on record. Vibes? Bad, very bad! So bad the best the Green party had left!
07 Apr, 08:17 AM UTC
I have a lot of time for Ross and this is a very strong and welcomed message from someone in his position. Many Catholics will remain sceptical, which is understandable, but this is at least a good start in mending the relationship between the RC community and the Green Party.
07 Apr, 01:14 PM UTC
Dave Schwab 🌻
Left-green party wins Greenland election! Greenland will become the world's second country with a left-green prime minister after Iceland 🌻🌹
07 Apr, 01:09 PM UTC
If every person that's sick of the duopoly joined Green party tomorrow, they'd HAVE to listen to us... The Green platform is everything progressives want and the establishment is SCARED of it. I know the party isn't perfect, but isn't it better than what we have now??? #GoGreen
07 Apr, 04:39 AM UTC
Hansard (Paraphrased)
We are shocked, absolutely shocked, that the "Elizabeth May Presents: An Elizabeth May Production: Elizabeth May's the Green Party" is hostile to new leadership. #cdnpoli
07 Apr, 01:05 PM UTC
🇬🇧❤️1 day at a time ❤️🇬🇧
@theSNP 👉🏻I voted for Boris Johnson Tories 👉🏻I certainly voted for Brexit 👉🏻we needed to cut spending, the accounts were empty! (Thx Labour) Take your 1984 Party political 💩and spread it on the Green Party. #NoVotesSNP Hypocritical liars. STILL WAITING FOR THIS TOO! COUNCIL TAX SCRAP
06 Apr, 09:07 PM UTC
Thanks to @Tom_jam running for Green Party in Bristol City Council, who has pledged support for EU citizens' rights and local voting rights. See our pledge wall
07 Apr, 11:59 AM UTC
T🍊ri the Dumb Lefty Canadian Radical
Looks like some Green Party insiders are having trouble letting go of Elizabeth May and warming up to their new leader, Annamie Paul. #GPC #cdnpoli
07 Apr, 01:41 PM UTC
@marwilliamson @thehill @VP Marianne, You need 2 B the lead of INDEPENDENT PARTY, GREEN PARTY, or an entirely new political party. U seem 2 B way ahead of these typical politicians. Separation from the SELF-DESTRUCTIVE, SOULLESS, FOOLISH,... beings may B the answer.There's far too many toxic individuals.
07 Apr, 06:45 AM UTC
If so that makes it : Green Party Lib Dem’s Labour SNP Tory backbenchers How many more do you want to go against @BorisJohnson
07 Apr, 12:50 PM UTC
This is the same Green Party that let a convicted Holocaust denier and racist run 3 times. No wonder loyal May insiders are giving it's Black Jewish leader are hard time. 😕 #cdnpoli
07 Apr, 01:13 PM UTC
@ClassicalSocdem @Hokton4 @EuropeElects @EEPolls_123 That question was meant to be a joke/ just there to know the EE- Community opinion on that But my message to the @EFAparty is: Dear EFA, You claim to be pro independence, yet you're still in the Green party EP group. Courious.
07 Apr, 01:08 PM UTC
Anthony Salloum ( He/Him)
"Yo and several other sources pointed to 3 high-ranking members of the council as the source of the major challenges Paul is facing: council vice-president John Kidder, who is May’s husband; Green Party Fund representative Kate Storey; & Manitoba representative Beverley Eert."
07 Apr, 01:06 PM UTC