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Spencer N. Schultz
This is a perfect start for a Greg Roman mid season firing #scapegoat
14 Sep, 04:01 AM UTC
Greg Roman calls a HB toss and 2nd and 15 this man is a terrorist
14 Sep, 12:36 AM UTC
@Ravens I hope some of y’all are ready to stop defending Greg Roman, play calling was atrocious once again. Ty’son was eating and we stopped feeding him. Ty’son had only 9 carries with 65 yards, averaging 7.2 yards ! Greg roman needs to go. Promote Keith Williams to OC
14 Sep, 03:56 AM UTC
Ravens offensive line coach and Greg Roman
14 Sep, 12:39 AM UTC
this the only pass in greg roman playbook
14 Sep, 02:52 AM UTC
Ry@n $
Greg Roman got the ball back in overtime with a running back with 9 carries and like 8 yards a carry and didn’t give him a single touch.
14 Sep, 04:12 AM UTC
I knew Alejandro Villanueva was a terrible signings, probably the worst signing since idk. I can’t watch this shitty OL I Can’t watch Greg Roman choose the play. I can’t watch mark Andrews disappear in prime time game. EDC wants me to have heart attack. He saw my tweet last Jan
14 Sep, 04:08 AM UTC
Ben Dackiw
Greg Roman saw this and said “nah we’re good”
14 Sep, 04:09 AM UTC
Catalina Faithful to my Bae
It’s like Greg Roman has an expiration date #49ers
14 Sep, 03:00 AM UTC
Someone gotta say this shit harbaugh isn’t as good a coach as y’all say it’s no way he sits here and still employs greg Roman and allows wink to blitz all game like that he’s a scary bitch bro niggas got him in a cuckhokd or sum
14 Sep, 04:15 AM UTC
The County Don
1 retweet and imma slap the shit out of Greg Roman
14 Sep, 01:39 AM UTC
Imagine wasting the cheap years of Lamar Jackson with a coach like Greg Roman...
14 Sep, 04:17 AM UTC
@Ravens @Patrickqueen_ Fire. Greg. Roman. You had every tool and opportunity to control that game and the clock on offense. Fire. Greg. Roman.
14 Sep, 04:15 AM UTC
Mustafa Khan
No ones gonna say it, but Mark Andrew did nothing tonight (besides dropping a crucial catch). Also Lamar looked way better when they helped the right side of the line with a TE… why did Greg Roman stop calling that.
14 Sep, 04:27 AM UTC
Damian Parson 🏈
@calvinandhobby @TheFFSandman I think we have to factor it's his first true exposure to heavy work. Yeah, it sucks, but it's a coaching point. They signed Murray for a reason, they weren't going to give Williams all of the carries either. One thing about Greg Roman, he is known for making bad decisions.
14 Sep, 04:39 AM UTC
Michael Flynn
Update: It wasn't okay cause I still had to watch Greg Roman coach today
14 Sep, 04:17 AM UTC
@Ravens @Patrickqueen_ Tell greg roman that tyson williams was balling and needs to see the ball more
14 Sep, 04:17 AM UTC
Dara Un
Greg Roman offense, never works
14 Sep, 04:01 AM UTC
@Ravens @Lj_era8 Fire. Greg. Roman. You had every tool and opportunity to control that game and the clock on offense. Fire. Greg. Roman. Not Lamars fault
14 Sep, 04:31 AM UTC
Jimmy Smith Truther (0-1)
Positives: - Running game, given the situation, wasnt terrible - Wide receivers, when Greg Roman permits, looked good. - Patrick Queen, Oweh
14 Sep, 04:27 AM UTC
Richard Henckel
@TouchdownLamar Greg roman should've been gone too
14 Sep, 04:19 AM UTC
@Ravens 2nd half play calling with a lead was atrocious. Greg Roman…yikes man.
14 Sep, 04:22 AM UTC
Steven Shemenski
@jeffzrebiec Hopefully it’s better than it looked, but it doesn’t matter because Greg Roman is still OC.
14 Sep, 04:22 AM UTC
willing to pay my whole bank account for greg roman and villa shot and pronounced dead by tmrw.
14 Sep, 04:19 AM UTC
Ben Johnson
#RavensMailbag What’s the over/under on Tee Martin taking Greg Roman’s job? I’m setting it at Week 10. A garage full of sports cars needs a driver willing to exceed the speed limit, and Greg Roman is just not that guy. Love him, respect him, he’s gotta go. Enough is enough.
14 Sep, 04:17 AM UTC
Jalen A Archer
Greg Roman should be walking back to Baltimore
14 Sep, 04:17 AM UTC
@Ravens alejandro villanueva needs to get benched and greg roman has to go, we are not going anywhere with those two
14 Sep, 04:14 AM UTC
14 Sep, 04:40 AM UTC
@PFF_NateJahnke Greg Roman should have used their RB as an RB when they had the lead.
14 Sep, 04:32 AM UTC