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Mūmbi Wa Mbūī
Dear Men, Take your 21 days leave from work. Go home and tell your woman that you lost your job. Explain further that there was some loss and you had to use your savings to settle. Spend the next 14 days observing how you are treated at home and discover who you married
18 Oct, 04:49 AM UTC
Classic Rock In Pics
Linda and Paul McCartney, Sara Dylan, Gregg Allman, Cher and Bob Dylan photographed at The Queen Mary. 1975.
18 Oct, 01:00 AM UTC
Tina Marie
Ray is to #RHOP like Gregg was to #RHOA... everyone likes him.
18 Oct, 12:32 AM UTC
Stocking Mill Coffee
We have been told we are behind the times in advertising. Sex sells. So after a long and arduous search we have found the Jessica Rabbit of the “gun bunny” industry. Say Hello to Gregg Longg Guns… *that’s double gg
17 Oct, 07:56 PM UTC
Twins Graphics
Alex. Vindman. Is. An. American. Hero. 🇺🇸 #AmericanHero
17 Oct, 11:26 PM UTC
Gregg Sulkin
18 Oct, 02:52 AM UTC
Washington Football
“1969 - The Five Who Dared” (Gregg Alex, Ralph Bayard, Harvy Blanks, Lamar Mills and Carver Gayton) have been inducted into the Husky Hall of Fame. » @UW_Football's photo on Gregg
18 Oct, 01:55 AM UTC
Ignoring red flags until they bleed, woy3 dracula? New episode out guys. Click to listen: #GCRSA #GHPOD #SincerelyAccra
18 Oct, 08:42 AM UTC
marikong 🇯🇵
@SenateDems, please fight for Americans to pass the Freedom to Vote Act. If it is blocked by the filibuster AGAIN next week, confront the filibuster holdouts until they agree to carve it out. Voters can thank you by giving you a true majority next time. #DemVoice1 #ONEV1
17 Oct, 11:54 PM UTC
Gilligan's Island has one of the world's best-loved TV theme songs, but we have to wonder how many people really know all the lyrics!
18 Oct, 08:00 AM UTC
Spooky Pirate Ghost of Dr. Professor Powell
ASECS folks, the Defoe Society needs one more presenter for its sponsored panel. Topic: Isolation & 18th-century Studies. Contact @lauramstevens or @gregg_sh if you're interested & please circulate.
17 Oct, 05:19 PM UTC
Kennedy Schilling #45
Huge shout out to @Doomleader1 CincyDOOM Premier - Gregg/Gregory. 5-0 on the weekend, excellent work Ladies - DOOMStrong!
17 Oct, 11:30 PM UTC
Let em know, Gregg… Honk the horn on they ass. Toot toot. Boop boop.
17 Oct, 06:38 PM UTC
marikong 🇯🇵
Senate Democratic lawmakers, After the vote on the Freedom to Vote Act, we don’t want you to shrug and say, “ We tried, but...” Will you do whatever to get the filibuster holdouts to agree to the carve-out option? It is the most consequential vote of our time. #DemVoice1 #ONEV1
18 Oct, 09:47 AM UTC
Kato-Emir🌴Descendant of the Gullah-Geeche🌴
Hey yall, check it out, and just to let you know, my real name is "Gregg MARCEL Dixon" for those that do not know😊. I am ALWAYS working for #reparations we are due! Thank you @Ambidextrous_X, @SandyDarity, and @IrstenKMullen for the honor to be part of this project!
18 Oct, 11:18 AM UTC
In Sept we worked in partnership with OASIS Edinburgh to host an interview with Ryan Bissoonauth, a PM for a leading onshore wind developer. Click to watch: Best wishes, Andy Gregg National Director Workplace Chaplaincy Scotland
18 Oct, 06:13 AM UTC
El técnico de los Spurs podría llegar al primer puesto esta temporada. Acumula 1310 triunfos hasta ahora en su carrera en la liga. Popovich, muy cerca de convertirse en el entrenador más ganador de la historia NBA;
18 Oct, 10:30 AM UTC
Typical Millennial
And we will be tuned in… and just like the DEREK CHAUVIN trial for murdering George Floyd… we need the media to tell the people it’s the Gregg & Travis McMicheal Trial.
18 Oct, 01:52 AM UTC
fede garay
@GuilloHernandez Creo que Gregg es el público. El sapo de otro pozo. Que ingresa a toda esa opulencia desde afuera y que va aprendiendo de a poco las reglas del juego. Es el que queremos que triunfe. Es al que no le deseamos lo peor nunca
18 Oct, 11:35 AM UTC
@TopRedChris @Man2Pie Either that or a someone took his Invisible girlfriend to L1 and fingered her in Gregg's.
18 Oct, 11:31 AM UTC
Esther 🇪🇺🕊️☮️
@greggwatson90 You're definitely not the only one Gregg. Even though I voted to remain, I really admire you for speaking out. Brexit was built on a lot of empty promises and, let's face it, lies xxx
18 Oct, 11:04 AM UTC
Happy Birthday to Guy Henry, Rob Marshall, Bernie Nolan (d. 2013), Philippe Sands, David Means, Glenn Braggs, Mike Judge, Sergio Goycochea, Norm Macdonald, Toby Young, Gregg Wallace, Alejandra Avalos, Aravinda De Silva, Danny Ferry and Mark Gatiss.
18 Oct, 03:37 AM UTC
@Wisewonders The one I use. Has some melatonin in it too.
18 Oct, 11:36 AM UTC
Calms your brain.
18 Oct, 11:34 AM UTC
@RickChapterTwo Replace Dan "I got No morals Christian or otherwise Patrick"!
18 Oct, 11:32 AM UTC
@williwillchilli @covie_93 @GGrosholz If you listen closely to the heads of the "brains" running the school you can hear the sea. Not so amazing.
18 Oct, 11:17 AM UTC