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Kelvin Rodrigues
"Don't #groke, Haskins." "I'm not sir. What's that you're eating anyway." "Green vegetables." "What happened to Mrs Wibble's omelettes?" "I wanted to try this instead." "But why, sir?" "I fancied a change." "Again, why?" "I didn't expect the spinach inquisition." #vss365
15 Sep, 06:39 AM UTC
Aspen ✒️©AspenBrave®™
#BraveWrite #vss365 Don’t be a #groke! Yours isn’t out of a bag. No, it’s home-cooked! You look like I’m a hog & you hope I choke. What look? You’re paranoid. Be my best friend- Only if you see Dr.Freud. This conversation is going to end. You’re the one talking to a dog. https://t.co/mKTB5s7a1K
15 Sep, 04:32 AM UTC
Camilla Pelargonium ✏📚
The #vss365 #prompt for today is #groke (I know someone wanted another word of this type; here you go!)
15 Sep, 04:00 AM UTC
DeRicki Johnson
Forest out Behind my house Is haunted By The #Groke People Find her scary But I think she’s Kinda dope Her stare Intimidates folks It makes them turn & lope But her eyes Are pleading— So I offer her Some hope I know she kens I am her friend Tho not a word Be spoke #vss365 https://t.co/f0rCq9dyqH
15 Sep, 09:05 AM UTC
Maria A. Perez
I followed them from a discreet distance. Something isn't what it seems. I thought she was his military trainee. Now he's brought her home with him. I spy on them from my shuttle craft high above. They disrobe each other. She becomes his feast and I'm the jealous #groke. #vss365
15 Sep, 05:42 AM UTC
Esther van den Heuvel
“The #vss365 prompt is #groke.” “I know the drill.” “Yes, Jack. First thought?” “Joke, spoke, croak. And you?” “First impression? Blankety-Blank” “The game show?” “No the omission of an unspeakable word.” “Oh. Why are you ogling my Curly Wurly?” “Look! There! Behind you!”
15 Sep, 06:17 AM UTC
In the library, among the books, between the pages, I felt your looks, caught your #groke as I turned the page, you smiled when I became your stage, reading aloud amid the hush, you listened to every word, always hungry, wanting more, your blind eyes devoured my heart #vss365
15 Sep, 07:39 AM UTC
Dzintra Sullivan - Author
Rumbling tummy. Shivering flesh. Defeated mind. Stepped over. Discarded. The orchestra of the street. Surviving on the rubbish you toss. My only friend, a furry defender. Tossing him some crumbs. "Your #groke is strong, rat." #vss365 https://t.co/8FGPiOfyUN
15 Sep, 09:11 AM UTC
Dr Natalie Reilly-Johnson
Welcome to my channel: Living with humans. Rule 1 Don’t be an obvious, dribbling #groke. Classic error. Act disinterested. “I don’t want any of that tasty food, no siree!” Guaranteed results. Tune in for more tips. Next week: chewing up the house & getting away with it. #vss365 https://t.co/mpyIYy1RXr
15 Sep, 07:15 AM UTC
Peter James Martin
"Why are you and the wee rat being all #groke like?" Nessie said, craning her long neck around to for a better look at us. "Nessie! It's me yer daft Dino! Remember May 1269!" Riz shouted up. "Ack! Who did ye piss off this time?" "Fae, all the Fae," Riz sighed. #amwriting #vss365
15 Sep, 09:13 AM UTC
Riitta Gyllenbögel
"Oy! #Groke! You want some?" "Yes. Please... Thank you." I toss the child's liver to the starving man. Innards never were my favorite bit. #vss365
15 Sep, 08:24 AM UTC
R. J. Kinnarney (Rebecca)
He's looking through old photos. "Ah, here's old Prince. He was a proper old #groke, he was." "Ugh, more like gross. Drooling everywhere." "Aye, lad, but your Ma loved him. Daft old thing." "That's no way to talk about Ma." He pauses. Then we smile. #vss365
15 Sep, 07:50 AM UTC
Edward V. Fuller
I am needled by my beagle when I eat. He ogles my food and me despite eating meals and treats. He gets under my table. P begs at my legs. My hound wolfs down any dropped crumbs or eggs. I love hot sauce. Poor #groke. P is better off staring. If P gets my bits he chokes. #vss365 https://t.co/88VWo0dYcz
15 Sep, 12:33 PM UTC
ᗰᗩᖇTYᑎ ᖇ. ᗯIᑎTEᖇᔕ
#Groke is many faced: food voyeur, bogeyman, or insolvent gay. Imagine if we combined all three; you'd get an epicurean fantasist, who was scary, but dressed impeccably despite being financially challenged. I think I've found the protagonist for my detective novel. #vss365
15 Sep, 08:42 AM UTC
Lisa Manus
As I traipsed through the field I felt something slip up my trouser leg. I swotted it to no avail,like an octopus it suckered onto my skin,its teeth tore at my flesh,drawing blood. I rolled over and over on the ground,trying to mash it dead. I was being eaten by a #groke #vss365
15 Sep, 10:34 AM UTC
DON'T FEED THE #GROKE, he read the sign above the bar. When he first saw it, he thought it was a joke. It wasn't. It was a warning. Now he sits on his stool, staring at the diners, hoping one of them will be foolish enough to feed him the way he fed the previous #groke. #vss365
15 Sep, 11:59 AM UTC
The bobcat stared longingly in the distance at the rocks and hills. I feel like a groke she said. I'm waiting for the rabbit to come back. Or the tree-fish to fall from the trees. #vss365 #groke
15 Sep, 12:53 PM UTC
I r e n e 🍃🍂🍁
Commander, the Alien Ambassador was badly injured during a #groke-off with Chef's pet pig. What the Jupiter happened? Chef bonked him with a cast iron frying pan. He'll be ok, but he lost the groke-off. No bacon. #vss365
15 Sep, 01:34 PM UTC
Micki Berthelot Morency 🇭🇹
When everyone is always hungry You become a #Groke In a broke society Where rich blokes Throw us bones Hoping we never spoke #vss365
15 Sep, 01:05 PM UTC
Kayla Hicks-Author of Kale Stone: An Outliers Tale
I gazed a few tables over. "You are going to freak him out if you continue to #groke at him like that." Vern said. "Sorry, not all of us can be swave like you. Some of us just dream of being noticed." Vern laughed. "Keep looking like a ostridge and you'll keep dreaming." #vss365
15 Sep, 10:21 AM UTC
Barbara Avon
The demon #Groke stands guard. She stares at le dejeuner and cries internally. She sits like a tree, petrified. She is Hansel, at a disadvantage. She is her own enemy as she begins - lifting the fork to her mouth. #vss365
15 Sep, 01:18 PM UTC
Gonzo II
His stare was more a #groke Was this some sort of joke? I’d been starving for a meal Hoping I don’t choke This fella waltzed in Sits across from me and grins As though I wouldn’t even care I popped him on his nose Where a lump now grows All because I didn’t want to share #vss365
15 Sep, 06:51 AM UTC
Indigenous Soul
The #groke is merely a euphemism for death. Everywhere it goes freezes, and bears that illusion of kindness many of us have seen laying in the casket. #vss365 #groke
15 Sep, 01:02 PM UTC
Vicente L Ruiz 🍏✊🏿
"Stop groking at me!" "#Groke? You just invented that." "Okay, well, yes. But stop it." "Stop what?" "You know. That." #VSS365
15 Sep, 01:08 PM UTC
C.S. Wachter
Willow, Bran’s pet shoulder dragon, stared at him from across the table as he enjoyed a bowl of oxtail soup. Finally, in exasperation, Bran dropped his spoon. “Don’t be such a #groke, Willow. You’ve already eaten. Keep this up and you’ll be a pudgy dragon.” #vss365 #amwriting
15 Sep, 01:42 PM UTC
Looking for laborers outside her carnival, Helen spots a couple eating finger food on a walk among the homeless. 'The masks should go over their eyes,' says the man. The woman nods. 'It is very #groke-y.' Helen smiles. Surely perpetual penance fits. #366FF #horrorprompt #vss365 https://t.co/Ay6w5qjExQ
15 Sep, 11:57 AM UTC
Shelby Hostager
"You just gonna #groke, or are you going to ask for it?" He licked his lips. "You know I've sworn off human. I'm cruelty-free, now." "Bet that's not what Bells said when you tore him a new one this morning." "I'm supposed to be evil." I offered a bite. "So do it." #vss365
15 Sep, 01:21 PM UTC
Deborah Linne
The #Groke stared, seven eyes boring into her. She squirmed with discomfort. “You know, you just have to ask if you want some of my food. I’m happy to share.” The last thing she saw was a wet purple tongue as it wrapped around her chest and ingested her. #vss365
15 Sep, 01:19 PM UTC
Carrie Danaher Hoyt
I tried to eat in peace but every bite got cold as ice before it hit my lips, because with every forkful I would glimpse hiding in the darkness the begging neediness of an introverted #groke... I couldn’t tell if he was hoping I might share, or choke🤔 #vss365 #poem https://t.co/XvwejpB7Ar
15 Sep, 01:07 PM UTC
They all seem to have a seat at the table. Devouring succulent meals stuffed with boundless creativity & motivation. I envy the spark of inspiration in their eyes, growing brighter with every bite. I watch from the corner, #groke & starved. I'd do anything for scraps. #vss365
15 Sep, 12:59 PM UTC

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