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아미~💜💜 늘 고마워요💜💜 @BTS_twt's photo on Peony
04 Dec, 03:41 PM UTC


Melania Trump
A minor child deserves privacy and should be kept out of politics. Pamela Karlan, you should be ashamed of your very angry and obviously biased public pandering, and using a child to do it.
04 Dec, 09:50 PM UTC


[#수빈생일_txt] 🐰HAPPY BIRTHDAY🐰 12월 5일 오늘은 수빈데이!!! #수빈데이 #이때리 #골로벌슈키 #최애직캠 #땡땡땡땡땡 #둠칫둠칫 #투모로우바이투게더 #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER #TXT @TXT_bighit's photo on moni
04 Dec, 03:00 PM UTC


[WINWIN Weibo Repost] ⠀ thank for yours love !thanks mama!thanks papa!😂 ⠀ #WayV #WeiShenV #威神V #董思成 #WINWIN
04 Dec, 02:38 PM UTC


Thoughts of Dog
the human who always brings packages. brought another package today. i put my nose against the window to say hi. and they poked it from the other side of the glass. before smiling. and continuing on their way
04 Dec, 08:04 PM UTC

Green Apple

\毎日“誰か”に“何か”が当たる/ ハワイ往復航空券✈️やANA旅行券1万円分等、素敵なクリスマスプレゼント🎁が当たる🌟 毎日1回のチャンス!(12/25まで) <応募は簡単> ①フォロー ②この投稿をリツイート ③すぐに結果通知 #ANAに願いを #クリスマスボックス ▼詳細は動画をクリック▼
04 Dec, 10:30 PM UTC

Matt Gaetz

David Frum
Matt Gaetz argues that with the time consumed by this impeachment process, Congress could do things that Republicans declined to do when they controlled all three elected branches of the federal government
04 Dec, 09:01 PM UTC


몬스타엑스_MONSTA X
05 Dec, 07:00 AM UTC


Joyce Alene
Prof Karlan wasn’t mocking Barron, she was explaining a legal point with an example. But coming from a woman who runs a Be Best campaign while her husband separates thousands of children from their parents with no plans to reunite them, this is just a sham argument.
05 Dec, 02:04 AM UTC


剣盾 #FGO #FateGO @itotamago's photo on Mackey
04 Dec, 06:29 AM UTC


Joseph A. Bondy
Devin Nunes, you should have recused yourself at the outset of the #HIC #ImpeachingHearings. #LetLevSpeak
03 Dec, 08:27 PM UTC


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05 Dec, 10:00 AM UTC


Bleacher Report
The refs really didn't count this Harden dunk 🤔 @BleacherReport's photo on Wheeler
04 Dec, 03:31 AM UTC


Lori Hendry
I can’t stand Oprah I can’t stand Hillary Clinton I can’t stand Barack Obama I can’t stand Adam Schiff I can’t stand Nadler I can’t stand Democrats I can’t stand Hollywood I can’t stand Starbucks I can’t stand The View I can’t stand CNN But I love @realDonaldTrump
04 Dec, 04:14 AM UTC


Susan Hennessey
I cannot emphasis enough that Turley is literally just making things up right now. Claiming that impeaching on obstruction without waiting for the courts to weigh in is abuse, that's literally just a thing he's saying with no precedent or constitutional grounding whatsoever.
04 Dec, 05:49 PM UTC


bro lmaooooo she really tried to finesse me. i have never heard this shit in my life 🤣🤣 @lowkeyscum's photo on Bumgarner
04 Dec, 04:29 AM UTC

Founding Fathers

Rob Reiner
The Founding Fathers warned us that there may come a time when a President puts his own self interest over the Nation’s. That time is now. Our Constitution provides a remedy. But only if people of good will can accept the truth. A Criminal must not be allowed to govern America.
03 Dec, 08:10 PM UTC

Eli Manning

Barstool Sports
Eli Manning coming back to play some bad teams and ruin the Giants draft pick @barstoolsports's photo on Eli Manning
04 Dec, 05:01 PM UTC

House Judiciary Committee

America's Newsroom
THE HEADLINER: @Jim_Jordan comments on the Republican reaction to the House Judiciary Committee's witness list for Wednesday's hearing #nine2noon @AmericaNewsroom's photo on House Judiciary Committee
03 Dec, 04:02 PM UTC

Tim Ryan

Bleacher Report
49ers have suspended radio color analyst Tim Ryan over controversial comments made about Lamar Jackson on Monday. Ryan said Jackson was successful at faking handoffs because of his “dark skin with a dark football,” per @sfchronicle @BleacherReport's photo on Tim Ryan
04 Dec, 11:57 PM UTC


ᴊ ᴍ ᴛ
oof jimin hit the body roll 🥵 @jiminticaI's photo on Noura
04 Dec, 04:52 PM UTC


Rep. Matt Gaetz
"If you accept all of their presumptions, it would be obstruction. But impeachments have to be based on proof, not presumptions.” -Professor Jonathan Turley #ImpeachingHearings #ImpeachmentHearing @RepMattGaetz's photo on #ImpeachmentHearing
04 Dec, 05:54 PM UTC

Professor Karlan

Joy Reid
Professor Karlan of Stanford with a solid example: say you live in Louisiana and a natural disaster strikes. Your governor goes to the POTUS to ask for disaster aid & is told that Louisiana only gets the money if he brands the president's opponent a criminal. #ImpeachingHearings
04 Dec, 04:10 PM UTC

Pam Karlan

Joyce Alene
And, we’re off, with Prof. Pam Karlan schooling Rep. Collins on his insulting comments toward scholar witnesses. Now discussing the American tradition of insuring fair elections, including those who fought & died on the battlefield to protect these rights.
04 Dec, 03:55 PM UTC

Doug Collins

Yamiche Alcindor
Big moment Pamela Karlan to Doug Collins: "I would like to say to you, sir that I read transcripts of every one of the witnesses...I would not speak about these things without reviewing the facts. I'm insulted by the suggestion that as a law prof I don't care about those facts."
04 Dec, 03:58 PM UTC


These necklaces from Kendra Scott are so pretty !!😩😍
04 Dec, 10:59 PM UTC

Harvard or Stanford

Kevin M. Kruse
How many people who earned admission to Harvard or Stanford's law school are seeking the advice of Louie Gohmert?
05 Dec, 12:16 AM UTC


For all their yelling and dramatic stunts, NONE of them have been able to defend trump's actions. NOT ONE. Not Jim Jordan. Not Doug Collins. Not Louis Gohmert. NOBODY. Because trump's actions are indefensible and impeachable. And they KNOW it.
04 Dec, 08:34 PM UTC


Terrence K. Williams
The LOONEY LIBERALS are mad that she apologized for attacking #BarronTrump THIS IS NOT A REAL APOLOGY Pamela Karlan & the Democrats should not have dragged a 13 year old into politics! This is not #FakeOutrage This is real outrage! Leave kids alone @w_terrence's photo on #FakeOutrage
05 Dec, 08:09 AM UTC

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