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Nicole Auerbach
This is *big* for Group of 5 access.
10 Jun, 05:36 PM UTC
Mike Gwin
NEW –––––> A bipartisan group of 5 former Treasury secretaries back @POTUS's plan to step up tax enforcement on the wealthiest Americans and big corporations so they pay what they owe. And of the $700b in projected revenue? "If anything, [it] is modest"
09 Jun, 06:47 PM UTC
Leigh Ann Caldwell
.@MittRomney says the group of 5 Republicans and 5 Democrats have come to an agreement on a traditional infrastructure plan that includes how to pay for it. “Is the figure complete and not submit to ongoing discussion? No. But we’re close enough to say we’re there.”
10 Jun, 05:44 PM UTC
Igor Bobic
Blunt is pessimistic about the math and getting to 60. “It’s a challenging path to go down. Say if you’ve got a group of 5 Republicans and 5 Democrats, it means you’ve only got 5 Republicans. And that next 5 will cost you 5 Democrats.”
10 Jun, 05:47 PM UTC
Andy Staples
Doing six highest ranked conference champs versus Power 5 champs and highest ranked Group of 5 feels like a little more elegant solution. Last year Pac-12 would have been left out for Sun Belt, but normal years probably won’t be like that.
10 Jun, 06:08 PM UTC
Chris Vannini 💉💉
This 12-team model would be HUGE for the Group of 5 for a lot of reasons.
10 Jun, 05:38 PM UTC
B.J. Rains
This is huge. Group of 5 could easily get two teams in the playoff in this model.
10 Jun, 06:01 PM UTC
David Woods
Get ready for some sick lineups of like four SEC teams, three B1G teams, 2 Big XII teams, one sacrificial Group of 5 lamb, one ACC team, and one Pac-12 team. This, I'm told, is a "better" setup for the Pac-12.
10 Jun, 05:56 PM UTC
Harry Minium
Great news for all of college football but especially for the Group of 5, which will now have a path to the national championship. All that Group of 5 teams have asked for is a chance.
10 Jun, 06:12 PM UTC
12 teams. 5 conf champs. 1 Group of 5 bid. Committee would still set the rankings with top 4 getting a bye. Again, this is what it would’ve looked like in past years…
10 Jun, 06:09 PM UTC
Josh Peterson
Group of 5 games are infinitely more important now. And division elimination games in October and November suddenly have incredibly high stakes as well. These are inarguable points.
10 Jun, 06:18 PM UTC
Jay Tust
Group of 5 teams to finish in the Top 12 of the CFP rankings prior to bowl season... • 2020: Cincinnati, Coastal Carolina • 2019: 0 • 2018: UCF • 2017: UCF • 2016: 0 • 2015: 0 • 2014: 0 So the Group of 5 will be in the discussion, but it’s far from a sure thing.
10 Jun, 06:10 PM UTC
Gregory Possum-Meeter 🐀
@griph drove around til I found it in the middle of a group of 5 guys, walked up holding my rungu, bellowed "THAT'S MY BIKE," took it back home
10 Jun, 06:12 PM UTC
Stephen DeAugustino
"A 12-team field could help quell complaints from Group of 5 schools such as UCF" YOU'RE WELCOME AMERICA.
10 Jun, 06:10 PM UTC
Establish The Run (tone setter)
I get what your saying but being able to compensate players through NIL will only further the chasm between group of 5 and power 5 football programs
10 Jun, 06:11 PM UTC
Evan Barnes〽️
I'm all for Group of 5 teams getting more chances to compete with Power 5 teams. CFB needs it. It just feels annoying the CFP could have been expanded earlier and we knew it.
10 Jun, 06:22 PM UTC
Todd Fuhrman
@SgtKarg12 bingo...this means the little guy at least gets a shot and coaches can sell the idea of being in the playoff as a Group of 5 instead of toiling in mediocrity in a power conference. NCAA tourney has spurred the rise of the mid-major in CBB let's hope it can happen in CFB
10 Jun, 06:21 PM UTC
John McGonigal
Always believed an 8-team playoff would work, with Power Five champions + 3 at-large bids (one of which would be Group of 5 guaranteed if ranked in the top 15/20). But I kinda like this 12-team format better. More access for G5, more games, more fun.
10 Jun, 06:18 PM UTC
Mike Wittmann
Big news. And like Nicole says, this is very good news for the Group of 5. In theory, an opportunity for them to capitalize on down years from other conferences.
10 Jun, 06:17 PM UTC
Jacob Major
Based on the Final 2019 CFP Committee rankings, here is the 12 team playoff using 2 teams per conference Seeding: 1-5 are Power 5 Champions 5 highest ranked Group of 5 7-12 is next highest team remembering to use 2 teams per conference
10 Jun, 06:06 PM UTC
Ross Thwing
@3ManFront @LandrumRoberts @patsmithradio @JohnSayBear 6 “top ranked champions” 🤔….let’s just say if the PAC 12 has a 3-4 loss champion. If 2 group of 5 champions are ranked higher than the PAC 12 champion, would those 2 group of five teams get the automatic qualifier?
10 Jun, 06:18 PM UTC
Dr. Sean #Steelers #Pirates #Penguins
@ClayTravis Agree. Group of 5 teams always get shafted and have proven to be very competitive against top tier teams
10 Jun, 06:25 PM UTC
Orange Crush Brasil
@_cjunior96 o + interessante pra mim: eh ver times invictos do group of 5 podendo ter uma chance de mostrar o quanto são bons
10 Jun, 06:18 PM UTC
@KJeromeM We need a top 6 CFP. And then a group of 5 24 team tournament
10 Jun, 06:18 PM UTC
Jeremy Churchman
@ChattFC42 Completely agree. Love the 8 proposal (5 power five champs plus highest ranked group of 5, two at large, if another group of 5 champ is in top 15 they guarantee at large)
10 Jun, 06:17 PM UTC
Brandon Blake
And besides whatever new system is in place for the useless college football playoff it's going to screw over the Group of 5 No way will a unbeaten G5 team from the Mountain West, AAC or Sun Belt is getting a spot over some 8-4 team from the SEC,ACC,P-12
10 Jun, 06:09 PM UTC
Derek Johnson
@BrendanDzw This also does nothing to distinguish if 2 Group of 5 teams went unbeaten (like hey, this past season!) for who gets in outside of ranking again instead of winning out and getting a chance
10 Jun, 06:04 PM UTC
Jared W
It helps the Group of 5…but also the 2-3 loss Power 5 schools that shouldn’t get a shot at a title
10 Jun, 06:04 PM UTC
Jeff Kerr
@KevinBoilard They are still passing over the Group of 5 teams too
10 Jun, 06:04 PM UTC
e people complaining about Notre Dame getting run off the field every year also want group of 5 teams like coastal Carolina to get a shot at the college football playoff like it wouldn’t be the same result lmao
10 Jun, 06:30 PM UTC