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Paul Gutierrez
"I apologize to the #RaiderNation." - #Raiders coach Jon Gruden
29 Nov, 09:40 PM UTC
Vic Tafur
Guenther should be giving Gruden dirty looks today.
29 Nov, 07:02 PM UTC
Vic Tafur
Gruden apologizes to Raiders fans for that performance. "We didn't play well today ... and then it snowballed on us. It's happened before. Can't happen again."
29 Nov, 09:48 PM UTC
Nick Hjeltness
Derek Carr has played very well this season. Derek Carr played like shit today. Gruden was awful today. OL was bad as well. All of these can be true. They all affect each other. This isn’t rocket science, folks.
29 Nov, 09:23 PM UTC
Vic Tafur
Gruden told you this was the best 3-7 team ever.
29 Nov, 09:01 PM UTC
Vic Tafur
43-6 final. Worse than last year's Week 12 loss to Jets. Raiders fall to 6-5 after horrific day for Carr and Gruden.
29 Nov, 09:34 PM UTC
Jon Gruden walking off the field knowing that the check is gonna clear, no matter what the record is.
29 Nov, 09:50 PM UTC
Josh Dubow
Jon Gruden is 1-3 since returning to #Raiders when facing 1 of his former assistants. He lost to McVay, Shanahan and Morris and beat Tomlin. (Note: This doesn't count the loss he took when Rod Marinelli convinced him Maliek Collins would be key to the defense this season)
29 Nov, 09:45 PM UTC
Gruden is 17-25 since his return and in two games where the team was 6-4 vs subpar opponents they’ve been outscored 77-12
29 Nov, 10:34 PM UTC
Respect coach gruden🔴⚫️✊✊#falcons
29 Nov, 11:26 PM UTC
Jon Gruden calls Raiders penalties "a recipe for disaster"
29 Nov, 11:38 PM UTC
Also. How does Jon Gruden get severely outcoached by Raheem Morris?
29 Nov, 09:46 PM UTC
That really look like gruden tho
29 Nov, 10:18 PM UTC
Washington Realm
Once Colt Gruden took over, NYG barely held off Cincy & their 3rd string QB. Daniel Jones reportedly suffered a “fairly significant” hamstring injury and may miss time. This division is very winnable for Washington. Philly plays Seattle tomorrow, & we already know about Dallas.
29 Nov, 11:59 PM UTC
@aimonas1 @JMacSC @Raiders Replaced him to see the defensive line regress. Gruden needs to stop hiring his friends and start actually hiring coaches who can do their job competently.
29 Nov, 10:35 PM UTC
OJ BiN Laden Jr 🐐
Ima chalk dis up but next week we lose to the jets and I’ll be waiting outside the raiders facility for Jon gruden
29 Nov, 08:59 PM UTC
Tom Gower
We're getting Gruden-esque levels of QB protection from Romo today.
29 Nov, 11:41 PM UTC
Domingo Juan
@Averysdaddy84 Pathetic Jon Gruden
29 Nov, 11:55 PM UTC
Deys of our Bengals #FireZacTaylor
NFL head coaching candidates mass list; Daboll Brady Schottenheimer Eberflus Harbaugh Gruden Bieniemy Sirianni McDaniels Saleh Arthur Smith Wink With this many good candidates there is simple no way Zac Taylor should survive
29 Nov, 11:52 PM UTC
@Raider510_ They’ll end 8-8 and people will say Gruden is improving the team! But reality is Gruden sucks. Gruden since the bucs Super Bowl 7-9 5-11 11-5 4-12 9-7 9-7 4-12 7-9 6-5 (probably ends 8-8) 1 winning season since Super Bowl
29 Nov, 11:36 PM UTC
@R8rBlood @Grizz_NFL @BigBadLucille Carr was off today, no doubt. But I can’t think of any facet of the game that played well. And they better start giving carr some grip strength work outs each week. Make him drop back and have gruden sneak up and try to slap it out of his hands.
29 Nov, 11:35 PM UTC
Frank Lucas
#75 almost got Derek Carr killed & Gruden wanted us to buy his jersey, GTFOH
30 Nov, 12:00 AM UTC
Matt Ford
@Raider_Ryan1 Yeah, for more than he. Gruden called a flawless game last week and made curious calls this week. Atlanta D gave our O line fits. Multiple contributing factors to Carr having a bit of a stinker.
29 Nov, 11:50 PM UTC
@Sauxegotti no Julio no Todd & actually show up. Gruden placed a parlay
29 Nov, 11:49 PM UTC
@MidgetTamer Gruden & the whole offense!! They took this game for granted they just thought they were going to blow them out!! They won't tell you that but they did!! 💯
29 Nov, 11:41 PM UTC
@RickRiddiough Gruden is an ok OC.. he is a shitty coach. Look at his record for god sake lol stop making excuses he’s just not that good. He’s keeping Guenther around says it all
29 Nov, 11:35 PM UTC
@KrisWysong @RaiderAus Offense is top 10. Defense is 26th. We all know what side of the ball plays better. We just keep making up excuses for the defense and we keep putting blame on the offense and Gruden when the defense puts us at a -28point disadvantage we have to overcome every week.
30 Nov, 12:02 AM UTC
C Mac
@falc_fan @MikeBellATL So u saying he wont take a gruden type contract he's a competitor the right price and right place he will be back
30 Nov, 12:01 AM UTC
kevin carter
@ChrisWestsideJX Thinks its the dont fire and put Gruden in charge and he wins couple games and the new gm will look q gruden as high candidate
30 Nov, 12:01 AM UTC
Trevor Poley
@RaiderCody Gruden is gonna be all up in their behinds this week at practice, no doubt about it.
30 Nov, 12:00 AM UTC

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