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Boston Diehards
I’ve seen Gryz play better...
10 Jun, 01:09 AM UTC
Court Lalonde
Matt Gryz decides to play the worst game of his career tonight
10 Jun, 01:09 AM UTC
Michael Frascolla
@scottzolak Gryz hung him out to dry on two goals. But yeah, woulda been good to see Swayman from the jump. Rask isn’t on his game since injured.
10 Jun, 01:17 AM UTC
DJ - 10 more
@Shawn_1121 @NHLBruins Doesn’t even end up on Gryz’s stick if Rask doesn’t cough up a rebound off a weak shot in the chest
10 Jun, 01:16 AM UTC
Mike Fantini
@bmins77 uhh have u seen Gryz tonight?!
10 Jun, 01:50 AM UTC
x - kim na era programação 🍂
10 Jun, 01:09 AM UTC
@DJ_Bean Sure am glad we had to sign Kevan Miller day 1 of Free Agency and decided to let Krug walk cuz obviously Gryz is just as good!
10 Jun, 01:22 AM UTC
@MikeFromWoburn I just need the same hate Lauzon got for Gryz after today
10 Jun, 01:21 AM UTC
jobelenus.eng 💉🎉
@FlutoShinzawa Those goals are on Gryz, not Tukka
10 Jun, 01:21 AM UTC
@IAmJamesStewart Get Gryz off the ice he’s solely responsible for 3 goals against
10 Jun, 01:19 AM UTC
@dolphinsgm2019 @GlobeKPD Maybe if Gryz didn’t hand the islanders two goals
10 Jun, 01:17 AM UTC
Drew Luster
Gryz’s worst period of hockey this year. Get Swayman in. Needed rask to bail this defense out ONE TIME and he could not. 20 minutes left. Roll bergy and krejci line and don’t take mcavoy off the ice. Not ova…
10 Jun, 01:15 AM UTC
B 🏒🏒🏒📷📷📷
Ha ha Palmieri. Gryz made ya miss.
10 Jun, 01:46 AM UTC
@anthonymatola69 @cbuck95 @bostonsports351 @ryanwhitney6 Bro how do you not understand he can’t bail the entire team out when the rest of the team plays like shit what game are you watching. This deficit is on Gryz and the rest of the D
10 Jun, 01:41 AM UTC
Mike Neff
What happened to Gryz tonight??Sheesh.
10 Jun, 01:37 AM UTC
Conspiracy theory: Gryz wants to play for Seattle
10 Jun, 01:36 AM UTC
@ShukriWrights He hasnt been good but Gryz woke up and chose to play the worst game of his life. Everything fell apart for Boston after Palmieri's hit on McAvoy after the whistle.
10 Jun, 01:29 AM UTC
Not Tuukkas fault if they lose tonight. People think Gryz is Torey Krug and it’s not close. They might be losing Cliffy to Seattle they might want to think who they protect and get some size and skill on the back end.
10 Jun, 01:28 AM UTC
Bruins on an Island
I try not to get mad. I expected this but didn't wanna believe it. Holy shit gryz, holy shit as a team. Palmieri got away w one a very big one
10 Jun, 01:25 AM UTC
@Johnnymce1 Rask very ordinary and Gryz looks like it’s his 1st NHL game. Islanders playing harder, very well coached team. Lou made some very good moves, paying huge dividends tonight.
10 Jun, 01:25 AM UTC
Matthew Bush
@MarkParadisJr @ryanwhitney6 You are so beyond brainless if you seriously want Gryz gone. Worst game of his career, yes. But easily the 2nd or 3rd best defenseman on this team.
10 Jun, 01:24 AM UTC
Cameron Blouin
@madysonkosar @NHLBruins @FranklinSports Doesn’t matter who is in net with the terrible turnovers constantly happening. Gryz has gifted them three goals tonight by himself.
10 Jun, 01:24 AM UTC
@DJ_Bean Matt Gryz -3 look at them all. He’s the problem.
10 Jun, 01:23 AM UTC
@bsp_13 Gryz and Reilly are soft as hell, pretty much completely down with the little puck movers
10 Jun, 01:21 AM UTC
Ginge MNL
@ImTheMoose01 Tuukka clearly not 100% right, both physically and mentally now it seems. That D core is just SO weak though. Will always be baffled how Gryz gets nearly $3.7m a year also. Chara was the glue to that core for so long. Not having Carlo is a miss, same with Miller. Weak D depth.
10 Jun, 01:20 AM UTC
Chazz Reinhold
@BaconEdNCheese @RealMikeR91 Our d is trash lol... also missing two important guys and gryz is an absolute liability out there... oh well good luck against Tampa 🤝
10 Jun, 01:20 AM UTC
Tom Green
@GHockey6 gryz has been a defensive liability all playoffs
10 Jun, 01:19 AM UTC
@ezlazar I mean if Gryz is going to hand the islanders two goals, it doesn’t really matter who’s in net. The entire team is playing like trash.
10 Jun, 01:19 AM UTC