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so abortion is murder but a cop killing an unarmed black man is a misunderstanding? okay. some of y’all really have your morals FUCKED UP
28 May, 12:27 AM UTC


Alfredo Flores
this is America @AlfredoFlores's photo on Silva
27 May, 08:35 PM UTC


The president just threatened to kill his own citizens. Write that in the fucking history books.
29 May, 05:50 AM UTC

Jacob Frey

Donald J. Trump
I can’t stand back & watch this happen to a great American City, Minneapolis. A total lack of leadership. Either the very weak Radical Left Mayor, Jacob Frey, get his act together and bring the City under control, or I will send in the National Guard & get the job done right.....
29 May, 04:53 AM UTC


Y’all’s “president” just said when the looting starts the shooting starts. The president just said he values PROPETY and ITEMS over AMERICANS. OVER PEOPLE. The leader of this country tweeted that with his WHOLE CHEST.
29 May, 05:31 AM UTC

Mike Freeman

Ariana Grande
#justiceforGeorgeFloyd text FLOYD to 55156 @colorofchange to put pressure on DA Mike Freeman to charge and arrest these officers call 612-348-5550 and please sign the @change petition
28 May, 02:57 AM UTC

Walter Headley

Don Winslow
The quote "When the looting starts, the shooting starts" originated by a racist white Miami police chief named Walter Headley who targeted black people in 1967 ahead of the Republican convention. Donald Trump used the same line tonight to threaten to shoot his own citizens.
29 May, 05:42 AM UTC


The Lincoln Project
📺 After 35 years, Kentuckians are still waiting for the kinds of opportunities #RichMitch has worked so hard to give himself. 👉 This ad is on TV and digital media in @senatemajldr’s home state TODAY. Pitch in now to help: @ProjectLincoln's photo on #RichMitch
28 May, 11:04 AM UTC


Donald J. Trump
....These THUGS are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd, and I won’t let that happen. Just spoke to Governor Tim Walz and told him that the Military is with him all the way. Any difficulty and we will assume control but, when the looting starts, the shooting starts. Thank you!
29 May, 04:53 AM UTC

John Harrington

Adam Schefter
Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who killed George Floyd, has been arrested in Minneapolis, the Minnesota Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington announced.
29 May, 05:22 PM UTC


2020 finna be a wild chapter in the history textbooks fr
28 May, 06:09 AM UTC


Brooke Baldwin
Let’s name all of them: CNN Correspondent Omar Jimenez, CNN Producer Bill Kirkos and CNN Photojournalist Leonel Mendez — ARRESTED by Minnesota State Police for lawfully doing their jobs. #CNN
29 May, 11:20 AM UTC


Nick Gjerde
Police are arresting a CNN reporter live on air. @NickGjerde's photo on LIVE ON AIR
29 May, 10:12 AM UTC


29 May, 04:35 AM UTC

Gypsy Rose

‎autumn ✿ blm.
so y’all tellin me gypsy rose pulled up to target in a wheelchair with a knife, got fire extinguished, tried to pain herself as an elderly handicapped victim but she can actually walk, she’s 30 and she tried to rob an atm @THOTTYBUCKY's photo on Gypsy Rose
28 May, 10:20 AM UTC


Zuko 🔥
Seasonal depression in one photo @RogueZuko's photo on yatchy
28 May, 07:28 PM UTC


Donald J. Trump
Ogden, Utah, I am committing $64.5M to build bus service between Weber State University and McKay-Dee Hospital—very important services for Utahans! @RideUTA
28 May, 10:18 PM UTC

3rd Precinct

fuck cops
celebratory fireworks overtop of the 3rd precinct in Minneapolis after cops fled the building and was overtaken by civilians. if this doesn’t explain the rage and pain that society is feeling than i don’t know what else does. 📹: @UR_Ninja @strawberryTrav's photo on 3rd Precinct
29 May, 03:30 AM UTC


𝚂𝚞𝚗𝚗𝚒 🌻🍃🌞
#BlackOutDay2020 Spread the word ✊🏽 @_etherealsouls's photo on #BlackOutDay2020
28 May, 08:18 PM UTC

Tay Tay

This little girl is 12 yrs old and was last seen out Ocean View if anyone sees her plz step up and get her some help ! @GeezMu's photo on Tay Tay
29 May, 12:21 AM UTC


Champagne Gigi
they are literally behind this precinct. this sign was up since yesterday & that morning they said no to the police attemping to use the lot around their store. they fed families in this community + protesters as well. they also had a medic tent up!! support them now + forever
28 May, 02:23 PM UTC


CNN Communications
A CNN reporter & his production team were arrested this morning in Minneapolis for doing their jobs, despite identifying themselves - a clear violation of their First Amendment rights. The authorities in Minnesota, incl. the Governor, must release the 3 CNN employees immediately.
29 May, 10:51 AM UTC

Keith Ellison

Charlie Kirk
These violent thugs have now burned down the Minneapolis police department This is disgusting. Where is AG Keith Ellison? Where is Ilhan Omar? Where is the Democrat Governor? Where is their radical leftist mayor? This is out of hand Democrats are encouraging violence! RT!
29 May, 04:18 AM UTC

Official White House

Jim Acosta
The official White House account is tweeting this???
29 May, 12:27 PM UTC

Happy Birthday Pulte

Bill Pulte
I will pick The $10,000 Winner in 72 hours on a live stream. And thank you for saying ‘Happy Birthday Pulte’, I see you, and it is making me feel so good! ❤️😊
28 May, 02:12 PM UTC


#Minneapolisprotests POSSIBLE #kidnapping 27th St and 29th Ave in Minneapolis (near Lake St)-White Car (maybe older ford explorer?) MN License Plate EEV772. Cops aren't available due to protests. Black woman victim, 2-4 guys in car. Please RT and help her. video @BorowiakSeason @margmsco's photo on #Minneapolisprotests
29 May, 04:59 AM UTC

Tim Walz

The White House
“These THUGS are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd, and I won’t let that happen. Just spoke to Governor Tim Walz and told him that the Military is with him all the way. Any difficulty and we will assume control but, when the looting starts, the shooting starts. Thank you!”
29 May, 12:17 PM UTC


Pistol Grip Chin
@TomiLahren Tomi Lahren didn't say a thing about George Floyd's death, but when the looting started she jumped in like it was double dutch
28 May, 02:33 AM UTC

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