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Jeff Paterson
Gudbranson livid with officials. Thinks Burns picked him on the play. Replay backs him up
17 Feb, 04:28 AM UTC
Gary Moen
@DanRiccio650 @passittobulis Sees Gudbranson... Nope Sees Pouliot .... Nope I'll take it out.
17 Feb, 04:58 AM UTC
Is Erik Gudbranson the worst defensman in the NHL?
17 Feb, 04:43 AM UTC
Sbisa Pizza 🇨🇦
Gudbranson’s signature dive is the worst part about Canucks hockey
17 Feb, 04:28 AM UTC
@BlakePriceTSN Gudbranson with the puck should be one too.
17 Feb, 05:18 AM UTC
That was a bad play by Biega on the GWG but Gudbranson has had those plays in basically every game this season it seems.
17 Feb, 05:42 AM UTC
Edler's Stick
@sbisa_pizza Gudbranson, he can cover more ice while laying down...
17 Feb, 05:53 AM UTC
Elite pairing Gudbranson-Biega were on that PK
17 Feb, 03:19 AM UTC
Nucks News
#Canucks line rushes this morning Roussel-Horvat-Goldobin Leivo-Pettersson-Boeser Granlund-Gaudette-Motte Eriksson-Beagle-Macewen EXT: Schaller INJ: Virtanen Hutton-Stecher Brisebois-Gudbranson Pouliot-Biega EXT: Schenn
16 Feb, 08:06 PM UTC
Nathan Perry
That’s what happens when you have Pouliot gudbranson and biega on your defence #Canucks
17 Feb, 05:42 AM UTC
Patrick Thibeault
@patersonjeff And what about Brisebois? He was doing well considering he was playing with Biega and Gudbranson.
17 Feb, 05:41 AM UTC
@FriedgeHNIC duchene for gudbranson who says no???
17 Feb, 04:56 AM UTC
Gudbranson is honestly one of the worst dmen I’ve ever seen play. Not sure he’d even make the beer league team @JohnB093 @itslandooo5 @Braden1993
17 Feb, 04:30 AM UTC
Bo Boesersson
When you see Gudbranson and Pouliot open
17 Feb, 06:17 AM UTC
Ryan Lind
Biega is so clearly better than Gudbranson that it hurts.
17 Feb, 03:27 AM UTC
robert lee
@patersonjeff gudbranson and pouliotte on a dozen of those per game though...
17 Feb, 06:20 AM UTC
Scott Bagnall
@BlakePriceTSN I think Biega and Gudbranson are god it still half and half?
17 Feb, 05:54 AM UTC
Joshua Rey
Canucks played a good game, could of at least got a point but it's the Sharks and Gudbranson, Pouliot and Biega are on defence.
17 Feb, 05:43 AM UTC
Kai Turmann
@seensjet Everyone saying ‘no, it’s Pouliot.’ Listen, wipe the slime out of your eyes and understand that ERIK FUCKING GUDBRANSON is the sole reason for us hating on Pouliot. You guys talking about him now that he’s paired with Biega? No. They are fine together. Gudbranson is the worst.
17 Feb, 05:13 AM UTC
Correct me if I’m wrong, but has gudbranson been on for the last 8 canucks goals against? Gotta be close to that@patersonjeff
17 Feb, 04:35 AM UTC
Some Guy
Of course it was Gudbranson, of course it was a non called interference. #Canucks
17 Feb, 04:30 AM UTC
Stephen King
*whispers* Gudbranson has been on the ice for the last four goals against the #Canucks. *screams* Play Luke Schenn. Yes, it’s come to that.
17 Feb, 03:19 AM UTC
17 Feb, 03:18 AM UTC
Ryan Lind
@patersonjeff Feel bad for the guy. Gudbranson and Pouliot do that all the time.
17 Feb, 06:29 AM UTC
nikita hughes
@NHLGIFs “does anyone know why pouliot, biega and gudbranson are in the NHL?”
17 Feb, 05:37 AM UTC
Steven Curry
Gudbranson ices the puck like 6 times a game
17 Feb, 05:33 AM UTC
Biega is 100x better than gudbranson @canucks
17 Feb, 05:28 AM UTC
Kai Turmann
@YLWNucksFan @BlakePriceTSN Yeah the Sharks PP = sold out, hot new Cirque du Soleil show. Gudbranson with the puck = season 6 American Idol runner up live at Tropicana.
17 Feb, 05:25 AM UTC
Kyle Dillon
@seensjet Gudbranson isn't the worst d-man in the league but he's pretty damn close to it.
17 Feb, 05:19 AM UTC
Woodmans Luck
@seensjet You'd have done better had you asked... Would Kesler bang Gudbranson's wife?
17 Feb, 05:18 AM UTC
Sahil Desai
Gudbranson is so bad he’s basically trying to kill his own teammates now
17 Feb, 05:18 AM UTC
Ken Henderson
For a second there Gudbranson thought he was the fastest person on the ice... but they'd blown the faceoff down. #Canucks #PoorEric
17 Feb, 05:17 AM UTC
Nucks IceMan
#Canucks this blatant interference has crept back into today’s game & it needs to be addressed by the officials. It’s coming in many different forms. From pick plays, obstruction, crashing the goalie, pushing players into others, blocking lanes. Ask Gudbranson about that in 2nd.
17 Feb, 05:12 AM UTC
Mike Frantz
@BlakePriceTSN @patersonjeff @botchford @JDylanBurke Believe Gudbranson has been on the ice for every Goal Against on the road trip. Gotta be a record...
17 Feb, 04:48 AM UTC
Mike Simpsonite 🇮🇱
This is what my last tweet referred. Burns straight up trips the defenceman. Gudbranson I think. Cost the Canucks a goal. If they can’t score again this could be massive.
17 Feb, 04:45 AM UTC
Lionel Rust
its seriously nice seeing Roussel getting the "A" over Gudbranson #Canucks #rewardgoodplay
17 Feb, 04:44 AM UTC
Lionel Rust
Biega has 8 points in 21 games Gudbranson has 8 in 55 #Canucks
17 Feb, 04:39 AM UTC
I thought Gudbranson pulled one of his classic ill-conceived dives there but it turns out he was tripped fairly blatantly. It only lead directly to a goal though so I'm ok with it...
17 Feb, 04:32 AM UTC
As we saw, Gudbranson was on the ice when the opposing team scored... #Canucks
17 Feb, 04:30 AM UTC
PG Canuck
Another goal against with Gudbranson on the ice
17 Feb, 04:30 AM UTC
Lacroix Boix
@Kaitalkscanucks I’d dress a literal pylon over gudbranson.
17 Feb, 03:47 AM UTC
Still Biega > Gudbranson. Says something. #Canucks
17 Feb, 03:31 AM UTC
@TRana87 I would switch pouliot with Gudbranson
17 Feb, 03:30 AM UTC
Kyle Chaters
There's that Gudbranson-Pouliot pairing... #canucks
17 Feb, 03:24 AM UTC
Gudbranson is the new Megna and Chaput of this era eh #canucks
17 Feb, 03:21 AM UTC
Biega > Gudbranson, clearly. #Canucks
17 Feb, 03:20 AM UTC
Bueller Styles
didn’t think it was possible to be out of position 3 times on 1 play but Gudbranson proved me wrong once again on that last goal! #Canucks
17 Feb, 03:19 AM UTC
Why is it that every time someone scores a goal gudbranson is on the ice? #canucks
17 Feb, 03:18 AM UTC
Daniel Browning
@patersonjeff @DevilsInsiders Ray isn't dumb so it won't be gudbranson lol but I wonder
17 Feb, 03:04 AM UTC
@patersonjeff I’m gonna think a Hall for Gudbranson deal coming
17 Feb, 07:31 AM UTC
@CanuckClay When I see Gudbranson and Pouliot out there I just know something will go wrong
17 Feb, 06:45 AM UTC
Trade Deadline NHL In$ider
@mrpaweska @michel_roscoe It is really hard to trade for quality d-men,drafting is a long waiting game, that leaves free agency. Myers on a 4 year deal wouldn't be terrible if the goal is playoffs next year. Edler-Tanev Hughes-Myers Hutton-Stecher Gudbranson
17 Feb, 06:34 AM UTC
Steve Myrdal
@Sportsnet650 Tonight was another example of many this season where the Canucks' more established opponents didn't get overt penalties called against them, but really, does Gudbranson really need the refs help in making his plus/minus even worse than it already is?
17 Feb, 06:32 AM UTC
If the NJD are interested in a roster player from VAN I can only imagine Gudbranson or Goldobin...cant imagine Granlund or Schenn....maybe something that will be explored at draft day.
17 Feb, 06:29 AM UTC
3 shifts in the third for Brisebois. #Canucks playing from behind, so the rookie got the pine. Gudbranson with 4:53 in the third; last on the ice with 6:30 left. Didn't see a second after that.
17 Feb, 06:00 AM UTC
Keanna Mason
@Hockey_604 @Canucks Gudbranson, Pouliot, Sutter, to name a few.
17 Feb, 05:52 AM UTC
Josh Crawford
@BlakePriceTSN Gudbranson was quiet tonight. It was nice.
17 Feb, 05:51 AM UTC
@rockinchick66 @Canucks Maybe there is a little time left, but we have Pouliot and Gudbranson. 😑
17 Feb, 05:32 AM UTC
@spe3ch14 @Canucks We have to send pouliot biega and gudbranson
17 Feb, 05:29 AM UTC
I'm not sayin', but I'm just sayin'... #canucks Another game where you have both GA thus far with 44 on the ice. All three against LA had 44. The one from ANA had 44. That's quite the run for Gudbranson. Mike's photo on Gudbranson
17 Feb, 05:25 AM UTC
Peter Genge
@BlakePriceTSN Solid game from Gudbranson. A little push back against you haters 🙄😂
17 Feb, 05:21 AM UTC
@Canucks Goldobin ,pouliot,Gudbranson and Granlund all need to be replaced on the and Brisbois can replace dmen.oh Sutters gotta go too.
17 Feb, 05:15 AM UTC
Kai Turmann
It’s Gudbranson and Boroweiski or whatever the fuck his name is. The two worst defencemen in the league.
17 Feb, 05:14 AM UTC
Trade Deadline NHL In$ider
Erik Gudbranson is a perfect example. Was a top 10 pick by Florida.
17 Feb, 04:59 AM UTC
Go Hawks!
Why the fuck is Gudbranson still not on this team? Just fuckin terrible.
17 Feb, 04:56 AM UTC
#Canucks Defense TOI through 2: 51 @ 18:17 27 @ 16:26 55 @ 12:19 5 @ 11:03 44 @ 8:49 56 @ 5:06 Brisebois and Gudbranson with the protected minutes. Said different: Veteran NHL defenseman and rookie-in-his-second-NHL-game getting protected minutes.
17 Feb, 04:55 AM UTC
#SJSharks Burns took out #Canucks Gudbranson skates with his stick on Sharks 2nd goal
17 Feb, 04:37 AM UTC
@NHL refs. Burns literally trips Gudbranson to be the direct cause of a goal, and they don't call it because they are either inept, or scared to take away the goal. Literally , Burns skates to Guddy and puts his stick in his skates. To make it worse, Debrusk says 'good play"!
17 Feb, 04:32 AM UTC
gudbranson who? i only know macewan! 🤪👊
17 Feb, 04:31 AM UTC
What a surprise gudbranson on the ice for goal against
17 Feb, 04:30 AM UTC
Joshua Rey
When the opposing team scores, Erik Gudbranson is on the ice 9/10 times.
17 Feb, 04:29 AM UTC
Leigh Ramsden
Gudbranson just needs to go away. Far, far away.
17 Feb, 04:29 AM UTC
Keyvaun Pourmokhtari
17 Feb, 04:29 AM UTC
Kevin Zecchel
Gudbranson literally just fell over...
17 Feb, 04:29 AM UTC
nikita hughes
17 Feb, 04:28 AM UTC
Good god Gudbranson
17 Feb, 04:28 AM UTC
Trade Deadline NHL In$ider
@UncleLaleet I like how EP40 ignores Gudbranson. Trash player doesn't deserve his recognition.
17 Feb, 04:14 AM UTC
Joshua Tan
Imagine an actual NHL GM trading assets for Erik Gudbranson. No way my favourite team would ever do that.
17 Feb, 03:54 AM UTC
Nick Cecconi
@GurjBath makes sense. Gudbranson is elite at icing the puck....
17 Feb, 03:27 AM UTC
Straight News
Vancouver Canucks Hot Take of the Week: Good Gudbranson?
17 Feb, 03:26 AM UTC
Pettersson can play better defense than Gudbranson and that my friends is a problem #canucks
17 Feb, 03:26 AM UTC
What was Gudbranson doing in front of the net when the #sharks scored?? #canucks
17 Feb, 03:21 AM UTC
David Alvarez
When can the team get rid of Gudbranson? #canucks
17 Feb, 03:21 AM UTC
Hey Mark Stone come play on Pettersons wing plz
Gudbranson can’t even dump the puck in anymore what the fuck @botchford
17 Feb, 03:20 AM UTC
Changed Handle
Gudbranson getting another -1 as usual. 🤷‍♀️ #Canucks
17 Feb, 03:19 AM UTC
Biega & Gudbranson as a pairing on the penalty kill might work in the AHL, probably not tho.
17 Feb, 03:18 AM UTC
Chuck Spadina
Gotta love seeing Biega and Gudbranson collectively ignore the 1 dangerous player in the slot
17 Feb, 03:18 AM UTC
@dkeeping @patersonjeff Lol wishful thinking for you guys but the Devils would never trade for Gudbranson, let alone trade Severson for him. Doesn’t fit their system/direction of the roster their going in
17 Feb, 03:13 AM UTC

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