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Waka n Tammy got they own show honey. #GUHH https://t.co/CnUGVSfILn
14 Feb, 02:36 AM UTC
#GUHH #GUHHLA Dame is a control freak and that shit is aggy...like bruh calm your ass down! https://t.co/5rMLC4fw4l
14 Feb, 02:34 AM UTC
Who knew that behind all of that good Salt n Pepa music that Pepa is this damn dense #Guhh https://t.co/7D75wS3YGv
14 Feb, 02:33 AM UTC
So basically Egypt and Sam made up this lie about TeeTee because they mad she exposed Sam's broke ass #GUHH https://t.co/kTbvHnyBiy
14 Feb, 02:40 AM UTC
#GUHH Angela You can't compare Romeo and Bow True.. one's toxic and chasing you and the other is smarter, unbothered and over your b.s. https://t.co/2GJC6w12BU
14 Feb, 03:00 AM UTC
Angela R Simmons
Oooo @smoss !!! New Episodeof Growing Up Hip Hop airs Tonight at 9|8c! @wetv guhh_wetv 😂 #GuHH https://t.co/F5LDr9hV0r
13 Feb, 05:15 PM UTC
Growing Up Hip Hop
Light it up! 🔥🔥 #GUHH @GUHH_WEtv's photo on #GUHH
14 Feb, 02:19 AM UTC
Mercedes Howard
When Romeo comes back on this show I hope y’all keep this same energy with him y’all had while he was gone, don’t switch up and try to act fake & be in his face when y’all see him. #GUHH https://t.co/ghcrtQsjvV
14 Feb, 02:12 AM UTC
Dame: Can I finish? Pep: yeah..but.. Dame:Can I finish? Can I finish? Pep: Yeah..but.. #GUHH https://t.co/bnOyaGbl3e
14 Feb, 02:41 AM UTC
I have to say, I respect Bow for not commenting on this Romeo mess. He said how he felt about certain things & EVERYBODY is mad. People need to stay in their own lane. #GUHH https://t.co/gRP7LOzaKd
14 Feb, 02:27 AM UTC
Kev's Birthday Month!!!!
Lord, this man singing now! #GUHH https://t.co/Zvk4nToZKn
14 Feb, 02:42 AM UTC
@LilTwist #guhh twist be havin me rollin bruh😂🔥👏🏽
14 Feb, 02:28 AM UTC
Tee Tee confesses that she still doesn't trust Sam on the next #GUHH! Watch this exclusive sneak peek: https://t.co/fZe4n6ZcO7 @HollywoodLife's photo on #GUHH
13 Feb, 07:15 PM UTC
Xavier King
Y'all have a sick infatuation with Romeo. Nobody is going to tell me that he wasn't being messy by relaying that information to Angela sister and then his dad asking her to be in a movie. This shit crazy seeing everybody defending his messy ass. #guhh
14 Feb, 04:34 AM UTC
Please let this be the last season with the hole Angela & rom romance story I'm sick of it #GUHH
14 Feb, 02:03 AM UTC
Crazy how you get together with an ex and reminisce about y’all history. I remember those days. #guhh
14 Feb, 02:59 AM UTC
They keep Romeo’s name in their mouth🤦🏽‍♀️ #GUHH https://t.co/bewL5wtUK9
14 Feb, 04:52 AM UTC
I’m wondering if Angela know how to have fun, she always seem so uptight #GUHH https://t.co/94thePKcbO
14 Feb, 04:59 AM UTC
What type of strippers leave all the money at a bachelor’s party? I would’ve swept all my money and get a garbage bag to put it in. Lol... Like they wildin’. #GUHH ~$kittle$~ https://t.co/3ZCTPF0Gvt
14 Feb, 04:49 AM UTC
Tiffany Williams
Why is Tyran my favorite person on the show? I legit love him! #GUHH
14 Feb, 04:56 AM UTC
Shannon Blair
Sam has Egypt and pep wrapped around his finger talking bout he control this teetee wouldn't be there if he don't want her to #GUHH
14 Feb, 05:04 AM UTC
Lil Twist #TeamTwist
😈😈😈👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 #GUHH https://t.co/7L5h93bXkI
14 Feb, 02:03 AM UTC
I’m from the original generation of BowWow vs. Romeo. I’m truly OVER IT now. Lol...especially when it comes to Angela. OVER...IT!!!! And them words”step up”. Argh #GUHH ~$kittle$~ https://t.co/v98uO3ozON
14 Feb, 04:58 AM UTC
Coco Dani
Do you know how crazy it is that I haven’t heard any mention about Egypt’s music? #GUHH
14 Feb, 04:49 AM UTC
Xavier King
So everybody defending TT, but if she was walking around naked in front of Sam, is that not something that Egypt or Pep should have issues with? Has she or has she not been messy mingling with everybody under the sun trying to interfere with Egypt relationship? #guhh https://t.co/cdFdqTCMnF
14 Feb, 04:59 AM UTC
KiKi 😘
Omg I hate when guys tell you how special you are but don't want to date/marry you 🤦🏾‍♀️ #GUHH
14 Feb, 04:52 AM UTC
Medina Abdullah
So no gone bring up " Sam's Truth" I wonder what tf that is ... #GUHH
14 Feb, 03:33 AM UTC
LeTicia Renee👑💋
Dame is high as a kite “ Let me finish Let me Finish and Pep tryna smoke a cigar 😂 #GUHH https://t.co/q2gICqCZz2
14 Feb, 05:35 AM UTC
Pepa and Damon Dash together in a scene? Reality tv gold. Two characters 😂#GUHH #GrowingUpHipHop
14 Feb, 05:26 AM UTC
Shannon Blair
Boobie speaking on romeo is a bitch move he clearly jealous #GUHH
14 Feb, 05:24 AM UTC