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Jermaine Dupri
Tonight!! On #GUHHATL we’re celebrating my oldest daughter @shaniahcymone turning 21 🤦🏾‍♂️ her first drink 🙈 big party @atlgoldroom 😤 I don’t know that I’m ready for all this,don’t miss it tonight!! 9 pm @WEtv @jermainedupri's photo on #GUHHATL
15 Aug, 07:02 PM UTC
Bow Wow
New episode of #guhhatl tonight! 9/8c on @WEtv #1 show on Thursday Nights. @smoss's photo on #GUHHATL
15 Aug, 06:48 PM UTC
Shaniah Cymone
My 21st was one for the books, shoutout to all of my friends and family that came. Truly a night to remember #guhhatl
16 Aug, 01:39 AM UTC
Growing Up Hip Hop
Thanks for watching with us! See you next week for an all-new episode of #GUHHATL. @GUHH_WEtv's photo on #GUHHATL
16 Aug, 01:59 AM UTC
KB 💚
Bow Wow: if me and you have sex Angela: #GUHHATL https://t.co/COfWCj8VOf
16 Aug, 01:25 AM UTC
Da brat stickin up for r kelly #guhhatl https://t.co/C36nsbpwNl
16 Aug, 01:18 AM UTC
Please note....#DreaKelly and #DaBrat go WAY WAY BACK!! Conflicting but I notice Drea treading lightly tonight becuz she KNOW #DaBrat know the real💯 #rkelly #RKELLYISINNOCENT #FREERKELLY #guhhatl https://t.co/kcuFCmoAWT
16 Aug, 01:23 AM UTC
😂 When the producers asked Angela about Corrie Ang was like: #guhhatl https://t.co/ATVVua8NOF
16 Aug, 01:39 AM UTC
Drea: Why wouldn't you work with me Brat:lloookkk attt chuuu 😂😂😂 #guhhatl https://t.co/Qhz2KUUHWk
16 Aug, 01:50 AM UTC
Waka and Deb relationship hilarious 😂. #GUHHATL
16 Aug, 01:04 AM UTC
Shannon Blair
Angela going from one show to the other playin with people emotions she know she dont want bow wow or romeo #GUHHATL
16 Aug, 04:37 AM UTC
Hope everyone enjoyed tonight’s episode #Guhhatl @YouKnowBTYSE's photo on #GUHHATL
16 Aug, 04:55 AM UTC
No momma bow wow your son doesn’t need a girl like Angela he needs to grow tf up #GUHHATL https://t.co/mUG8764l0s
16 Aug, 03:16 AM UTC
Angelina loves the attention from Romeo and Bow wow. Turned me off to her last season for sure #GUHHATL
16 Aug, 03:37 AM UTC
Shannon Blair
Bow wow lying who put a cake with a knife in it at your door who bow wow who #GUHHATL
16 Aug, 04:12 AM UTC
KJ McRae
I’ve got to interact with Waka a few times. He’s good people. #guhhatl
16 Aug, 01:33 AM UTC
Shannon Blair
Bow wow needs to grow up he will be 40 in a couple more years and and you got a daughter you teaching her that its okay for her to be getting treated the way you treat women #GUHHATL
16 Aug, 04:14 AM UTC
Brïïnaaa ...💎💕
I loveeee Deb and Waka’s relationship🥰💕 #GUHHATL
16 Aug, 01:03 AM UTC
gina young
#GUHHATL I can’t stand bow wow, or fake ass Angela. She gives Romeo hell, but this scrub ass bow wow.✋🏿
16 Aug, 01:56 AM UTC
Shannon Blair
Ayana why are you so worried about bow wow #GUHHATL
16 Aug, 04:36 AM UTC
Oookkkk waka love him and tammy's relationship #GUHHATL https://t.co/djsgaTXRzj
16 Aug, 01:34 AM UTC
Nina Sky
Ms Deb ain’t gonna take one for the team waka. 😂😂😂 #GUHHATL https://t.co/NG2Kwys3OZ
16 Aug, 01:04 AM UTC
Shannon Blair
Anglea coming to Atlanta just see bow wow #GUHHATL https://t.co/hIUrsqviYC
16 Aug, 04:22 AM UTC
Nicole Angelique
That's why I love Brat. She don't sugarcoat nothing 😂😂😂 #guhhatl
16 Aug, 03:50 AM UTC
♎️☮️ Gloria Garcia ☮️♎️
Why is it okay for Brat to be connected to R K, but not Drea? And I’m tired of hearing about her money issues. Every episode she goes through the whole monolog of her legal problems. #guhhatl https://t.co/PKRBojhS18
16 Aug, 04:54 AM UTC
Love Is
🙄 they staged the season finale! This is getting OLD 😤😂 smh #guhhatl
16 Aug, 04:58 AM UTC
I mean corri warned you she was crazy #GUHHATL https://t.co/amfiSM2hCQ
16 Aug, 04:55 AM UTC
Bow Wow so lame 🙄 he literally took Angela just to get a reaction out of that girl #GUHHATL
16 Aug, 01:41 AM UTC
When tf was bow wow and Angela ever even dating!?? I don’t even remember him with his baby momma #GUHHATL https://t.co/NcoFoH7wns
16 Aug, 03:18 AM UTC