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Kamala Harris
.@NRA’s lawsuit threatens gun safety laws across our nation. Proud to stand with @MomsDemand, @Giffords, @BradyBuzz, and @AMarch4OurLives at the Supreme Court as they fight for common-sense gun safety measures. #GunLawsSaveLives @KamalaHarris's photo on #GunLawsSaveLives
02 Dec, 04:23 PM UTC
Kamala Harris
Today, SCOTUS is hearing oral arguments in one of the biggest gun safety cases in nearly a decade. Lives are at stake. That's why I've requested that the Court release audio today—the American people deserve to hear these arguments for themselves without delay. #GunLawsSaveLives
02 Dec, 05:02 PM UTC
Gabrielle Giffords
What’s at stake today? Hundreds of gun safety laws and countless lives. 10 years ago, the Supreme Court ruled that the 2nd Amendment wasn’t unlimited and gun regulations are constitutional. That truth shouldn’t change today. #GunLawsSaveLives https://t.co/tKgdiFdFyJ
02 Dec, 02:05 PM UTC
March For Our Lives
We’ve been here since 7 am because the Supreme Court needs to hear our voices. We have a right not to be shot. #GunLawsSaveLives @AMarch4OurLives's photo on #GunLawsSaveLives
02 Dec, 01:02 PM UTC
Shannon Watts
I stood today in front of the Supreme Court with hundreds of @momsdemand volunteers and other advocates in the freezing cold rain to make sure the Justices heard us loud and clear: The gun lobby should not be writing our nation’s gun laws. Good #GunLawsSaveLives! #SCOTUS https://t.co/EWXsmN7hR3
02 Dec, 05:53 PM UTC
Christine Pelosi
Every day since Sandy Hook we’ve taken a photo of Bella just in case. This morning’s pic is especially poignant as we approach the Newtown anniversary with gun laws at stake at the Supreme Court and languishing in the Republican Senate. #GunLawsSaveLives #EnoughIsEnough https://t.co/wNGqqVJJs7
02 Dec, 05:23 PM UTC
#GunLawsSaveLives trends as impending Supreme Court Hearing https://t.co/MDUfvUQFzU
02 Dec, 04:00 PM UTC
McSpocky™ 👽🌊
#gunlawssavelives I blocked a lot of ignorant people today who are arguing that gun laws do not save lives, guns do. I'm guessing none of these people have ever been to other countries, because in all other developed countries #GunLawsSaveLives!
02 Dec, 07:54 PM UTC
Moms Demand Action
“When Columbine happened we were told by the adults this would never happen again.... Today, I’m here before the Supreme Court to make sure we don’t fail our children, by giving up the hard-won gains of a nation who is simply fed up.” ~ Salli Garrigan #GunLawsSaveLives @MomsDemand's photo on #GunLawsSaveLives
02 Dec, 04:21 PM UTC
Minh Ngo
Hundreds rally outside the Supreme Court today with @MomsDemand, as #SCOTUS takes up its most significant #2A case in nearly a decade. @shannonrwatts: “We are fed up with children hiding under desks while lawmakers hide behind the gun lobby." #GunLawsSaveLives https://t.co/GVEXUIs6PW
02 Dec, 06:42 PM UTC
“I don’t want your guns. I don’t want your rights. I want you to be responsible for the choice that you have made to have a firearm. If you are not responsible, there are consequences for your actions.” - @BrendaMoss19, whose son Shawn was shot and killed #GunLawsSaveLives https://t.co/zpgmnmq2rs
02 Dec, 03:39 PM UTC
Liberty Doll
#GunLawsSaveLives is trending. Laws do not stop crime. They don't even prevent it. All they do is decide how an action is punished, after the fact.
02 Dec, 07:30 PM UTC
March For Our Lives
We rallied today with other gun violence prevention groups because our lives, the lives of our loved ones, and the lives of our community members deserve to be protected. The Supreme Court must uphold our right not to be shot. #GunLawsSaveLives @AMarch4OurLives's photo on #GunLawsSaveLives
02 Dec, 05:46 PM UTC
later kater
Survivor @BrendaMoss19 speaking truth at the #GunLawsSaveLives rally: “I don’t want your guns. I don’t want your rights...I want you to be responsible for the choice that you have made to have a firearm. If you are not responsible, there are consequences for your actions.” https://t.co/Iud8hsdcu1
02 Dec, 05:52 PM UTC
Despite freezing rain, a crowd of survivors and allies has gathered in front of the Supreme Court, where there is a hearing on a law@that would roll back #GunSafety, to advocate for an end to gun violence. #GunLawsSaveLives https://t.co/0ph7j5Pfa1
02 Dec, 06:25 PM UTC
Gabrielle Giffords
Let’s be clear: This case is being driven by the gun lobby to undermine gun safety laws nationwide. I stand with these survivors, students & parents who just want to be safe from gun violence. The Court should stand with them too. #GunLawsSaveLives https://t.co/XYsLbNQak0
02 Dec, 10:07 PM UTC
Stephanie Kennedy
#GunLawsSaveLives Trends As Impending Supreme Court Hearing About Gun Ownership Rights Begins Across America, we ALL have the right not to be shot. The 2nd Amendment must never be deemed unlimited. Gun regulations must be deemed constitutional. https://t.co/VnxtMspwSI
02 Dec, 05:51 PM UTC
Moms Demand Fan
I came, yelled, cheered, hugged, froze, went for lunch & drinks and now am home, warm and will spend the rest of my day liking all the ⁦@MomsDemand⁩ #GunLawsSaveLives tweets. @MomsDemandFan's media on #GunLawsSaveLives">https://t.co/U0uTGJExdd
02 Dec, 08:08 PM UTC
VA Soccer Mom
Thankful for all our #volunteers at @MomsDemand who took time off from work to stand up for Gun laws today. #GunLawsSaveLives #Thankful #SupremeCourt https://t.co/kmxWypVjqi
02 Dec, 02:44 PM UTC
Rep. Ed Perlmutter
I stand in solidarity with the gun violence prevention advocates rallying today against the NRA’s attempt to roll back lifesaving gun safety laws. There is no question: #GunLawsSaveLives and are constitutional! https://t.co/xD3PfCsH9y
02 Dec, 04:24 PM UTC
Boba Tea Catan
This is also the first day back to school for Saugus High School students after the shooting over 2 weeks ago #saugusstrong #GunLawsSaveLives my heart is with them & these students right here 👇 🙏 @AMarch4OurLives https://t.co/udJsv0aB40
02 Dec, 02:55 PM UTC
Nita Lowey
Thank you @MomsDemand for continually making the case on behalf of gun safety. @senatemajldr I hope you can hear them from across the street - you can’t avoid this forever. #GunLawsSaveLives https://t.co/L5FBpgEGgw
02 Dec, 09:05 PM UTC
lisa hendricks
Days like today will always and forever remind me of this @shannonrwatts quote. See, @MomsDemand volunteers will out-organize, out-work , and out-last the gun lobby. When you are literally fighting for your children’s lives, nothing can stop you. #GunLawsSaveLives https://t.co/S72VqcspGB
02 Dec, 05:23 PM UTC
Anthony Brown
For me, and far too many others, this fight is personal. More than 90% of Americans support common sense gun safety to address this public health epidemic. The NRA is on the ropes, and the Supreme Court shouldn’t bail them out. One life lost is too many. #GunLawsSaveLives https://t.co/qQDuy5aBhc @RepAnthonyBrown's photo on #GunLawsSaveLives
02 Dec, 06:23 PM UTC
Senator Patty Murray
Senate Republicans must remember that we are not beholden to the President or the gun lobby—we do not need President Trump’s permission to vote on bills or to act to save lives. We can—and should—vote *today* on commonsense gun safety reform. #GunLawsSaveLives
02 Dec, 10:10 PM UTC
If #GunLawsSaveLives why is crime always higher in Highly regulated areas. Its almost as if the more gun laws passed the only ones with guns are the criminals. Who btw wont follow the laws in the first place. If only they would just make murder illegal... Oh wait🙄 #LiberalLogic
02 Dec, 06:15 PM UTC
Today, hundreds of volunteers and gun violence survivors gathered at the Supreme Court to share stories & fight back against the NRA’s attempt to unravel the progress that’s been made on gun safety laws. #GunLawsSaveLives @momsdemand @bradybuzz @giffordscourage @AMarch4OurLives https://t.co/2jby3gSTkd
02 Dec, 09:11 PM UTC
Theresa Turner
Bob Mokos is a former NRA member, a veteran & a survivor who lost his sister to gun violence. He’s also brother to @MomsDemand survivor fellow Charlene Mokos Hoverter. His message: “The NRA does not speak for me. It doesn’t speak for a majority of Americans.” #GunLawsSaveLives https://t.co/DngbCzDXJA
02 Dec, 05:10 PM UTC
UPDATE: After today's oral arguments in an NRA lawsuit, it's looking like the Supreme Court will side with gun safety — and the +90% of Americans who support common-sense gun reform! #GunLawsSaveLives #EndGunViolence https://t.co/Ww7gsfLkl3
02 Dec, 09:48 PM UTC
Harmony Anderson
This is Carolyn Gudger. She stopped a massacre from taking place at school by drawing her firearm & detaining the shooter before he'd attack. This story isn't profitable for the media to exploit. Believe it or not good ppl with guns save lives at a faster rate #GunLawsSaveLives https://t.co/vSf5xTGJmE
02 Dec, 02:55 PM UTC

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