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Gus Danger Johnson
yo shoot ya boys some christmas questions at #gusandeddy or this year you will get a 1-way ticket straight to hell @Gusbuckets's photo on #gusandeddy
05 Dec, 10:11 PM UTC
@Gusbuckets #gusandeddy not to get political but is the nightmare before christmas a christmas movie or a halloween movie
05 Dec, 10:51 PM UTC
Bun Boi
@eddyburback @Gusbuckets I told my girlfriend we weren't exchanging gifts because I didn't want her to get me one, and she agreed. We both lied. So boys If someone genuinely does not want a gift, but wants to give is that not something they can request? Is it selfish to not want to receive? #gusandeddy
05 Dec, 10:36 PM UTC
If Santa is real where is his bible? I don't know about you guys but somebody better start writing. Also what's he got against adults? We're good people. I'd have a beer with him! Although I'd probably have to take his reindeer off of him. No driving drunk Santa. #gusandeddy
05 Dec, 11:30 PM UTC
Oi Boi
#gusandeddy I was going home from church with my family there was a cardboard cutout of mother Teresa, and I pretended to take a selfie with it and my mom yelled at me, saying what I was going against our religion, and said that I got it from YOU GUYS. What did I (and you) do?
05 Dec, 11:23 PM UTC
@Gusbuckets #gusandeddy what you boys’ favorite genre of movie
05 Dec, 11:20 PM UTC
🅱️utthole 🅱️oi
@SocialAlien1 #gusandeddy thoughts on my milk?
05 Dec, 11:16 PM UTC
Colby Dooby Doo
#gusandeddy What's your favorite tv show Christmas episode? (Personal favorite is Spongebob's Christmas Who? episode)
05 Dec, 11:02 PM UTC
#gusandeddy If you could get Santa on the podcast, what questions would you ask?
05 Dec, 10:49 PM UTC
Big Non Denominational Holiday
#gusandeddy thoughts on milk?
05 Dec, 10:47 PM UTC
@eddyburback @Gusbuckets My friends say salt is a seasoning, but I think salt is ubiquitous enough to just use “salt” as a verb, instead of saying “seasoning with salt”. Thoughts? #gusandeddy
05 Dec, 10:37 PM UTC
Hoffy D. Campbell
My family has this somewhat psychotic trend where every winter when they build snowmen they all need to be anatomically correct. Yes, I mean the snowmen have big ole tiddies or wieners. Is it just me, or is that too much? #gusandeddy
05 Dec, 10:34 PM UTC
Jonny Boi
Any funny stories from Christmas gatherings? #gusandeddy
05 Dec, 10:32 PM UTC
#gusandeddy my boyfriend and I were playing Scattergories and for the letter N category “junk food” he put NUTS. NUTS. I had a huge laugh attack (like mega tears streaming down my face) at this cause nuts are literally HEALTHY and he was trying to argue so hard. Tell him he wrong
06 Dec, 12:12 AM UTC
Sten Bopfel
#gusandeddy When should Christmas hype start/ end?
06 Dec, 12:11 AM UTC
Matt Mattson
#gusandeddy if you could date one famous person, who would it be and why?
06 Dec, 12:05 AM UTC
@Gusbuckets #gusandeddy Thoughts on rewind 2019?
06 Dec, 12:03 AM UTC
Yaz Ben Lamin
What's your worst Christmas memory? (It can be just idiots you see Christmas shopping and shit lmao) #gusandeddy
06 Dec, 12:00 AM UTC
Jon Aqer
Would a box of antidiarrheal pills make a good holiday gift? Totally not asking for my own letter to Santa. #gusandeddy
05 Dec, 11:54 PM UTC
my name is angel
@Gusbuckets #gusandeddy why do we even lie about Santa in the first place? It’s like some sick game, parents enjoy watching their kids eyes light up at the thought of him and then take all their dreams away after like 10 years of lies. Why does this happen?
05 Dec, 11:54 PM UTC
uncle caleb
what’s the most awkward gift you have ever given/received and why #gusandeddy
05 Dec, 11:51 PM UTC
#gusandeddy lots of my friends say they don't like french toast, what the fuck do I do with this shit
05 Dec, 11:46 PM UTC
pre-lit trees are an absolute pain in the ass, change my mind #gusandeddy
05 Dec, 11:44 PM UTC
#gusandeddy what are your thoughts on parents charging their children rent once they turn 18 or get a job, i think it is ridiculous as you don’t owe your parents anything, but my friend thinks it’s perfectly reasonable.
05 Dec, 11:42 PM UTC
@eddyburback @Gusbuckets With siblings, how do you decide who gets to open first? Does order change every year? Eldest first everytime? Or maybe an all-at-once? #gusandeddy
05 Dec, 11:37 PM UTC
#gusandeddy what's the worst xmas gift you've ever given?
05 Dec, 11:32 PM UTC
#gusandeddy which meat should be served on Christmas Eve? ham or turkey
05 Dec, 11:32 PM UTC
Dillon Ni Hao Huss
@Gusbuckets #gusandeddy why is it when Santa empties his sack of goodies under the tree everyone is cool with it, but when I do I'm "disgusting" and "need therapy"?
05 Dec, 11:31 PM UTC
What is your favorite Christmas tradition? :) #gusandeddy
05 Dec, 11:28 PM UTC
Frank William Abagnale
#gusandeddy What was your all time favorite Christmas gifts ?
05 Dec, 11:27 PM UTC

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