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usa is a failed state
If someone were actively trying to murder you because they hate your guts & don’t want you to exist, you wouldn’t describe that as being a problem of “division” and a “need to unify.” The same logic extends to the fascists trying to kill us now.
08 Jan, 06:50 PM UTC
butterflies advocate
no other girl group than red velvet have the guts to attend and perform on award shows in these:
08 Jan, 09:05 PM UTC
Tony Koch
Trump would not have been able to get away with his 4 years of tryanny, lies and fraud if the Murdoch establishment had the guts and responsibility to call him out instead of being his cheer squad - here & in USA. The same is going on with Morrison. Grow a spine you lot. #auspol
09 Jan, 01:39 AM UTC
Some people don’t have the guts to admit that they cannot match your standards so they’ll rather obsess with changing your preferences to suit what they can offer. If people’s standards are ridiculous for you let them go please.
08 Jan, 05:34 PM UTC
グループの垣根を越えたシャッフルコラポ 嵐「GUTS!」 橋本元木松井内村久保那須七五三掛川﨑(皇)藤原 松井内村辺りは自信ないけど.... #Mステ特番
09 Jan, 06:45 AM UTC
シャッフル ●西畑 宮近 ボニバタ ●道枝 岩﨑 夜空ノムコウ ●那須 橋本 しめ 髙橋 藤原 久保 海人 川崎 元木 GUTS ●5忍者 正門 松倉 佐々木 ●猪狩 嶺亜 アデイ ●大西 恭平 長尾 大橋 龍我 浮所 藤井 金指 作間 井上 矢花 本髙 菅田 今野 吉澤 川島 松田 ●Aぇ 8忍 ●Lil 忍者 #Mステ特番
09 Jan, 07:43 AM UTC
シャッフルコラボは、 ・のえしずげん(+侍+ハイハイ+なにわ+美の子達沢山) ・宮近西畑(ボニバタ) ・しめんちゅ(+優斗那須丈一郎湧久保廉皇輝でGUTS!) ・まちゅ(+正門+大光+忍者F) ですかね…🤔 後ろに楽器あるからギター松倉正門、ドラム大光で演奏するのかな #MステxJrDVD #TravisJapan
09 Jan, 07:41 AM UTC
08 Jan, 01:49 PM UTC
R.E.D.K. Carpe Diem
@REDKCARPEDIEM À déguster et partager en masse sans modération !!!! Simple quand on sait le faire. #jesuismarseille 📽 @RyanWesley
08 Jan, 05:07 PM UTC
The biggest mistake uhuru did is to tell kenyans BBI is for uniting Kenyans. Now he has no guts to fight Ruto directly. So he is fighting Ruto indirect waiting Ruto to fight back. But you know what, Ruto has PhD and others I don't know. He knows all the hidden cards.
08 Jan, 06:03 PM UTC
⚾️GUTS!⚾️ 中村、七五三掛(TravisJapan) 那須(美少年) 高橋、橋本(HiHi Jets) 藤原(なにわ男子) 川崎、元木、久保(少年忍者) #MステxJrDVD #TravisJapan
09 Jan, 07:25 AM UTC
FACTS : de ma vie, je ne l’ai JAMAIS entendu sortir un couplet ne serais ce que même moyen. Un genre de djalminha du rap , les vrais savent.
08 Jan, 06:57 PM UTC
DVDの収録内容(曲)現時点で確定してるのは ・ハピグル ・夢ハリ ・VOLCANO(ANREALAGEさんとのコラボ) ・GUTS!(シャッフル企画 しめちゃん) ・Bonnie Butterfly(シャッフル企画 ちゃか) ・仮面舞踏会でダンスリレー(SP企画) かな…??抜けてるものあるかも😢 #MステxJrDVD #TravisJapan
09 Jan, 07:29 AM UTC
capricorn cunt.
air placements 🔅 they want to spill their guts to you about how they’ve been feeling, but you are kind of intimidating to them. they feel like a part of you is over them already. and they don’t want to bother you if you’re done.
09 Jan, 07:52 AM UTC
JE T’AIME (18+) 🖤🌘
Your Guts Are My Obsession 👻🤎
08 Jan, 11:24 PM UTC
Aima Khan
People Like @Xadeejournalist are Pride of Pakistan, all the Respect for these daring souls who have the guts to call spade a spade, #IStandWithMubashirZaidi
09 Jan, 07:12 AM UTC
09 Jan, 07:36 AM UTC
Biting your sub while you rearrange their guts. They look so adorable squirming underneath you while you bite down harder on them. I'm going to mark you up so everyone knows I fucked you full of my cum.
08 Jan, 06:52 PM UTC
Guts went thru more pain than her
09 Jan, 02:39 AM UTC
半妖の夜叉姫オープニング NEWS/BURN #半妖の夜叉姫 #BURN #NEWS
09 Jan, 08:40 AM UTC
Dr. Tuffy the White Supremacy Slayer
Imagine having the guts to tell Black people asking to be paid for their labor they are reinforcing inequality. The same inequality that exists because of *checks notes* folx being forced to do free labor. Y’all got to do better @UCLAEEB
09 Jan, 12:55 AM UTC
## iah♡༄
invading someone's privacy will NEVER be right and the audacity of this girl to disrespect mark and his family and even have guts to gain profit from that video.
09 Jan, 05:53 AM UTC
Cherry Andrews
@thehill Mitch must not play politics with this impeachment. The whole world is laughing at us. He must have the guts to impeach sooner than the 19th. If he doesn't then all his talk about being disgusted about trump's behaviors on the senate floor was bullshit.
09 Jan, 02:57 AM UTC
Might not post him but the guts know em
09 Jan, 07:00 AM UTC
@srivatsayb Read it Mr. Surya...,👇 I agree that Congress declared emergency but what about you bigots... You coward boss has not even declared it and created a emergency like atmosphere. He has not guts to declared it . He is coward and so you ...
09 Jan, 06:44 AM UTC
Shree Speaks
@srivatsayb BJPians batting 4 FoE sounds akin 2 Devil quotng d Bible🙄U guys hve manipulatd evry institutn & civil liberty 2 suit ur selfish agenda.Indiraji had guts 2 declare a forml emrgncy whn situatns warrantd it.Mch bettr thn doin it on a sly,undr garb of a Democracy strugglng 2 breathe
09 Jan, 08:08 AM UTC
GUTSがトレンド入りしてて 何?って開いたらMステ×Jrくんたちの円盤でグループの 垣根を越えてパフォーマンスされるのね こうやって嵐の楽曲が大切に受け継がれていくのはきっと嵐も嬉しいと思うし、ファンとしてもとても嬉しい まさに THE Music Never Ends だと感じる 嵐の音楽は終わらないよ
09 Jan, 08:40 AM UTC
❤️...・゚ 🎀 Snehal 🎀 ゚・...❤️
No guts, no story WE STAND BY TAMBOLI
09 Jan, 08:28 AM UTC
Prez Trump only US prez who had guts to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel Mark Zekerberg pays back by Deplatforming Prez Trump
09 Jan, 08:07 AM UTC
✰那 須 り さ✰ #なすくんに質問
GUTSにバット持った那須くんいるじゃん無理泣いた😭 しかもWゆうとがセンターじゃん🥺 ほんと幸せすぎる‼️😭💖
09 Jan, 08:36 AM UTC

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