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Not a single pokemon trainer in Galar honestly considered this??? 'The Problem With Dynamax' by @Armand_Gman https://t.co/PM59TX8PvR @Newgrounds's photo on Hader
02 Dec, 01:47 AM UTC
xingamentos do futuro
e teu pai que votou no bolsonaro
02 Dec, 08:02 PM UTC
‘It doesn’t really go away. You manage it.’ — Bill Hader opened up about the reality of having anxiety and how to deal with it @nowthisnews's photo on Hader
02 Dec, 04:03 PM UTC
𝐻𝑎𝑑𝑒𝑟 ♡ -5 🦁
A compilation of Bill Hader dancing on SNL https://t.co/CM4NmZcMcy
01 Dec, 08:36 PM UTC
Eddie and Richie make one of those "celebrities you can fuck and its not cheating" lists and Eddie puts Bill Hader on his and Richie is like what the fuck why that guy and thats like the only one he gets insecure about bcs hes worried Eddie thinks Bill Hader is funnier than him
02 Dec, 01:49 PM UTC
Firas W. Alsarray - فراس السراي
شباب الحرية يؤذنون في شوارع #بغداد_العظيمة #شاهد جمال الصوت والمنظر ❤️ #حصريا _اليوم المغرب #نازل_اخذ_حقي #العراق_ينتفض🇮🇶✌🏻 @firasalsarrai's photo on Hader
02 Dec, 06:47 PM UTC
Mets are 'team to watch' with Brewers open to trading Josh Hader https://t.co/UKCKx8OWGt @SNYtv's photo on Hader
02 Dec, 01:51 PM UTC
Andy Martino
My read on the Josh Hader market, through major league sources, is Mets are one of many teams interested. It’s not yet clear if Brewers will move him. Price for Mets would be high, like Davis, Smith, McNeil category. @Ken_Rosenthal wrote abt Hader/Mets today.
02 Dec, 01:59 PM UTC
izzy 🎈
bill hader at the beginning of the decade vs bill hader at the end of the decade ✨ https://t.co/TisWdbFLOR
02 Dec, 12:17 AM UTC
What is Bill Hader Doing Right Now
Right now, Bill Hader is deeply invested in this episode of 48 Hours. Bill, it’s a great episode, but go to bed.
02 Dec, 07:45 AM UTC
@rorschachisgay richie tozier and bill hader existing in the same world as a concept is absolutely hysterical
02 Dec, 02:16 PM UTC
bill hader’s smile is pretty, heres proof https://t.co/RruFnZQOis
02 Dec, 05:12 PM UTC
Metsmerized Online ⚾️
I did a lot of stupid and regrettable things when I was 16 and 17. (Sorry mom) If the Mets can swing a deal for Josh Hader without overpaying, I'm all for it. I believe Hader is genuinely sorry for things he said as a teen and he shouldn't keep getting persecuted for it. LGM
02 Dec, 08:06 PM UTC
Seth McClung
Josh Hader is currently dominant... like seriously good.. but the window on highly dominant relievers is (usually) short.. this is probably an unpopular opinion but flipping him now and getting multiple positions upgraded would be extremely smart. @brewers #thisismycrew
02 Dec, 07:40 PM UTC
• #Brewers willing to listen on Josh Hader trade offers. • Miguel Andújar linked to #Rangers. • #Orioles and Trey Mancini yet to discuss extension. • #Rays exploring reunion with free agent Avisaíl García. • Chris Sale cleared to start throwing again. #RedSox
02 Dec, 11:16 AM UTC
✨🎈bitchie tozier🎈✨
this picture of bill hader specifically makes me think of an IT hangover AU where he, bill and mike lose stan the night before his wedding and they gotta find him; this is when richie figures out he straight up lost a tooth the night before https://t.co/IhWQlMOHt9
02 Dec, 05:11 AM UTC
emily ♡ | saw knives out + frozen 2 !!
bill hader’s other role in monsters university https://t.co/u9q7X4iEz2
02 Dec, 08:08 PM UTC
Intentional Talk
Are the Brewers open to offers for Josh Hader this winter? @ChrisRose & @KMillar15 are back from the holiday weekend at 3:30pm ET on @MLBNetwork! @IntentionalTalk's photo on Hader
02 Dec, 07:56 PM UTC
Allison McCague, PhD 🧬⚾️
Jeff McNeil made the friggin’ All-Star team and we’re talking about him like he’s a nice little piece in a Josh Hader trade. Lol.
02 Dec, 07:41 PM UTC
Joe (Bronx Pinstripes crew)
Josh Hader is potentially on the trading block according to Ken Rosenthal. I expect Cashman to deliver on a man I will surely dub Grease Lightning if he comes to the Yankees. https://t.co/ptVxcE3Jw3
02 Dec, 08:01 PM UTC
-`von solo
what are you screaming about? you love bill hader you dumbass https://t.co/XyESZDHSBs
02 Dec, 08:13 PM UTC
ashlyn || reddie au
when you’re gonna make a wood transfer of this picture of bill hader https://t.co/nhg9HzrUxi
02 Dec, 08:15 PM UTC
92.9 The Game
Should the Braves build a super bullpen by adding Josh Hader? https://t.co/LQFI8HHNr6
02 Dec, 08:14 PM UTC
George Hot Take-i
The age thing is a really silly and tired argument to excuse bigotry in baseball. The only even slightly reasonable argument in acquiescing Hader’s likely inevitable trip to the Mets is that the sport is filled with chuds that are all thinking what he tweeted, so whatever. https://t.co/4r53DPY5qJ
02 Dec, 08:26 PM UTC
Keeper of the Dogs
@mbeezy2599 Yankees need Hader for attitude.
02 Dec, 08:21 PM UTC
Chris D'Orso
@LindaSurovich @PetitePhD Rooting for laundry even though the people inside the laundry are assholes is getting tiresome. Eff Hader.
02 Dec, 08:26 PM UTC
Sleep in Evan-ly Peace ⎊❄
Its Christmas babieeeeee and all I want is for Bill Hader to be :) https://t.co/U4iQ60UGHg
02 Dec, 08:23 PM UTC
Vas Drimalitis
Josh Hader's old tweets were so awful they became breaking news in the middle of the MLB All Star game, but please tell me more about how we've all said regrettable things at a young age.
02 Dec, 08:21 PM UTC
I’m sorry you must be really privileged to just sweep with what Josh Hader said under the “he’s just a kid we all say dumb stuff at that age” umbrella
02 Dec, 08:17 PM UTC
John L
Would you trade Andujar in a package for hader?
02 Dec, 08:14 PM UTC

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