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بدر بن عبدالله بن فرحان آل سعود
بتوجيهات سمو سيدي ولي العهد، تمضي العلا في رحلتها نحو التفرد، بسواعد شبابها وبالتعاون مع أفضل الخبرات المحلية والعالمية. #العلا_بإنسانها_تعلو #رؤية_السعودية_2030 🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦 @BadrFAlSaud's photo on Hail
29 Jun, 03:54 PM UTC
Pardon My Take
BACK TO BACK!!!!! GUS DUGGERTON AND THE TOLEDO ROCKETS ARE 2019 BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! The Texas Hail Mary falls just short. #TEXvsTOL https://t.co/gfJaHvtJup @PardonMyTake's photo on Hail
29 Jun, 02:00 AM UTC
جامعة حائل
#إعلان| مواعيد إجراءات القبول في جامعة حائل، للطلبة المستجدين للعام الدراسي 1442هـ . • يُعلن رابط بوابة القبول الإلكتروني قبل موعد التسجيل بـ 24 ساعة . #جامعة_حائل #الطالب_أولًا @_UOH's photo on Hail
29 Jun, 05:29 PM UTC
Joyce Karam
Hail, New York City, now, June 29 2020 @Joyce_Karam's photo on Hail
29 Jun, 10:31 PM UTC
Estefanía Valderrama
Cortesía de @Hail_Gu #GuerraUniversitaria #HailGU https://t.co/rrR4ZC6hMw
29 Jun, 03:35 AM UTC
Well, its official. 🙄🤠🙄🤠🙄🤠 I hail from the dumbest state in the Union. *say anything to make me feel worse about it, & im blocking u immediately.
29 Jun, 10:29 PM UTC
Daniel F. Baranowski
When I got into the confessional this week, I asked for forgiveness! The Priest said, "tell me your sins". "Father, I used to read the NYTimes & the Washington Post. I Also watched some CNN & MSNBC!" He said say 500 Hail Mary's & 1,000 Our Father's! Go & Sin No More, Daniel!
29 Jun, 11:22 PM UTC
Camel Moon
Launching soon for the IGG 'Hail Salad' campaign! Until then, see what the buzz is all about... @couchdoodles @JonMalin @dickandcomix @RealBebub @EthanVanSciver @CGTroubadour @thelucentcomic #comicsgate #hailsalad Link: https://t.co/BjbtxyQZgM https://t.co/YggRvEegmJ
29 Jun, 08:14 PM UTC
Hail is being reported around New York City as a severe thunderstorm tracks through the area: https://t.co/qRsRR1fOkN @breakingweather's photo on Hail
29 Jun, 10:33 PM UTC
عيسى محمد التميمي
#إعلان لمنسوبو @hailhealth فقط ولمدة 4 أيام اعتباراً من اليوم الثلاثاء وحتى يوم الجمعة 12 / 11 / 1441 📎https://t.co/DXFiDJDhOK https://t.co/rFjAQj0lWz
29 Jun, 08:51 PM UTC
St. Simeon the Holy Fool 😇😜😷
SATAN (gesturing toward a picture of a conservative SCOTUS): All this I will give you, if you bow down and worship Trump. EVANGELICALS: (bowing) Hail Trump! SATAN: Sike! EVANGELICALS: .....
29 Jun, 03:39 PM UTC
صـ ـالـ ـح بـ ـن صـ ـالـ ـح ا لـمطيري
#شبابنا_مبدعين_يستاهلون_الدعم كل من يساند و يدعم و يحفز الشباب و يقدم لهم خلاصة التجارب التي مر بها و ماذا أستفاد منها وينقل الخبرة لهم في بدايات حياتهم سواءاً العملية أو التجارية أو حتى الاسرية هو كمن يوقف له عملاً صالحاً يستمر له أجره حتى بعد وفاته فلا تفوت الفرصة. #نصيحة
29 Jun, 09:06 PM UTC
Chris DeVito
The NYC storm had a nice looking base as it approached. We caught the onset of this pea-sized hail core/ downdraft which may have been severe just to my southeast https://t.co/75VaMDkm0r
29 Jun, 10:54 PM UTC
카이 는 신이다
I could never do this to my precious Eribong!😣 https://t.co/MaMPlUZqf6
29 Jun, 09:07 AM UTC
safari 59 gig??? i hail... woogye wodin😂😂ei https://t.co/iZMbs45I80
29 Jun, 11:43 PM UTC
aleksander chan
hailing in june...god’s way of commemorating the 17th anniversary of radiohead’s “hail to the thief”?
29 Jun, 10:48 PM UTC
Lasgidi4Life 🇳🇬🇺🇸🇬🇧
Ike will always be my guy sha. He said let’s use code words. Eg, “chair” So mawuli would have been chair, short for chairman !!! I hail!!! #bbnaija https://t.co/uB4cPIeATN
29 Jun, 11:35 PM UTC
Hutu-Tutsi Roll
Hail in 80 degree weather? CLEAVE YOUR BIBLE!!! 📖
29 Jun, 10:44 PM UTC
Lola DiNizio
hail hitting Brooklyn in June https://t.co/VWhhoTp1rW
29 Jun, 10:44 PM UTC
Demetria Irwin
We can now add June hail storm to the 2020 apocalypse story. #NYC
29 Jun, 10:35 PM UTC
NWS Sioux Falls
Strong storms are possible Tue eve into the overnight. Locations along and west of I-29 will have the higher chances to see these strong storms. Frequent lightning and damaging wind gusts are possible, with potential for large hail directly under the stronger storm cores. @NWSSiouxFalls's photo on Hail
30 Jun, 12:05 AM UTC
another pig pandemic bout to start, it’s June and there was mad hail coming down in new york. the world is literally going to end soon so can one of y’all spare some coochie https://t.co/2sHMYbvPkX
29 Jun, 10:50 PM UTC
داله الغيثي
#حائل من لامني في حب حايل يالاجواد مايعرف الديــــره ولا داج حـــــوله حــــايل غلاها دايـــم الدوم يــزداد ديــــرة هلي دار الكـــرم والرجــوله وان كان هي بالطيب وعلوم الامجاد لنا مـــع الامجاد صـــوله وجـــوله #داله
29 Jun, 11:46 AM UTC
29 Jun, 11:58 PM UTC
Yuri de Gaia
"The tyrant wants to subdue by force and manipulation, the true king wants to win people's hearts." https://t.co/bXuuSwRTrD https://t.co/HGpUk36VJM
30 Jun, 12:09 AM UTC
خلف الحمود
بأقل من 7 دقائق، وصلت فرق الإنقاذ التابعة لـ @SaudiDCD بعد بلاغ حريق نشب بمنزل الجيران، وترافقها دورية أمنية، وفرقة الهلال الأحمر . شكرًا لكم @security_gov @mediasrca
29 Jun, 08:59 PM UTC

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