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Bleacher Report
Tyrese Haliburton droppin’ dimes 👀 @brhoops @BleacherReport's photo on Haliburton
26 Feb, 01:17 AM UTC
NBA Central
Tyrese Haliburton’s last 3 games: 17 PTS - 4 REB - 4 AST - 4 STL 23 PTS - 5 REB - 9 AST - 3 STL 23 PTS - 5 REB - 8 AST - 2 STL Kid is special on both ends 🔥 https://t.co/eCuti7B5SY
26 Feb, 03:10 AM UTC
• Fred •
Tyrese Haliburton talking about playing the Brooklyn Nets #BrooklynTogether https://t.co/DBZ2nSu36R
25 Feb, 10:49 PM UTC
Elite Media Group
Tyrese Haliburton sat down with @talter and @jj_redick on @OldManAndThree and described the Brooklyn Nets chemistry when he played against them👀👀 (Via @_fred83) https://t.co/QtqsiX2se4
25 Feb, 11:36 PM UTC
Billy Reinhardt
Tyrese Haliburton, in awe of the Brooklyn Nets, tells a story of having to defend Kyrie Irving in an iso situation in semi transition. Haliburton says as Kyrie raised up to shoot a three — before the ball even went in — James Harden said: “Can I have this dance, Kyrie?” https://t.co/GIe1nsHaeT https://t.co/D9UMPKTCSO
25 Feb, 11:13 PM UTC
Players I still want on the Kings: Fox Haliburton Jeffries Holmes Woodard Maybe Keep: Barnes Feel free to trade: Everyone else
26 Feb, 02:46 AM UTC
Kings on NBCS
This Haliburton dime is insane 👀 @NBCSKings's photo on Haliburton
26 Feb, 01:18 AM UTC
Knicks Korea
Fox, Hield & Haliburton. Players lots of Knick fans have lusted over. The Kings have all 3 & they are awful. Basketball is a funny game.
26 Feb, 02:42 AM UTC
Franklin Cartoscelli
De’Aaron Fox and Tyrese Haliburton should both be in the starting lineup tomorrow—and then for at least 5 more years after that. It’s time.
26 Feb, 03:44 AM UTC
This moment of Harden & Kyrie giving Tyrese Haliburton advice was dope https://t.co/xlNFLB9k6p
26 Feb, 12:16 AM UTC
Kings Nation
Tyrese Haliburton has been impressive in this recent run 👏 https://t.co/GMghU0OoQp
26 Feb, 03:38 AM UTC
Franklin Cartoscelli
Luke Walton would not confirm or deny a possible change to the starting lineup tomorrow in Detroit. "I'll have an answer for that tomorrow." The Haliburton/Hield swap possibility could become a reality.
26 Feb, 03:26 AM UTC
@BetoORourke So obviously this moratorium is more a guideline than hard rule, could we get the Biden administration to help or is this another one of those, "oh darn, we wish we could help but Haliburton needs another 20 billion, and jerry Jones needs another 10, too bad."
25 Feb, 11:21 AM UTC
Esha K.
.@KremlinRussia_E an American national with ties to Nazi War Criminal Reinhardt Gehlen, Contras, OUN-B,OUN-M, Apartheid South Africa, The East India Corporation,The Royal Africa Corpation (slavery), Shell Oil, IG Farben, Nestle, Haliburton, BMW, Josef Goebels Grandkids, Geno.... https://t.co/VOwTZZ3k7X
26 Feb, 04:01 AM UTC
Poco se hablo de esto: terminó el partido y tanto Harden como Irving le dedicaron unas palabras a Haliburton quien la rompió toda. https://t.co/YHgzFfPpPr
26 Feb, 03:46 AM UTC
Brian David
@KnicksKorea 30 out of 30 NBA teams would take all three of those players on their rosters and would cut players to do so. DeAaron Fox is an all-star caliber point guard & the fastest player in the NBA. Buddy Hield is an elite shooter. Tyrese Haliburton has been a top-2 rookie this year.
26 Feb, 03:03 AM UTC
Brenden Nunes
@DaddyHubbyRobb Cade is 6'7". Fox/Haliburton/Cunningham is about as good a trio moving forward as anyone in the league would have. Zero reasons to overthink the fit.
26 Feb, 03:38 AM UTC
@James_HamNBCS Start Haliburton bench/trade Hield bring Woodard up
26 Feb, 03:26 AM UTC
@MadGoodKS @gregarmstrong01 @forevershinin Haliburton was tweeting and taking a lot of trash after that last win.
26 Feb, 03:50 AM UTC
Brutus Gorum
@_IamTrueHate They are really bad on defense but I'm glad our rook stood up to the we should have drafted Haliburton click lol...
26 Feb, 04:01 AM UTC
NAV’s burner account
anyways this fox haliburton cade cunningham lineup boutta go stupid next year
26 Feb, 03:58 AM UTC
Robb Brown
@FCartoscelli3 Fox/Haliburton is a start...I have no clue what to do to right the already sinking ship at this point. Trade Buddy...waive Parker...trade Whiteside...waive CoJo...bring up Woodard...I don't know, WTH. https://t.co/Z08RE3snOI
26 Feb, 03:52 AM UTC
Pure Point Guard
#NewYorkForever(16-17) 140x121 #SacramentoProud(12-20) NY: Quickley: 25P, 5-10, 12-12 FT Burks: 24P, 8-12, 5-8 3P Randle: 21P, 14R, 9-18 Rose: 18P, 6A, 7-11 SAC: Fox: 29P, 11A, 9-18 Barnes: 22P, 7R, 7-12 Bagley: 19P, 5R, 7-12 Haliburton: 17P, 4S, 6-13 https://t.co/3aiNuzpXDI
26 Feb, 03:46 AM UTC
Lindsay King
@Anon_GovWatch This guy... on board of large defense contracting co. One word.. haliburton
26 Feb, 03:31 AM UTC
@RajrRajr @The__Cooler @TheNBACentral IQ crushed Haliburton tonight. AND we got Obi. Patience, this roster and staff are nice.
26 Feb, 03:29 AM UTC
abmiiS gnuoY🦁🇬🇲
Bet him and haliburton not subbing folks tonight... hmm 9 straight Ls... couldn't be my team. https://t.co/9RQ5BoCfAu https://t.co/VAKLcKtD0m
26 Feb, 03:27 AM UTC
@kfippin Top 3 in the draft would atleast land us a very exciting player to go with Fox and Haliburton. It sucks to always be focusing on prospects, but I’m down for them to suck this year and get that next player in a good draft. Trade Barnes and Hield. Rebuild.
26 Feb, 04:12 AM UTC
Kerry Klug
Immanuel Quickley was taken at #8. Tyrese Haliburton was taken at #12. Obi Toppin was taken at #25. This is how I help myself sleep at night. https://t.co/4s6xskdkfW
26 Feb, 04:11 AM UTC

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