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Princess ❦
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26 Nov, 02:40 AM UTC
Hello from Hamilton 👋📍 #TeamIndia | #NZvIND @BCCI's photo on Hamilton
26 Nov, 01:44 AM UTC
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26 Nov, 12:54 PM UTC
Hanabi Crypto ☀️
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26 Nov, 10:55 AM UTC
The action moves to Hamilton as #TeamIndia gear up for the 2️⃣nd #NZvIND ODI 💪🏻 @BCCI's photo on Hamilton
26 Nov, 12:43 PM UTC
Ferrari News 🐎
🎖️| The FIA has chosen Lewis Hamilton’s double overtake of Charles Leclerc and Sergio Pérez as ‘Action of the Year’. https://t.co/C0CZV7HQYV
26 Nov, 02:53 PM UTC
bad bunny stan
dallas sold out houston sold out atlanta sold out hamilton sold out chicago sold out newark sold out LA sold out 14/14 sold out 💋 no fake news https://t.co/IzHuzy4mgr
26 Nov, 12:07 AM UTC
After seven Formula 1 World Drivers' Championship titles, Lewis Hamilton is just keeping his eyes on the road ahead. https://t.co/1vD6WZUwO2
26 Nov, 02:05 AM UTC
El Mejor del Resto 🏁
La FIA eligió el sobrepaso de Hamilton sobre Pérez y Leclerc en Silverstone como la "Acción del año". ¿Para mí? Fue este. Gomas duras usadas, alerón roto y aún así lo superó por afuera en Copse. Caviar! #F1 #BritishGP #essereFerrari #leclerc https://t.co/E2l8MBmd7W
26 Nov, 03:12 PM UTC
Sarı Bayrak
FIA, Lewis Hamilton'ın aynı anda Leclerc ve Perez'i geçişini 'Yılın Aksiyonu' seçti. https://t.co/HQNm1jyFOd
26 Nov, 03:09 PM UTC
First Peoples Law
"It's hard because it's 200 years of colonialism, oppression, racism, over-incarceration rates, child welfare being stacked against us. These are the issues our communities are still dealing with," Skyler Williams said. https://t.co/oMd72okjSV #IndigenousRights #cdnpoli
26 Nov, 12:55 AM UTC
Alexander Klein
McMaster Teaching Assistants are striking, like colleagues across the US, UK, & Canada. Grad TAs here earn ~ $1400 per mo, and in my faculty (humanities) a typical student has no other funding. The average rent for a 1-bdrm in Hamilton, ON is $1500. @cupe_3906 https://t.co/GtKKjjuvC2
25 Nov, 10:36 PM UTC
Le Sprint F1
🔵 Le double dépassement de Lewis Hamilton sur Charles Leclerc et Sergio Perez à Silverstone a été élu « Action de l’année » ! https://t.co/iblHd2tC79
26 Nov, 03:04 PM UTC
#Hamilton🎙️: "Siento que hay un show de las Kardashian dentro Red Bull. Es bastante gracioso, algunas de las cosas que he escuchado en los últimos días han sido muy divertidas. Estoy seguro de que todo va a estar en Netflix, va a ser genial." #F1 #Formula1 #RedBull #DTS https://t.co/fZSWYEWigC
26 Nov, 03:24 PM UTC
John Constable
Good Day! On my trip to Leeds Art Gallery I happened upon this curious relief. I knew who Wordsworth was, but I wasn't sure who Wadsworth was. Wordsworth Wadsworth by Ian Hamilton Finlay c.1977 Portland Stone (@LeedsArtGallery) https://t.co/zRmJ7KHlYz
26 Nov, 02:43 PM UTC
Steven Beagle
GMernin everyone! More #WorldCup2022 today! Have a happy Saturday!!! #FIFAWorldCup #dogecoin #ETH #GACC #MACC https://t.co/eEcSNNnTZc
26 Nov, 12:37 PM UTC
Environment Hamilton
Great op-ed by @AcornHamilton re #Bill23 and it's impacts for #HamOnt! #StopBill23 #ONpoli https://t.co/j1SHm1ZocH
26 Nov, 02:36 PM UTC
Los 5 mejores adelantamientos del año: Leclerc a Hamilton en Silverstone Leclerc a Russell en el Hungaroring Leclerc a Bottas en el Gilles Villeneuve Leclerc a Pérez en el COTA Leclerc a Verstappen en el Red Bull Ring
26 Nov, 03:24 PM UTC
Hamilton Spectator
As high inflation rates hit the wallets of consumers this holiday season, Hamilton’s small business owners say all they can do is “hope for the best,” @fallonhewitt_ reports #HamOnt https://t.co/qvGpyGqXAF
26 Nov, 03:00 PM UTC
#OnThisDay in 1974 the IRA murdered Thomas Hamilton, 34. Married dad of 2. Protestant shot x2 in his Antique/Bric-a-brac shop, Duncairn Gds, N Belfast, in front of daughter (8) who dived behind counter when shooting started - RUC said murder sectarian https://t.co/DC1UCtZlVw #OTD https://t.co/yYJqdmZSYy
26 Nov, 03:24 PM UTC
Barton St. Battalion
HAMILTON 👏 👏 👏 Voyageurs viewing party TOMORROW November 27th at EndZone Doors open at 10 Kick off at 11 Come have a pint and support your boys in Red! 🍁🍁🍁 https://t.co/JwkHvtE3gm
26 Nov, 02:45 PM UTC
Mark Mattson
Good idea regarding sewage audits. Toronto & Hamilton are good candidates as Great Lakes @LOWaterkeeper cities with sewage problems & impacts on people & wildlife. Maybe federal gov’t Fisheries Act involved & include Montreal as well. https://t.co/778MrhgRvZ #greatlakes
26 Nov, 03:29 PM UTC
Ítalo *É COPA PORRA* Henrique
Hamilton vai ser campeão mundial pela Ferrari. Favoritem ae.
26 Nov, 03:27 PM UTC
6 #Martyrs of the #ScottishReformation: #PatrickHamilton, #GeorgeWishart, #WalterMyln, #JamesGuthrie, #MarquisofArgyll & #SirArchibaldJohnstone (1907 ed.) by #Carslaw (#DigitalDownload #PDF at #PuritanDownloads.com) https://t.co/Kn9CwWUDdz #Covenanting https://t.co/ZHQohRPMpi
26 Nov, 03:30 PM UTC
@b0nfrosty @flashlites @fiagirly And Russell even beat Hamilton after the summer break, so stop with all of your excuses, it´s getting ridicolous.
26 Nov, 03:30 PM UTC
Tod Tracy
Hannah Fred #世界杯 Barry Doherty Calvin Hamilton https://t.co/nAXLBq8kCx
26 Nov, 03:30 PM UTC
上海 深圳 杭州
Truman Hamilton Chloe Cumberland #世界杯 Tom Steele Janet Grace https://t.co/yARtbErKev
26 Nov, 03:30 PM UTC
西湖 滨江 拱墅 绍兴 西安 北郊 未央 雁塔 曲江 陕西 咸阳 武汉 武昌 江苏 苏州 天桥 历城
Polly Roland Tina Josh #厦门 Guy Tony #青岛 Teresa Hamilton #青岛线下 Tyrone Walsh https://t.co/kAqWZYGen9
26 Nov, 03:30 PM UTC
预约/安排 正在营业!2022-11-26 23:30:20
26 Nov, 03:30 PM UTC