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Angry Staffer 🌻
The battle lines are clearly being drawn here — Hannity basically said DeSantis should be arrested last night. The Trump/DeSantis fight is going to be 🔥🔥 …and it’ll have the added benefit of further destroying the GOP. https://t.co/3itQu4VhQK
23 Sep, 02:43 AM UTC
Paul Lahticks
BREAKING: using the same uncanny telepathic powers he used to declassify Top Secret nuclear documents removed from the White House, Donald Trump levitates himself during his interview with Sean Hannity. https://t.co/6MVsf05QQB
23 Sep, 02:19 AM UTC
Duty To Warn 🔉
Trump said on Hannity that the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago looking for Hillary’s missing emails. Just to clarify: not satire.
23 Sep, 11:43 AM UTC
Benny Johnson | Meme-Attack Survivor ✊🏽✊🏿✊🏾✊🏻
Trump's latest prediction on gas prices leaves Hannity STUNNED… @bennyjohnson's photo on Hannity
22 Sep, 05:47 PM UTC
Bryan Behar
In real life, a guy who used to be president told Sean Hannity last night that the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago because they’re looking for ...Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails. Maybe not a clinical diagnosis. But this dude is fucking batshit bonkers.
22 Sep, 07:53 PM UTC
Dash Dobrofsky
There is reason to believe that a legal defense spoken on Sean Hannity’s nightly Fox News show [an entertainment company] would be strikingly different than a legal defense spoken under Oath and under Penalty of Perjury.
22 Sep, 05:01 PM UTC
SHOCK: Trump tells Hannity he thinks FBI stole his WILL https://t.co/BSfis4QPqf
22 Sep, 06:39 PM UTC
Mr. Newberger
Did Trump swallow one of these before his Hannity interview? https://t.co/ElMaxkaSk1
22 Sep, 09:08 PM UTC
Sean Hannity
GOP RISING: Republican Leadership Introduces ‘Commitment to America,’ ‘Plan for a New Direction’ https://t.co/kyf45aOzcj
23 Sep, 02:22 PM UTC
Sean Hannity
‘GOOD FBI AGENTS —STAND UP!’: Tulsi Gabbard Calls on Feds to Challenge Abuses of Power https://t.co/d4VrztKNBr
23 Sep, 04:32 PM UTC
Pam Resists🇺🇸🇺🇦💔💔💔
Last night on Hannity, Trump yet AGAIN asserted that the @FBI planted documents, despite Dearie’s order to provide evidence. Is three million worth it, Chris Kise?
23 Sep, 12:26 PM UTC
Sean Hannity is a typical Republican supporter, as is Tucker Carlson. After President Biden announced the student loan forgiveness plan, the 2 millionaires got very upset. Remember, Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News is the propaganda arm of Trump, MAGA & the Republican Party. https://t.co/fsk4duJI6l
23 Sep, 11:45 AM UTC
Mark Follman
NEW: Trump continues to escalate his dangerous incitement. My latest reporting on this disturbing pattern of behavior from the ex-president https://t.co/ph2fFL1Xzh 1/x
23 Sep, 02:10 PM UTC
A disgraced Donald Trump told Hannity he can declassify our most tightly kept secrets with a thought. With a thought, a traitor, puts our safety, security & the lives of those keeping us safe at risk, to feed his ego. Here's a thought… Traitors belong in prison. #DemVoice1 https://t.co/1wMQzltmOb
23 Sep, 04:02 AM UTC
Sean Hannity
WIPING OUT WAGES: Average American Household Has Lost $7,200 in Income Under Biden https://t.co/WHUvKW0JbH
23 Sep, 04:57 PM UTC
@thejackhopkins Didn't Judge Dearie see Hannity's interview with Trump? By the power of his mind he can declassify documents and since he is president he can do pretty much what he wanted. He believes that he didn't have to follow procedures.
23 Sep, 12:43 AM UTC
Tony 🌊 #BlueWave
We should NOT pay attention to what Trump says on Sean Hannity's show or on Truth Social. If Trump LIES on Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News or on Truth Social there are ZERO consequences. Pay attention to what Trump's lawyers say in legal filings. They WON'T repeat his LIES in court! https://t.co/bTp1K0meOj
23 Sep, 04:20 PM UTC
Philip Bump
Recognizing that he has no experience in doing so, i wrote up a little script Sean Hannity can read on-air tonight to correct a bunch of the false claims Trump made on Hannity's show yesterday. Hope this helps! https://t.co/mGsyxG51d0
23 Sep, 04:42 PM UTC
Mother Jones
As federal and state investigations into Donald Trump are ramping up, so is his dangerous rhetoric. https://t.co/kZ1KamJuNt
23 Sep, 04:50 PM UTC
🇺🇦Lavande du Sud
@caslernoel @bob_levitt @GOP The Sean Hannity's current net worth is $230 millions; it has increased at a rate of 40% during Trump's presidency. Before Trump's ran for potus in 2015, Hannity's net worth was $38 millions. It pays to spread disinformation and lies.
22 Sep, 07:17 PM UTC
Cautiously Optimistic
@DrOz You said, on TV, that killing over a million US school children, a 2-3% mortality rate, via COVID was "an appetizing opportunity". These are literally your words. You should never be allowed any power over others. https://t.co/cIJSdlX8gU
23 Sep, 03:55 PM UTC
Jeffrey K. Walker
@JoJoFromJerz @NotHoodlum See how YUGE he looked in his Hannity interview yesterday? If he doesn’t stop stress-swallowing whole bakeries, his heart’s going to explode. 🤔
23 Sep, 02:20 AM UTC
Ben Meiselas sums up what I’ve been saying here on Twitter for the past 2 years. Mainstream media will never say this. #DemVoice1 #DemCast #OurBlueVoices #ONEV1 Deranged Trump and Hannity make VILE THREATS against DOJ and FBI after C... https://t.co/SKoyvMCcID via @YouTube
23 Sep, 04:02 PM UTC
@AndyOstroy @seanhannity Ted Koppel - “One of the best definitions of journalism I've ever heard is, 'comforting the afflicted, and afflicting the comfortable.' If I've done some of that over the years, I'll be happy." Sean Hannity - Fox opinion host posing as a newscaster. https://t.co/jYxs29ysjx
23 Sep, 12:02 PM UTC
YOU Are The One
Cannon Trusty Donald J. Trump Fascist MAGA Republicans Q-anon GOP Traitors Kash Patel Team Tower Mary Orange Jesus Thank You Tom Fitton Truth Social Kari Lake Matt Gaetz Josh Hawley Kimberly Guilfoyle Don Jr. Cocaine Sean Hannity #TruthSocial NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW https://t.co/CDV6eaSa36
23 Sep, 03:08 PM UTC
@CNN The staged interview with Hannity on Fox News only served to backfire making Trump look like the fool's fool! Just like his hilariously named Truth Social! Hahahaha, hahahaha, hahahaha!
23 Sep, 04:59 PM UTC
@baronitaigas 90% of fox is. Hannity is worst. Tucker is one of the few not insane ones.
23 Sep, 04:59 PM UTC
Republicans are the problem
@FoxNews @seanhannity How can hannity continue to be a mouthpiece for trump? Is he on the trump payroll?
23 Sep, 05:01 PM UTC
Bob ...Shadoobie ... Berry
@thepoliticalcat Even hannity, sitting in his car, afterwards, said: this man is a moron.
23 Sep, 05:01 PM UTC
Andrew Coyne 🇺🇦
Trump Continues to Escalate His Dangerous Incitement https://t.co/nEnDZOwvsx
23 Sep, 05:00 PM UTC