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Coin Master
Happy #FriYAY How are you enjoying yours?!
03 Apr, 07:07 AM UTC
Happy FRIYAY everyone! xxx @LouisePentland's photo on Happy Friyay
03 Apr, 08:19 AM UTC
Blessing your timeline with this clip of#JakeGyllenhaal is doing shirtless handstands on Instagram 😍 Happy FriYay @GlamourMagUK's photo on Happy Friyay
03 Apr, 01:30 PM UTC
PsychoSkoobz #FierceFam🐲
Morning Twitterverse! HAPPY FRIYAY! It's my sons 8th Birthdag today, as we are on lockdown, I would love it if yall would show some Birthday hype! Hes kinda upset he cant see anyone or go anywhere, soooo let's get some Global Birthday message hype goin peeps! #lockdownUK https://t.co/ATZYpBHwHk
03 Apr, 08:54 AM UTC
OG KareBear
Happy Friyay Peeps! We made it! YAY!!! let's get up get to moving and grooving! Let's kick some troll @$$ Today! Let's have a blast since we made it through the week once again! Have a giggle, a chuckle, or just go ahead and laugh your ass off!! Let's Roll Out!🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 https://t.co/6XFL6V6mSF
03 Apr, 02:02 PM UTC
Student Village
Happy Friyay! We hope you have your #FridayFeeling on, because we want you to take part in our #DjChallenge. Create a 15-20 sec video of your dj set, tag us & use #QuarantineOnlineParty https://t.co/MRuMsMrJrM
03 Apr, 12:05 PM UTC
Happy FriYAY all! I hope everyone is having a grand day so far! I am very cold so I have wrapped myself in my snug rug and taken super modelling photos (LOL) But it's time to go LIVE with more Pokemon Randomizer Nuzlockes! LESS GO! https://t.co/dlB7wqQc91 #DumplingTribe https://t.co/P5NT1lHDsg
03 Apr, 01:33 PM UTC
Megan Reuther
Happy FriYAY! We made it 🎉 @MeganReuther's photo on Happy Friyay
03 Apr, 01:04 PM UTC
Robby Gonzales
Happy Friyay. Let’s smile. Let’s crack some jokes. Let’s have a good fking day.
03 Apr, 12:15 PM UTC
WQED Education
Happy #FriYay, friends! We have some really great content for you today, all based on social/emotional wellness! So - follow the link - and get ready to learn! Sending hugs to all! Click here: https://t.co/3XmVfuXqRr #onlinelearning #edutwitter #edutweet #educate #wqededu #wqed https://t.co/aQN0f99IT5
03 Apr, 12:39 PM UTC
In my @ginnyshikle voice, " Happy Friyay!!!" It's Autism Gear Day!!! Let's see your Autism gear!! We are really missing our students😭. #AutismAcceptance #CHHSAutismMonthGoesVirtual #RespectTheHill @TweetDCS_CHHS @DCSeNews https://t.co/lHhNY2yxmj
03 Apr, 01:18 PM UTC
Happy Friyay! I need more Killing Floor 2 friends to play with, who plays?🥺
03 Apr, 01:53 PM UTC
Jimmy Adames
(2 of 2) followed up with today’s ⁦@orangetheory⁩ #fitness At-Home Workout #noexcuses #fomolife #fomotf #morelife #virtualmarathonmonth #fridayfeeling Happy FriYAY Fellow Warriors🤘🏽#letsdothis / ⁦@tiffariffic⁩ #teamjiffy #orangetheory https://t.co/SQG5rDDbT4
03 Apr, 01:21 PM UTC
Savannah Hendricks
Happy Happy FriYay! The air is fresh and the birds are chatting it up. https://t.co/kLbC5f7nLS
03 Apr, 02:03 PM UTC
Those Wrestling Girls
Morning 💫 Happy FriYAY! https://t.co/oaDtUYX9mW
03 Apr, 01:53 PM UTC
Squishy sending out his Happy FriYay greetings. We hope y’all have a great day. Stay safe, wash your hands, sneeze/cough into your elbow and give lots of virtual (((hugs))). #FFFF #SquishySmiles #HappyFriYay https://t.co/OclXXvRVl9
03 Apr, 12:38 PM UTC
Jared Fessler
Happy FriYAY! I’m hosting a family friendly virtual #dragqueen storytime with @GigantaSmalls tomorrow -4.4.2020 at 6:30PM/CST! 💻📚👠 event details here: https://t.co/nMX5kxxkEQ https://t.co/BRfL5zQrcj
03 Apr, 01:26 PM UTC
Jolene Heinemann
When you ask your sophomores to check in using emojis 🤷‍♀️ . Happy #friyay all! . #teacherinstagram #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers #secondaryenglish #secondaryela #secondaryteacher #iteachhighschool… https://t.co/ZkNniE3McQ
03 Apr, 01:23 PM UTC
Nunthorpe Primary
HAPPY FRIYAY! From Taylor 🌈 https://t.co/MpGGZZ23LG
03 Apr, 02:15 PM UTC
Tennessee Alumnus
Happy #Friyay! In 2017, 4,233 @UTKnoxville staff, faculty, alumni and students came together to set the world record for world's largest human letter! Did you participate in breaking the world record or know someone who did? Share your pictures with us! https://t.co/47Y4shqTDj https://t.co/4Sb7v174my
03 Apr, 02:01 PM UTC
Happy Friyay!! 💜☀️👑 https://t.co/q3iAsWadhE
03 Apr, 01:49 PM UTC
Hachette Audio
Happy Friyay, Audiobook Fam! — how have your audiobooks habits changed/not-changed because of social distancing? Bonus question: What are you listening to? We're listening to @rmilesvox narrate the HELL out of @nkjemisin's THE CITY WE BECAME.
03 Apr, 01:39 PM UTC
@beachesbikes Good morning Joe! ! Happy FriYaY! ! Hav a gr8 weekend! ! 🙋‍♂️☕🌞🌻
03 Apr, 12:40 PM UTC
Alexis 🌴🐢
Happy Friyay!
03 Apr, 01:28 PM UTC