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Scott Santens🧢
The New York Times' Editorial Board wants to hear from you about who you endorse for President. Let's flood this one, #YangGang. They need to know just how much support Yang has, and how uniquely strong it is across party lines. #HappyBirthdayAndrewYang https://t.co/mfIbBYUA01
13 Jan, 05:37 PM UTC
MiniYang 🧢
@AndrewYang #HappyBirthdayAndrewYang 🎉 We are a bit young to send money but mom said you wouldn’t be with your family today, so we wanted to make sure to send our #YangGangLove. We are your family too! 😊 #YangGang #Yang2020 @MiniYang2050's photo on #HappyBirthdayAndrewYang
13 Jan, 01:50 PM UTC
Tracy with the Blue Hat
If this dood wasn't running, I'd be sitting around enjoying a ton of free time & more money in my bank! 😆🧢 But I honestly can't even consider volunteering & maxing out for anyone else but @AndrewYang. Thank you for changing lives! #HappyBirthdayAndrewYang #YangGang @WhoIsAndrewYang's photo on #HappyBirthdayAndrewYang
13 Jan, 03:59 PM UTC
Peak at the right time 🧢☎️
#YangGang we are trending #HappyBirthdayAndrewYang right now! -Donate $4.50, $20.20, or $45 -Even if you can’t donate, tweet the hashtag as often as possible! -RT other tweets with the tag! -Use the tag in replies! How awesome would this look as the #1 trend? Let’s go!
13 Jan, 03:19 PM UTC
@AndrewYang Your wish is my command, boss 😂 #HappyBirthdayAndrewYang https://t.co/YEUJ32bHNu
13 Jan, 01:54 PM UTC
Heidi, Veterans for Yang 🧢🇺🇲
#HappyBirthdayAndrewYang - you changed my life, boss, and I'm gonna do everything I can to change yours. I can't wait for my special inauguration edition hug this time next year ♥️ https://t.co/Ggg6Dq8P3D
13 Jan, 03:34 PM UTC
Aarika 👩🏽‍🏫💙🧢Andrew Yang 2020
#YangGang I’m so excited to announce we have a black owned food truck supporting ⁦@AndrewYang⁩! If you are in the Crenshaw area show them some #YangGangLove !!! 🥳🥳🥳#Yang2020 #LosAngeles #UBI #BlackTwitter #business #money #crenshaw #HappyBirthdayAndrewYang #monday https://t.co/K6uehcVwYO
13 Jan, 07:06 PM UTC
It’s a Yang Thang 🧢💡🧮 🐝
🎉Happy B-Day to a man👦🏻who went from helping college grads👩🏽‍🎓in startups📈to seeing👀that real issues⚖️needed to be addressed 🖌 in America🗽so decided to go on this journey🛤 & run🏃🏻‍♂️for POTUS 🇺🇸 & not sleep 🛏 for✌🏼years to fix ⚒ & heal💞 the nation. #HappyBirthdayAndrewYang
13 Jan, 01:26 PM UTC
Aarika 👩🏽‍🏫💙🧢Andrew Yang 2020
The #YangGang really turned out for ⁦@AndrewYang⁩’s birthday. The #yanggangcookie SOLD OUT!!! We love you ⁦@AndrewYang⁩ Happy Birthday!!! 🥳🥳🥳 Thank you ⁦@dessertdivas⁩ 😘 #HappyBirthdayAndrewYang #YangGang #HappyBirthday ⁦@Zach_Graumannhttps://t.co/hfoW0vSlOd
13 Jan, 09:01 PM UTC
Scott Santens🧢
7. We as #YangGang need to put all our cards on the table. It's all-in time. Think about Future You and if you'll be happy or disappointed in yourself for what you did or didn't do to help get @AndrewYang elected. Avoid regret. Fight the good fight. 8. #HappyBirthdayAndrewYang!!
13 Jan, 04:24 PM UTC
Anna Hadahiilį́ Yázhí🧢
#HappyBirthdayAndrewYang! Join me in celebrating, #YangGang, by reaching our $2M fundraising goal 💙 https://t.co/H5OUKMzFq3
13 Jan, 01:59 PM UTC
Aarika 👩🏽‍🏫💙🧢Andrew Yang 2020
Happy Birthday ⁦@AndrewYang⁩ we love you!!! 🥳🥳🥳 #HappyBirthdayAndrewYang #YangGang #YangGangCookie ⁦@dessertdivashttps://t.co/WFT69mCFfU
13 Jan, 09:30 PM UTC
Marshall Everett 🧢
#HappyBirthdayAndrewYang Thank you @AndrewYang for showing me a new way forward in politics outside of the usual toxicity which helped me repair my relationship with my father! https://t.co/MLQINeoF5v
13 Jan, 03:47 PM UTC
mary 🌊🇺🇸
Happy 45th birthday to the 46th POTUS! #HappyBirthdayAndrewYang #HappyBirthdayAndrew #YangGang https://t.co/9HqdJ6J4Xb
13 Jan, 02:16 PM UTC
Elasa YangGang🧢☂️🖖🍩♍
For @AndrewYang's Birthday today, I am donating 46.45. 46 for the 46th prez and 45 for Andrew's age. Who's with me? I am also #Yanging the Mall of New Hampshire today 😀👍 #HappyBirthdayAndrewYang https://t.co/aVdTcRD3xX
13 Jan, 06:52 PM UTC
Someone said Bernie is revolution 🌹 Yang is evolution 🧢 🌎 And I felt that... #HappyBirthdayAndrewYang
13 Jan, 09:44 PM UTC
Jake A Snider 🧢☂️
You got it, buddy. #HappyBirthdayAndrewYang, 45 years old, and the 46th President. https://t.co/He25Fe4ygR https://t.co/o0HveadvhD
13 Jan, 03:22 PM UTC
Steve 🧢
Happy Birthday @AndrewYang thank you for helping me get 400+ likes on an instagram picture for once! 👌🏻 oh and for having the best policies 😉 #HappyBirthdayAndrewYang https://t.co/rFTlMUqTSo
13 Jan, 02:45 PM UTC
Andrew Yang Fan Page🧢
@AndrewYang 🚨#YangGang ANNOUNCEMENT🚨 We are launching the #HappyBirthdayAndrewYang hashtag trend! Tweet this out to wish Andrew a Happy 46th Birthday celebration! Also, donate at @AndrewYangFanP1 on HappyBirthdayAndrewYang">https://t.co/drn8nsLcS4 to help Andrew celebrate! Like and Retweet so more people see!
13 Jan, 03:25 PM UTC
Jimmy Greene 🧢 🥋🎤
First donation to a presidential candidate 💪🏾 @AndrewYang 🙏🏾 #YangGang #HappyBirthdayAndrewYang #EndorseAndrewYang #DonateToAndrewYang #isupportyang #HumanityFirst #FreedomDividend #YangMediaBlackout #BarsForYang @tmibeard @BillHotter @PagetKagy @AarikaSamone @SouthernersYang https://t.co/NY6klt3oY0
13 Jan, 04:17 PM UTC
Aarika 👩🏽‍🏫💙🧢Andrew Yang 2020
Thank you so much to everyone that came out to celebrate ⁦@AndrewYang⁩’s birthday today. The #YangGangLove is real!!! 🥰#HappyBirthdayAndrewYang Thank you ⁦@CakeSuperhero⁩ for inspiring this idea!!! 🍪😘 https://t.co/C3Ebw2sNeL
13 Jan, 10:10 PM UTC
Happy Bday @AndrewYang 🎉🎉🎉 You've united people from all walks of life & made them understand&appreciate each other. You've brought relentless positivity into politics & made us part of a movement of solutions. Thank you for being you💜 #HappyBirthdayAndrewYang #YangGang
13 Jan, 02:18 PM UTC
Tyrene Pamstein
#HappyBirthdayAndrewYang from the whole family! #YangGangLove sir! 😊👊 #Yang2020 #YangGang https://t.co/4xWQEZuUBt
13 Jan, 03:45 PM UTC
🇺🇸 Izzie Chea 🧢 {regional organizer se texas}
🎂🎂 #HappyBirthdayAndrewYang, and for the best present ever, a #MONEYBOMB to meet your donation goal! I ask ALL #YangGang reading this to DONATE $4.50, $45.00, or $450 depending on your budget to celebrate @AndrewYang’s 45th birthday! Drop 🧾 below! LET’S GO!!! RT!!! 🎂🎂 https://t.co/xOjGNnNkYi
13 Jan, 02:30 PM UTC
Erin Max NH
Special needs is one of the reasons I am for @AndrewYang His stump speech doesn't cover this enough. Please share this link https://t.co/IeZULcge45 #HappyBirthdayAndrewYang #autismawareness @marchandsteve
13 Jan, 04:55 PM UTC
Otto Thorpe 🧢
Andrew, you’re the first candidate I’ve EVER heard talk and act like a normal human, and for the first time I’m excited about a government by and for us regular people. THANK YOU and Evelyn for upending your lives for us. We need this more than we know 🌊 #HappyBirthdayAndrewYang
13 Jan, 05:13 PM UTC
Paget Kagy🧢
#HappyBirthdayAndrewYang !!! Thank you, Karma Baker (Thousand Oaks) for your awesome artwork in making the MATH hat cookies for #YangCookieDay 🍪 what a fun way to celebrate the 46th’s birthday 🎁 Remember to DONATE #YangGang!!! https://t.co/ajfrOSvL19
13 Jan, 11:29 PM UTC
Scott Santens🧢
We are not yet halfway to our first fundraising goal of 2020, and the deadline is end of day tomorrow. As many other #YangGang have done today, I have donated $45 for @AndrewYang's 45th birthday. For his 46th, let's make him the 46th... #HappyBirthdayAndrewYang https://t.co/qzRxF5dD3h
13 Jan, 10:25 PM UTC
Evan Marquardt
Andrew Yang left a comfortable and private life to run for president. He isn’t doing it for himself - he’s doing it because he sees and understands the big problems that our out-of-touch politicians do not. He’s doing it because he cares. #HappyBirthdayAndrewYang
13 Jan, 10:05 PM UTC
Aarika 👩🏽‍🏫💙🧢Andrew Yang 2020
Thank you so much to everyone that came out to celebrate ⁦@AndrewYang⁩’s birthday today. The #YangGangLove is real!!! 🥰#HappyBirthdayAndrewYang Thank you ⁦@CakeSuperhero⁩ for inspiring this idea!!! 🍪😘 https://t.co/w5ny1gIV9u
13 Jan, 10:08 PM UTC

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