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JUST IN: Speaker Pelosi told reporters “at this time we will not being having a vote” on an impeachment inquiry. #Hardball @hardball's photo on #hardball
15 Oct, 11:25 PM UTC
"I would point out that we have yet another person that I'm quite interested to hear what he has to say." @Elise_Jordan on Mike McKinley. #Hardball https://t.co/HCy4R7oOak
15 Oct, 11:21 PM UTC
.@stevekornacki presses @randpaul on whether it's alright for the President of the United States to ask a foreign leader to investigate a political opponent. #Hardball @hardball's photo on #hardball
15 Oct, 11:45 PM UTC
"We believe we're in a formal impeachment inquiry." @ericswalwell on #Hardball.
15 Oct, 11:15 PM UTC
Dianne Sherman
Are you kidding me @MSNBC & @SteveKornacki? You cut off the #impeachment inquiry update by @AdamSchiff. We have had to listen to WH press briefings (when they existed), #Trump’s chopper talks and clips of his rallies but you didn’t have a few minutes for #Schiff? Argh. #Hardball https://t.co/pZv3FPdbna
15 Oct, 11:19 PM UTC
Merri Christi
@msnbc That was stupid and irresponsible to cut away from Schiff during the press conference. You obviously don’t care about us getting this info. Whomever thought that was a good idea made a bad decision. #hardball.
15 Oct, 11:22 PM UTC
Free bird
15 Oct, 11:15 PM UTC
CNN and MSNBC will air every minute of Trump rambling and lying but cut away from Democrats talking about the most important topic in the country right now. 🤦🏾‍♀️ #hardball
15 Oct, 11:14 PM UTC
#hardball @MSNBC gets MAJOR side-eye for this Rand Paul socialism book promo/diatribe. @stevekornacki doesn't have knowledge base or balls to ask Moscow's fave Senator WTF he was doing playing courier between Putin and Trump so he'll just let this traitor spew #bothsides b.s.
15 Oct, 11:41 PM UTC
"He's (Trump) abusing his power, and we have to restore the soul of this nation." @SymoneDSanders on what to expect to hear from Joe Biden at the debate. #Hardball
15 Oct, 11:50 PM UTC
"Democrats are united across the board that they would like to beat Donald Trump." @SymoneDSanders on #Hardball.
15 Oct, 11:51 PM UTC
Ffs, Kornacki, quit repeating Republican lies! The House is in an Impeachment investigation and inquiry! 45* and Republicans don’t get to define what that is, the House does. Pay attention! #Hardball
15 Oct, 11:18 PM UTC
I think Rand Paul is the one who is confused about what socialism is. He's describing Communism, not (little s) socialism. #hardball
15 Oct, 11:39 PM UTC
@blakesmustache @politico @GeoffRBennett THEY SHOULD HOLD OFF ON A FULL HOUSE VOTE! ...breathe in...breathe out... #TeamPelosi #TheBeat #hardball #MSNBC
15 Oct, 10:41 PM UTC
Now Pence is refusing to comply with House request for documents. Issue the subpoena and let him commit an impeachable offense! #thebeat #hardball #inners https://t.co/1MDl5Jf62e
15 Oct, 10:09 PM UTC
Murphy’s Law Can Fail
#Hardball @SteveKornacki @MSNBC Rand Paul? So he can lie more about Hunter Biden and continue to gaslight America? GOODBYE. If you plan to shut him down, you should have done that before giving him a mic and a slot on your show.
15 Oct, 11:35 PM UTC
Sherri 👻TWDFan4Ever👻
“The Bernard Sanders we have all grown to know and love,” - Nina Turner who thinks we all actually think this.🙄😂 #Hardball #NeverBernie https://t.co/773ls8lW5m
15 Oct, 11:59 PM UTC
When this is all done I'm hoping that that wipe @realDonaldTrump from presidential history & refer to him as "He who should not be Named" #Hardball
15 Oct, 11:42 PM UTC
Annalea #ElectWomen 👻🎃
Nina Turner is the worst. #hardball
15 Oct, 11:56 PM UTC
OMG...I'm gonna say it... #ChuckTodd would do a MUCH BETTER JOB RIGHT NOW!!! @Stevekornacki needs to call #RandPaul out for the traitor that he is as a #GOP stooge! 🤬#hardball
15 Oct, 11:43 PM UTC
@msnbc Show the clip of @SpeakerPelosi making the announcement, do t just let Kornacki repeat it! This show is making me furious already! 😡 Who’s the producer here! Fail! #Hardball
15 Oct, 11:24 PM UTC
Joe Zollo
WHAT A DOPE HUNTER BIDEN NEVER SHOULD HAVE GIVEN THIS ABC INTERVIEW. Did y'all know he was appointed Vice-Chairman of AMTRAK by George Bush because he had a train set as a kid? #hardball #foxnews #maga #tcot #pjnet #QAnon #DemocratDebate #Bernie2020 https://t.co/QAokp3Ou14
15 Oct, 11:55 PM UTC
@aabramson If Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump are saying the House should take a vote...Don’t. #TeamPelosi #hardball #inners #MSNBC
15 Oct, 11:04 PM UTC
What About Joe
Oh please. The topic isn't whether we're pro- or anti-war, Rand. The topic is we were supporting the Kurds who were helping us decimate ISIS, and Trump betrayed them to our enemies. That's not how America is supposed to leave a war, you suckup bitch #hardball
15 Oct, 11:41 PM UTC
@tedlieu #LockThemUp. Do it to every Trump official until one decides to follow bv the law. Dont tweet. LOCK THEM UP and #ImpeachTheMF for ignoring the law. Anything else is irrelevant to those GOP lowlifes. #Hardball #DemDebate #Impeach45 #wiunion
15 Oct, 10:48 PM UTC
I need @BernieSanders to drop out just so I don't have to listen to the screeching Nina Turner. #Hardball
15 Oct, 11:58 PM UTC
Joe Zollo
THE LADY DOTH PROTEST TOO MUCH! She's got nuttin! Pelosi holds off on vote to authorize Trump impeachment inquiry #hardball #Tucker #msnbc #QAnon #tcot #maga #msnbc #FoxNews #Pjnet https://t.co/RPmjcohP8X via @politico
15 Oct, 11:51 PM UTC
Darlene McDonald
That Rand Paul interview was a hot mess. #hardball
15 Oct, 11:49 PM UTC
What’s everybody going to be watching, debates or our regularly scheduled programs? #Hardball
15 Oct, 11:54 PM UTC

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