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Fantasy Premier League
The top two captained players for GW31 BLANK ❌ Harry Kane (1,362,872) ❌ Bruno Fernandes (1,175,473) #FPL #TOTMUN https://t.co/y3dewyZoZl
11 Apr, 05:29 PM UTC
10 - Since making his Premier League debut for West Ham, Jesse Lingard has been directly involved in more goals than any other player (7 goals, 3 assists), while only Harry Kane (7) has netted as many himself. Reborn. @OptaJoe's photo on Harry Kane
11 Apr, 01:40 PM UTC
Footy Humour
Tottenham: “Hey Harry, we’ll be getting rid of Mourinho at the end of the season and bringing in a new manager and new players... we should play much better next season.” Harry Kane: @FootyHumour's photo on Harry Kane
11 Apr, 05:35 PM UTC
Actu Foot
🔴 Mauricio Pochettino a appelé personnellement Harry Kane pour savoir ce que l'international anglais, qu'il a eu sous ses ordres à Tottenham, ferait cet été. (@telefoot_TF1) https://t.co/avCvomd0vu
11 Apr, 09:23 AM UTC
Paddy Power
BREAKING: Harry Kane has submitted a transfer request after admitting that he “doesn’t want to play with these useless bunch of tw*ts.”
11 Apr, 05:18 PM UTC
Another big game in which Harry Kane has ghosted, I swear this is a regular occurrence but I’m meant to believe he’s better than Lewandowki 😭😭😭😭
11 Apr, 05:16 PM UTC
Liam Murphy
This is on José - not the players. Mourinho pics the subs / makes the changes. Chasing a win, Champions League qualification & possibly keeping Harry Kane at our club - what does José do? Brings on Sissoko
11 Apr, 05:13 PM UTC
Harry Kane when Levy says he can leave but only for £250m in the summer https://t.co/uxcmYR1ggM
11 Apr, 05:24 PM UTC
It’s genuinely criminal that a team with Harry Kane and Son (having the season of their lives) is sitting well away from top 4. A lot of question marks with how Spurs have been playing this year, especially with these two world class players.
11 Apr, 05:27 PM UTC
Harry Kane is gone fam, he is gone blud! 🤬🤬🤬! #AD #ATENNERSAYS @888sport https://t.co/Mxsq6H5f92
11 Apr, 05:38 PM UTC
Harry Kane right now #TOTMAN @BeWarmers's photo on Harry Kane
11 Apr, 05:30 PM UTC
Kaw kaw💀
Comment Tottenham veut Se Reposer Sur Le Duo Harry Kane&Son à Chaque Match https://t.co/ZrbfWv9lv3
11 Apr, 05:19 PM UTC
Imagine being Harry Kane up against a vulnerable defence and we need a goal. On come Sissoko and Lamela. He's entitled to ask what the fuck he's wasting his time for #COYS
11 Apr, 05:20 PM UTC
Harry Kane vs Manchester United HOME 4K | Sergeant UK | Aryan Arouna Koné | Farewell Tour? https://t.co/ZG1kJp4kvJ
11 Apr, 05:34 PM UTC
Harry Kane today... absolute true magician he is https://t.co/Jkwqer3R8p
11 Apr, 05:43 PM UTC
Which Striker is Better? Retweet for Harry Kane Like for Mason Greenwood #MUFC #TOTMUN https://t.co/q8LetcuaN0
11 Apr, 05:44 PM UTC
Harry Kane vs Manchester United (H) 20/21 | HD https://t.co/k7xdYAFQHO
11 Apr, 05:44 PM UTC
Harry Kane et Son pourront plus rester là
11 Apr, 05:25 PM UTC
@talkSPORT If they’d of backed pochettino with the funds and players that they backed Jose with he would of got top 4, there biggest problem isn’t top 4 or europe it’s keeping Harry Kane who is almost definately leaving
11 Apr, 05:44 PM UTC
Best mates with Harry Kane, knows Tottenham philosophy, young manager with fresh ideas, new manager bounce. It’s time for Ryan Mason🤩
11 Apr, 05:44 PM UTC
Kevin Watson
@CallumCFB @TheWillieMorgan If Cavani goes then need to sign Haaland or Harry Kane. I reckon Pogba will sign a new deal Callum
11 Apr, 05:45 PM UTC
Jose mourinho meeting Harry Kane in the hallway post game (vs United) https://t.co/Fy8Aq3XPB5
11 Apr, 05:45 PM UTC
Harry Kane is goneeee boy
11 Apr, 05:45 PM UTC
Harry Kane must do the right thing and leave Spurs.
11 Apr, 05:45 PM UTC
Young Daddy Lumba
Harry Kane needs saving. You know what to do @ManUtd https://t.co/Xh3phC6uVI
11 Apr, 05:45 PM UTC
Harry Kane, do the right thing lad! 🔴
11 Apr, 05:45 PM UTC
Does this mean harry kane is leaving?
11 Apr, 05:45 PM UTC
Kevin A
Understandably, Spurs fans are kicking off tonight but I just feel gutted. Gutted that I take no enjoyment watching us anymore and gutted that even when we’re winning I know we’ll fuck it up. As for moaning about Harry Kane headlines, I’m done. He’s far too good for us.
11 Apr, 05:44 PM UTC