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1D Updates!
SyreninPeng posted this picture of Harrys hands painted for the WMS video! @With1DNews's photo on Harrys
04 Apr, 05:48 AM UTC
Conflits France
🇫🇷 FLASH I Le #Ricard, #boisson la plus vendue en grande #surface en France en 2020, devant l’eau #Cristaline, le Coca, et la Heineken. Hors boissons : 1. #Nutella 2. #Beurre doux 3. Pain #Harrys 100% mie. 4. #Mozarella Galbani 5. Président #Camembert (BFM) #Alimentation
03 Apr, 12:40 PM UTC
WE WOULD LIKE TO SEE IT: A @Harry_Styles performance 🤩 https://t.co/RrxnVnWRBM
04 Apr, 08:01 AM UTC
#DeFi #BKC #eth2 #BucksCake Pre-Sale Round 3 is ending! Half of 3rd Round sold! Current Round price - 3 USDT Currently remained for this price - 980 BKC Next Round price - 3.5 USDT https://t.co/RQPMhjazG2 https://t.co/bZkdUEZDSF
03 Apr, 06:05 PM UTC
Dr Evan Harris
So, a "story" from 2019 https://t.co/bmFVB8T62P re-told in 2020 https://t.co/zWV1MWa8Gw and now recycled into an exclusive in 2021. British newspaper "journalism" to make us proud #churnalism https://t.co/NvPvRYupuK
03 Apr, 01:05 PM UTC
ET Canada
Hollywood mega-mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg requested the meeting with #MeghanMarkle and #PrinceHarry about a potential Quibi partnership https://t.co/6hNT46sKh1
03 Apr, 12:10 PM UTC
Royal Suitor
“According to sources with knowledge of the matter, the Sussexes didn’t initiate the conversations with Quibi. Rather, it was Katzenberg who reached out to the royals & requested a meeting. The trio officially met in person by at least the summer of 2019.” https://t.co/qgWvcu5xUU
04 Apr, 04:42 AM UTC
Jasmine Dotiwala
@MunzipR Stop regurgitating old fake news cos you're desperate for #HarryandMeghan content Meghan Markle And Prince Harry’s Meetings With Quibi Came At Request Of Founder Jeffrey Katzenberg https://t.co/At3lQk5Isn
03 Apr, 02:45 PM UTC
niall horan supremacy
everyone knows that iconic moment where louis was blind folded during the video diaries and harry and louis looked like they were gonna kiss well i just realized that louis had his hand in harrys hair and playing with his hair the whole time so he knew how close their faces were
03 Apr, 11:05 PM UTC
me and laye (@IAdoreFishy) have thought of a quite fantastic conspiracy theory, it all started with the new photo of harrys nails at first you see nothing wrong but look closer..... https://t.co/2s0QmQ78kq
04 Apr, 06:16 AM UTC
i wanna do the fc thing with my moots fav/comfort celebs so REPLY PLEASEe HARRYS MINE
03 Apr, 09:58 PM UTC
And isn't your fave racist and homophobic piece of trash?? https://t.co/H2CVRQkigt
04 Apr, 08:03 AM UTC
asja²⁸ | loves asja⡱
dont touch me i missedpics of 29 yo louis and harrys nails bye i wanna scream and cry
04 Apr, 08:16 AM UTC
Found these amazing photos of my great grandparents. My adoptive mother says they were famous models in the 40s. https://t.co/XGH8LqYrnR
04 Apr, 08:36 AM UTC
del⋆˚²⁸ ‎♡’s y&b
harrys hair at THIS length 😫 https://t.co/rig3iLkoQ8
04 Apr, 08:23 AM UTC
ebony ♡︎’s her wife
don’t ask why but this picture with harrys painted nails with no rings means so much to me https://t.co/3TztZIpAJJ
04 Apr, 08:35 AM UTC
rea ♡’s cam and monse
04 Apr, 08:21 AM UTC
margaritaᴴ ia bc of uni
@Harrys_grace they should just change their name to LT updates then, that's ridiculous
04 Apr, 08:16 AM UTC
Ev🖤 || Proud Of Harry Era
@dupniall Light green and light blu
04 Apr, 08:15 AM UTC
Y’all made Harrys week and our week hell because you can’t accept he was quarantining with his gf and friends .....yeah get the other one dragged idc
04 Apr, 08:15 AM UTC
🎈N || y&b enthusiast
04 Apr, 08:08 AM UTC
Drummers' Ark
The quicker those two disappear into oblivion the better for the World! Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's media attack dismantled by expert - 'It's same in sports! https://t.co/WamLYZw7eB
04 Apr, 08:45 AM UTC
tess ?!
carolina is harrys best song
04 Apr, 08:45 AM UTC
Drummers' Ark
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's media attack dismantled by expert - 'It's same in sports! https://t.co/WamLYZw7eB
04 Apr, 08:44 AM UTC
He is coming up with a tweet about bullies
04 Apr, 08:39 AM UTC
alex ♡’s the pop princesses
i’m still not over harrys six toes
04 Apr, 08:37 AM UTC