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Richard Stengel
Trump giving his convention speech on the South Lawn is the clearest conceivable violation of the Hatch Act. 100s of White House staffers would be violating it, not to mention charges of criminal appropriation of Congressional funds for political purposes. https://t.co/10Y5THmqU8
05 Aug, 12:04 PM UTC
⚜️Rob Anderson for Louisiana
The RNC Convention on the White House lawn?!? We really should allow the Hatch Act to have meaning, if we’re going to have a Hatch Act.
05 Aug, 02:33 PM UTC
Yamiche Alcindor
President Trump says it is legal for him to deliver his Republican nomination speech from the White House and that the Hatch Act doesn’t apply to him as president. He said, "There is no Hatch Act because it doesn't pertain to the president."
05 Aug, 10:15 PM UTC
There have already been numerous violations of the Hatch Act by members of the trump admin in the past 3.5 years. NOBODY has been penalized. What's the point of having the Hatch Act if you're not going to use it? https://t.co/WpQXhOytwv
05 Aug, 01:02 PM UTC
Amee Vanderpool
Republican National Convention planners are considering the White House South Lawn as the site of President Trump’s nationally televised nomination acceptance speech later this month. Another day, another Hatch Act violation. https://t.co/L4GnbPRLJd
05 Aug, 12:45 PM UTC
Renato Mariotti
Clear violation of the Hatch Act. https://t.co/BXacff2Niz
05 Aug, 01:59 PM UTC
Citizens for Ethics
Stephen Miller Mark Meadows Ivanka Trump Jared Kushner Dan Scavino Nikki Haley Kellyanne Conway The list of the Trump administration's apparent Hatch Act violators goes on and on... https://t.co/BoxRuEPTDC
05 Aug, 02:02 PM UTC
Daniel Dale
Trump says it’s legal for him to give his RNC speech from the White House, as the Hatch Act doesn’t apply to the president.
05 Aug, 10:13 PM UTC
Barbara Malmet
Wait just a hot minute. “Republicans consider South Lawn of the White House for Donald Trump’s convention speech”. Does the Hatch Act have any teeth??
05 Aug, 08:42 PM UTC
Swing Left
Using the People's White House to host Donald Trump's Republican convention speech is a massive Hatch Act violation and a clear ethical abuse of his job. Just like funneling hundreds of millions of our tax dollars to his resorts. https://t.co/4d3kvxzC5Q
05 Aug, 12:22 PM UTC
Citizens for Ethics
Stephen Miller is the most recent member of the Trump administration to violate the Hatch Act and their actions could have a serious effect on our elections. We’ve filed a complaint. https://t.co/BoxRuEPTDC
05 Aug, 12:02 PM UTC
Citizens for Ethics
The Trump administration has been an abysmal failure on the Hatch Act. We have been saying so (and filing complaints) for years: https://t.co/v1i6F5alm1
05 Aug, 01:43 PM UTC
Phil Arballo
This would be yet another violation of the Hatch Act by Trump and his administration. But who’s counting? No, really.. has anyone been keeping tally? https://t.co/0eBdZhre8R
05 Aug, 05:14 PM UTC
Sam Vinograd
"There is no Hatch Act." A rare moment of honesty from @realDonaldTrump with respect to his views on actual law.
05 Aug, 10:13 PM UTC
Jennifer Rubin
Trump now suggests he will turn WH into his party’s convention stage. This would be the mother of all Hatch Act violations,the epitome of a narcissistic president who has never understood the separation of his own interests and the country's https://t.co/KOyBPD4WTO
05 Aug, 07:06 PM UTC
Bradley P. Moss
If he hosts this thing at the White House, it will represent a further shift towards brazen disregard for the law. No, the Hatch Act doesn’t apply to POTUS. But unless he is organizing everything himself, his WH staff will all be breaking the law. https://t.co/h5awXjV620
05 Aug, 10:41 PM UTC
Citizens for Ethics
It's well past time for Stephen Miller, and other administration officials who openly violate the Hatch Act, to be held accountable. https://t.co/BoxRuEPTDC
05 Aug, 04:04 PM UTC
CBS News
Trump claims it would be legal to make his RNC acceptance speech at the White House: "There is no Hatch Act, because it doesn't pertain to the president." The Hatch Act forbids using government buildings and employees for campaign activities https://t.co/fNvhojB6DI @CBSNews's photo on Hatch Act
05 Aug, 10:31 PM UTC
Barbara Malmet
“The Hatch Act says government employees can’t express political opinions on the job — and giving a major political speech from the White House would certainly fall in that category.” via @washingtonpost
05 Aug, 08:43 PM UTC
Citizens for Ethics
Stephen Miller just joined Dan Scavino, Nikki Haley, Stephanie Grisham, Raj Shah, Jessica Ditto, Madeleine Westerhout, Helen Aguirre Ferre, Alyssa Farah, Jacob Wood, Kellyanne Conway and Lynne Patton in endangering our elections. https://t.co/BoxRuEPTDC
05 Aug, 09:01 PM UTC
Republicans for Joe Biden
Trump just said It’s ok for h giving his Republican nomination speech from the WH: “There is no Hatch Act because it doesn't pertain to the president." He really thinks he’s above the law. He is NOT. #WannabeDictatorTrump
05 Aug, 10:24 PM UTC
Tom Nichols
Folks, Trump is right: the Hatch Act very specifically does not apply to the president and the vice president. Believe me, I have learned more about the Hatch act in the past 3 1/2 years than I have ever wanted to know, but on this one point, he is right.
05 Aug, 10:22 PM UTC
Edie Herro
@Yamiche “He may not be violating the Hatch Act, but he is ordering other people to,” Richard Painter, former chief White House ethics lawyer, told the Washington Post. “At a certain point you are using White House resources, and that is a violation of the Hatch Act.”
05 Aug, 10:20 PM UTC
Amee Vanderpool
For all of the idiots who will inevitably come in with a talking point they don't understand: The Hatch Act applies to the White House (federal building) and the federal employees who will be on duty at the White House during a political campaign event. https://t.co/SugnARCLNC
05 Aug, 02:09 PM UTC
Bradley P. Moss
They are right the Hatch Act does not apply to POTUS. But it does apply to his staff. Also, it’s a sacred place of government for the COUNTRY. Not a place to make your nomination acceptance speech for a political party. https://t.co/WjMT1AE2Zm
05 Aug, 11:01 PM UTC
Hatch Act - Mark Meadows - Sally Yates = #ConsequencesForTrump https://t.co/ngtiBGMxjl
05 Aug, 10:59 PM UTC
Cheryl Bolen
@hunterw @johnthune per @OKnox I should have said the "Act to Prevent Pernicious Political Activities," known as the Hatch Act of 1939
05 Aug, 10:23 PM UTC
Cheryl Bolen
Trump declares "it's legal" to use the White House to accept the GOP presidential nomination because the Hatch Act doesn't apply to the president.
05 Aug, 10:14 PM UTC
@cherylbolen Your tweet would have been better if it had said “Note: Those federal employees within the White House who assist in such an event, would be violating the Hatch Act.”
06 Aug, 12:17 AM UTC
@POTUS is asked if he’s considering giving his nom acceptance speech at the WH, &some question “whether that’s even legal.” He says it’s legal.There’s no Hatch Act issue bc it doesn’t pertain to the prez [true✔️]. If he uses the WH it would save tremendous $$ for security etc.
05 Aug, 10:25 PM UTC

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