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Mick Wallace
There are reports that #Pelosi is planning a trip to #Hawaii in Solidarity with the Indigenous people of Hawaii who were illegally invaded by a brutal Colonialist Power... https://t.co/RGRUMTqzG8
04 Aug, 06:25 PM UTC
literalmente estamos viviendo el live action de don quijote en directo pero algún lugar de la mancha es en realidad un resort cuatro estrellas de hawaii https://t.co/2l6P3t7qLx
05 Aug, 08:35 AM UTC
The Butterfly Lady 🦋
tickets to hawaii in february only $200 👀
05 Aug, 01:05 AM UTC
ᴘᴀᴠʟᴏᴠ ᴛʜᴇ ᴄᴏʀɢɪ
Hawaii photo dump https://t.co/WbVOC34C3t https://t.co/YC4UMn1XIy
05 Aug, 05:10 AM UTC
Shane8tin 🇺🇸| A’tinomy Gratis
Hawaii, USA🇺🇸 "Negativity is the enemy of creativity" - David Lynch #FELIP didn't let the bakunawas affect his songwriting artistry, the result is #FelipBulan - an OPM song that deserves to be in the BBHTS! stream @felipsuperior songs on all platforms @SB19Official #SB19 ctto https://t.co/Xk9vRfoEXt
05 Aug, 12:30 PM UTC
Anthony Albanese will be on leave from August 6 to 14. He hasn’t had a break all year & he’s had a massive impact during his short time in govt So watch the f/wits lay into Albo abt having an actual holiday It’ll be fun dragging out the Scotty-goes-to-Hawaii pics again tho
05 Aug, 12:12 PM UTC
The Philippine Star
Just Liza Soberano, James Reid, Bretman Rock, and Bella Poarch being the ultimate Fil-Am squad! 🤩 | via @philstarlife https://t.co/ij78b32tyZ
04 Aug, 11:25 PM UTC
Shane8tin 🇺🇸| A’tinomy Gratis
Honolulu, Hawaii 🇺🇸🏄 "Where words fail, music speaks" - Hans Christian Anderson #FELIP is the quiet member of SB19, yet his song #FelipBulan is meaningful and speaks volume - it is Loud & Clear! @felipsuperior @SB19Official #SB19 pics: ctto https://t.co/X29atMBpqW
05 Aug, 12:15 PM UTC
Chuck Aligbe
@nytimes New tax fraud scheme: conceive in Nov, make sure you are at 6 weeks by Dec 31st, file your taxes in early Jan and claim the fetus, get your refund by Feb, then use your $3000 to fly first class to Cali or Hawaii for your March abortion + vacay funded by Georgia taxpayers
05 Aug, 12:07 AM UTC
A humpback whale approached a group of whale watchers off the coast of Maui, Hawaii, leading to this stunning footage 🤩🐋 @nowthisnews's photo on Hawaii
05 Aug, 12:48 PM UTC
Let’s go to the weekend 🌴😎 . #Hawaii 🇺🇸 #Travel #BeautifulWorld #VacationMood https://t.co/TkVTpr5btq
05 Aug, 11:37 AM UTC
Shane8tin 🇺🇸| A’tinomy Gratis
Hawaii, USA 🏄 favorite part of #FelipBulan song: Ako'y nakaupo na sa trono, tanga ka ba? Ha? 'Di na bago sa'kin 'to, dapat lang basagin 'to Umaapoy, sunugin 'to, kung manalangin 'kala mo santo Patahimikin 'tong hipokrito @felipsuperior #FELIP @SB19Official #SB19 pics:ctto https://t.co/BVd5h3gmix
05 Aug, 12:45 PM UTC
Shane8tin 🇺🇸| A’tinomy Gratis
State of Hawaii, USA 🇺🇸🏄 "Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without" - Confucius For peace of mind keep streaming #FelipBulan on all digital platforms. @felipsuperior #FELIP @SB19Official #SB19 art by @swagforjam_art https://t.co/rHUiciCFjR
05 Aug, 01:00 PM UTC
T.A. Bound 🦈🌋
🎶I don't know where I'm a-gonna go when the SHARKANO blows!🎵 🦈🌋 YA horror adventure always FREE on KindleUnlimited. Don't let SHARKANO be the one that gets away! #Sharks #YAFiction #WritersOfTwitter #rtitbot #hawaii #YAHorror https://t.co/uHflTQig1o @Solsticepublish https://t.co/DDL7bKdikG
04 Aug, 05:35 PM UTC
Petrina Blakely
Kauai Chicken rooster t shirt hand painted clothes unisex kids by PetrinaBlakely https://t.co/lPB89VSXRl via @Etsy #BacktoSchool2022 #BacktoSchool #tshirtdesign #Kauai #Hawaii #etsyshop #FreeShipping @EtsyRT @HyperRT @SympathyRTs
04 Aug, 07:02 PM UTC
PaulMacca15 💜✊🔻
@MalaMalamente Algunos de los estados también fueron subyugados, como Nuevo Mexico, California, Nevada, Arizona, etc, Hawaii...invadidos por los yanquis y robados manu militari a mexicanos y hawaianos respectivamente. Luego hablan de Rusia y China...
05 Aug, 12:55 PM UTC
Jolene Heart 🖤 NYC
I caught you in my sticky web! 🕷💦 💌: Maui, Hawaii - August 17-22 💌: Richmond, VA - August 24-31 Duos available with the vixen @lore_vipera 📷: @keeponyourmean5 https://t.co/emLaNm1uoN
05 Aug, 12:31 PM UTC
Shane8tin 🇺🇸| A’tinomy Gratis
Hawaii 🇺🇸 "Don't let the Bakunawa swallows your light". Who are the Bakunawas in your life? me- it's the negative people who complain about everything. To live longer, be positive always! Listen to #FelipBulan on digital platforms @felipsuperior #FELIP @SB19Official #SB19
05 Aug, 01:15 PM UTC
Red Hill fuel tanks are poisoning fresh water aquifers on Oahu RIGHT NOW, right now as you are reading this. These ideas of "taking money/support" away from Hawaii? YES PLEASE. Do that and give the LAND BACK.
04 Aug, 07:29 PM UTC
Petrina Blakely
Hand Painted Burp Cloth Ruffle Burp Cloth Baby Shower Gift Kauai Hand Painted Kauai Hawaii Baby Gift 2 ply https://t.co/pfSlrntDFq via @Etsy #babyshower #burp #pineapple #Kauai #Hawaii #FreeShipping #etsystore @etsylife @FameRTs @SympathyRTs
04 Aug, 10:31 PM UTC
Tiki Tycoons
Aloha Tiki Tycoons Community ☀️ What airport is the major commercial aviation hub for the state of Hawaii? #NFT #NFTCollection #HawaiiNews
05 Aug, 12:39 PM UTC
✨𝘾𝙝𝙞𝙘𝙚𝙡𝘼𝙡𝙤𝙣𝙙𝙧𝙖 🐝
Yo quiero ir pa' Hawaii
05 Aug, 02:59 AM UTC
ellaaa | tired..
Buti nalang naisip ko yung Hawaii AHHAHA https://t.co/Gqe6IAZP2X
05 Aug, 01:12 PM UTC
[ wts lfb ic ph ww ] blackpink jensoo set/pair • 12,000 php (6k each column) — read pinned before transacting # jisoo jennie sdih summer diary in hawaii wink mirror selca dilasoo 5th anniversary anniv rare ssyg hylt the album ta japan ver c diorsoo ribbonsoo photocard https://t.co/zThNNNv7YH
05 Aug, 01:10 PM UTC
Marc Yong
@RedArkGuy @AmbLiuXiaoMing Where are you from may I ask? Say, Hawaii asking for independence, same old shit. Then China came along and says support democracy. Come on, don't give me the bullshit. Talk to me, invite more than 500 ppl in Twitter then we debate. Make it to reach out as many as possible. Come
05 Aug, 01:15 PM UTC
Zeeshan Niazi
Nicaragua has the balls bugger than Island of Hawaii. https://t.co/A1NBfD1udC
05 Aug, 01:15 PM UTC
I wanna go to Hawaii🏝
05 Aug, 01:14 PM UTC
@Missdot_Hawaii もし、余ったら下さ〜い!左の人大好きなの〜❤️
05 Aug, 01:14 PM UTC