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Planned Parenthood Southeast Advocates
Alabama politicians just voted to reject any exceptions for rape and incest after seeing rape Alabama survivors in the gallery and hearing their stories. Let that sink in. #HB314 #alpolitics
15 May, 12:21 AM UTC
Kaz Weida
I want to restate this as Alabama debates the passage of #HB314 right now. These senators are proposing that the doctor who aided a woman or girl in terminating a pregnancy in the case of rape or incest face more prison time than the person who raped her. #UnderHisEye https://t.co/56wDqTkqFn
15 May, 12:20 AM UTC
Planned Parenthood Southeast Advocates
When asked if this bill makes an exception for victims of incest, Sen. Chambliss says, "yes, until she knows she's pregnant." Again, that would mean that that person would have to get an abortion before they know they're pregnant. That's not a thing. #HB314 #alpolitics
14 May, 09:54 PM UTC
Natasha Rothwell
Alabama alabama'd. Georgia georgia'd. I'm 0% shocked. This is just more proof that we must, in no uncertain terms, VOTE. THESE. MOTHER. FUCKERS. OUT. The men who voted for #HB314 sleep fucking well at night. The only way to wake them up is to take away their power. FFS VOTE.
15 May, 03:38 AM UTC
ACLU of Alabama
PLEASE REMEMBER: This bill will not take effect anytime in the near future, and abortion will remain a safe, legal medical procedure at all clinics in Alabama. #mybodymychoice #HB314 ACLU of Alabama's photo on #HB314
15 May, 01:50 AM UTC
Kate Smith
Alabama Senate just voted against a rape and incest exception for its near-total abortion ban. Here's a story of an pregnant 11-year-old rape victim in Ohio. This is who they're saying should have no choice but to deliver a baby. #HB314 #ALpolitics https://t.co/Qirk5GjkHF
15 May, 12:43 AM UTC
ACLU of Alabama
A doctor would get more time in prison than the very man who raped Sam, Alison, and Haley (the sexual assault survivors he referenced earlier) under this law, Singleton states. #HB314 #alpolitics
14 May, 11:44 PM UTC
BREAKING: Misogynists in Alabama just passed the most extreme anti-choice measure in the country—a TOTAL ban on abortion. This incredibly dangerous attack on reproductive freedom is now headed to the governor’s desk. #HB314 #ALPolitics NARAL's photo on #HB314
15 May, 01:48 AM UTC
Jo Soucek
No improvements in sex ed, no funding for contraceptives, no increase in adoption options. NOTHING in #HB314 to help women prevent or manage an unwanted pregnancy. They want women pregnant under sufferance. They do not care about children. This is misogyny in action. #alpolitics
14 May, 11:46 PM UTC
#HB314 has passed! Just remember that #abortion will still be legal tomorrow, next week, and for the next SIX MONTHS. Contact us if you need abortion care in Alabama! Donate to make abortion care a reality for Alabamians! https://t.co/7sGLY3YNt1 #StopTheBans #alpolitics
15 May, 01:45 AM UTC
Josh Moon
Let's not go generic, please. The Alabama Legislature has passed a bill that will require 12-year-old incest victims to carry their rape babies to term. #alpolitics #HB314
15 May, 01:57 AM UTC
ACLU of Alabama
Here’s the result of the roll call vote on the amendment for rape and incest in #HB314. Take note of who voted to force women who are victims of rape and incest to give birth if they become pregnant. #alpolitics ACLU of Alabama's photo on #HB314
15 May, 12:40 AM UTC
Planned Parenthood Southeast Advocates
"To all the women of Alabama: I'm sorry." - Sen. Figures. Us too. #HB314 #alpolitics
15 May, 01:30 AM UTC
Molly Jong-Fast
Um with #HB314 the Alabama senate has said definitively that women cannot be trusted to regulate their own bodies, that a clump of cells is more of a person than a women.
15 May, 02:12 AM UTC
Planned Parenthood Southeast Advocates
❗️Alabama's legislature just passed #HB314 - an outright abortion ban - with no exception for rape or incest. #alpolitics ❗️
15 May, 01:45 AM UTC
London-Irish ARC
Angry about #HB314 in #Alabama? 50 years after abortion was legalised in England and Wales, Northern Ireland still has a near total ban on abortion with *no exception for rape or incest*. Email your MP - Northern Ireland needs #FreeSafeLegalLocal abortion. Now. #NowForNI https://t.co/rXeJqqODAi
15 May, 07:43 AM UTC
Sen. Singleton's amendment to re-instate the rape & incest exception has FAILED. There will be no exception for survivors of rape & incest on this outright abortion ban. If this bill makes it out of the Senate, it will go straight to Gov. Ivey. #HB314 #alpolitics #StopTheBans
15 May, 12:17 AM UTC
Nicole Watkins ♿️🦖
The most restrictive abortion ban in the country just passed the Alabama senate - with NO EXCEPTIONS for rape or incest. Bill will go to Gov. Ivey’s desk. @GovernorKayIvey - Alabama women are watching. #HB314 #ALpolitics #StopTheBans
15 May, 01:36 AM UTC
𝐀𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐨𝐧 𝐓𝐨𝐨𝐧𝐞 ⚧🏴‍☠️
Dear @GovernorKayIvey We The People are appalled to learn what happened in your statehouse today. We look to you to do what is right for all the citizens of your great state & VETO #HB314. This unconstitutional bill goes against American values & a 40 year legal precedent. https://t.co/CovDymrOXn
15 May, 03:35 AM UTC
ABORTION BAN PASSED: Democratic lawmaker sounds off on the Alabama Senate floor after a rape/incest amendment to #HB314 was voted down. "You just aborted the state of Alabama," said Sen. Bobby Singleton. "You just raped Alabama with this bill." https://t.co/E83d5yzHAz WVTM 13's photo on #HB314
15 May, 02:23 AM UTC
Sen. Singleton says that under #HB314 a doctor that performs an #abortion would spend more time in jail than someone who rapes someone else and causes a pregnancy. #WontBeBanned #StopTheBans #NoHB314 #NoBan4Alabama #alpolitics
14 May, 11:42 PM UTC
"If you care about babies for real, let's pass some bills about rural healthcare. OBGYNs have been closing down all over rural Alabama." - Sen. Singleton #HB314 #Abortion #WontBeBanned #StopTheBans #alpolitics #NoBan4Alabama
14 May, 11:59 PM UTC
Sen. Singleton says, to much gallery applause, that we could use the money we'll spend defending this bill to PREVENT and STOP INFANT MORTALITY and CHILD HUNGER! #hypcrites #HB314 #Abortion #WontBeBanned #StopTheBans #NoBan4Alabama #alpolitics #NoBan4Alabama
14 May, 11:57 PM UTC
Sen. Chambliss can't explain, in clear language, what different parts of the bill means. Sen. Singleton says he should call the forced-birth lobbyists who wrote the bill to ask for clarification. #HB314 #abortion #WontBeBanned #StopTheBans #NoBan4Alabama #alpolitics
14 May, 11:45 PM UTC
Stephanie Kennedy
The 25 white men - all Republicans- who voted to BAN abortion in Alabama Be informed & protest this outrageous, unconstitutional attack on women. Alabama, you are dangerously wrong, and you will be stopped. #HB314 #AlabamaAbortionLaw #RoeVWade #Alabama https://t.co/FHjjwFl9n4
15 May, 07:46 AM UTC
Kyle Brown
The names and faces of all the men who voted to advance #HB314. Why am I not surprised? What's the common thread here, I wonder? It's so damn despicable. Kyle Brown's photo on #HB314
15 May, 07:55 AM UTC
Monica Edwards
Donate to @YellowFund & tag your fav celebs/elected officials to donate!! Again if folks are going to crap on the south there needs to be some accountability! Tag RJ orgs! We are here and we aren’t going anywhere! #ALABAMA #ALPolitics #HB314 #stopthebans #AbortionPositive
15 May, 04:00 AM UTC
99 Years in prison - The doctor who performs an abortion on a rape victim will get MORE TIME IN JAIL then the rapist. #HB314 @GovernorKayIvey YOU CAN STOP THIS
15 May, 09:01 AM UTC
#BoycottAlabama #HB314
15 May, 09:32 AM UTC
@GovernorKayIvey Governor, please veto #HB314. Men should not legislate over female's bodies nor should government. This is a privacy issue. @ACLU @alpolitics
15 May, 09:28 AM UTC