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John Rich
Now it's time for our healthcare workers who got shafted today to bring on the lawsuits. This isn't done till it covers every American. The same workers that were praised in 2020 are demonized in 2021-22. Joe is on a roll...downhill.
13 Jan, 09:22 PM UTC
Nicole Saphier, MD
Hospitals are telling vaccinated workers w/ Covid to continue working as long as they are wearing a mask and don’t have a fever. Meanwhile thousands of healthcare workers were fired or quit because of vaccine mandates. Had they not been, maybe sick workers wouldn’t have to work.
13 Jan, 05:26 PM UTC
Dr. Eli David
The same hospitals that fired unvaccinated healthcare staff are now allowing Covid-positive staff to continue working, due to critical shortage of healthcare staff 🤯
13 Jan, 08:36 PM UTC
The Babylon Bee
SCOTUS Rules Healthcare Workers Are The Only People Who Can't Make Decisions About Their Own Health
13 Jan, 08:54 PM UTC
Election Wizard 🇺🇸
Roberts and Kavanaugh joined liberal justices in allowing the HHS mandate on healthcare workers to stand.
13 Jan, 07:44 PM UTC
Bernie's Tweets
AUSTRALIA - “Life will become very difficult for the unvaccinated” ⛔️No pubs ⛔️No bottle stores ⛔️No gym ⛔️No yoga ⛔️No Gigs ⛔️No dancing ⛔️No hospital ⛔️No healthcare Do you see it yet? State control or nothing. Wake up! #COVID19 #CovidAustralia
13 Jan, 11:17 AM UTC
Shanlon Wu
SCOTUS sitting in the safety of its ivory tower vaccinated & protected cocoon blocks large employer vaccine mandate so that less privileged Americans continue to be at risk to Covid-19 but allows mandate for healthcare workers - so they can be treated safely if they get sick...
13 Jan, 07:37 PM UTC
Dr. David Samadi
The US Supreme Court has blocked the majority of the OSHA vaccine mandates… But it has left the vaccine mandates in place for healthcare workers - deeming them Constitutional.
13 Jan, 08:01 PM UTC
Allie Beth Stuckey
Very happy re SCOTUS decision. But, considering COVID positive healthcare workers are now being forced go to work to ease the strain on hospitals, the hospital mandate needs to go too.
13 Jan, 07:56 PM UTC
Shannon America🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣
Why are people celebrating the SCOTUS ruling? Healthcare workers still are mandated the vaccine. This is BS! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
13 Jan, 08:35 PM UTC
Madhu Pai, MD, PhD
Example of how not to write a headline I fixed it for you @Reuters @paimadhu's photo on Healthcare
13 Jan, 02:23 PM UTC
Tom Fitton
EMERGENCY: Biden's abusive vaccine mandate compromising health care and should be immediately undone by Congress. Today's Supreme Court ruling puts "more than 10 million healthcare workers to the choice of their jobs or an irreversible medical treatment."
14 Jan, 12:41 AM UTC
Coalition Tea Lady 💉💉
"Pharmacists, retailers and healthcare workers are alleging the Australian government is seizing rapid antigen test supplies they ordered weeks ago, often "at the point of import", leaving them with nothing."
13 Jan, 12:55 PM UTC
Art TakingBack 🇺🇸
SCOTUS, now do the same for government and healthcare workers.
13 Jan, 09:00 PM UTC
🇺🇲🥓🍊Patriotic Bacon🍊🇺🇲🥓
I feel for the healthcare workers. Just so very wrong.🤬
13 Jan, 10:02 PM UTC
Hans Mahncke
Supreme Court just authorized government mandated "vaccination" for 10 million healthcare workers. You can thank Kavanaugh for that.
13 Jan, 07:47 PM UTC
Warren Gunnels
No, Larry. The problem is not that your bartender got a 50 cent raise last week and a $1,400 check 10 months ago. The problem is that 700 billionaires became over $2 trillion richer during the pandemic while the working class can't even afford healthcare, childcare & housing.
13 Jan, 08:26 PM UTC
A patient I have makes $1400/month. His insulin costs $700/mo. His blood thinners, which prevent him from having a stroke, cost $500/mo. Our immoral healthcare system forces people to make this impossible choice. What are they supposed to do?
13 Jan, 09:56 PM UTC
Matthew H
Brett Kavanaugh voted to force all healthcare workers to get mRNA shots Cowardly decision
13 Jan, 11:24 PM UTC
Claudia Tenney
Yet, the fight continues. Healthcare workers deserve the right to choose if they wish to be vaccinated. Just because someone works at a federally funded hospital does not mean their bodies are property of the government. We must right this wrong when we take back the House.
13 Jan, 08:45 PM UTC
Liam Bright
It is really rather evil of the NYT to treat this as newsworthy. We ought to be quite explicit that access to healthcare isn't a reward for being good.
13 Jan, 10:38 PM UTC
Dr. Benjamin Braddock
Notice Psaki’s first response is to celebrate 17 million healthcare workers being treated like livestock. Doesn’t seem remotely upset over OSHA. This is how the sausage gets made.
13 Jan, 09:20 PM UTC
Now that the Supreme Court has blocked President Joe Biden's vaccine mandates on private businesses but allowed the federal healthcare worker mandate to go forward, Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., has introduced a bill that could affect that one, too.
13 Jan, 11:54 PM UTC
emma (part one)
starstruck odyssey once again reaffirms that there is nothing more horrifying than healthcare policy under capitalism
13 Jan, 03:18 AM UTC
Grace 🌾
Someone explain to me why it’s constitutionally not ok to mandate the vax for large employers but it is ok for healthcare?
13 Jan, 08:57 PM UTC
Vicki Campbell 🇨🇦
Doug Ford broke our healthcare system in Ontario at the absolute worst time, so he had an excuse to fix it with privatization. What a fukking pr*ck eh?
14 Jan, 01:20 AM UTC
Stacey - Gen X - The Sleeper Generation
It is an excellent time for unvaccinated healthcare professionals to find each other & go back to a cash practice model. Cut out the insurers & the corporate hospital systems. Practice medicine again.
14 Jan, 01:27 AM UTC
Ilan Schwartz MD PhD
Guess what? Neither criminal history nor moral character are considered in decisions about access to transplantation or any other facet of healthcare (and nor should they be). This is 🗑 @nytimes
14 Jan, 12:08 AM UTC
Brian Hjelle, virologist
Why we can't have nice things. "Supreme Court blocks Biden administration's COVID-19 vaccine-or-test rule for businesses, allows vaccine mandate for most healthcare workers"
14 Jan, 12:20 AM UTC