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Will Chamberlain
Never forget that if the Never Trumpers had their way, we’d be staring at a 6-3 liberal court, Heller would have been overturned, and the 2nd Amendment would be a dead letter
23 Jun, 03:18 PM UTC
Will Chamberlain
Most important opinion released so far It doesn't just overturn the New York law, it undermines nearly every liberal appeals court decision restricting the right to bear arms since Heller, because it says the test they have been using is wrong https://t.co/R6zXfGwbka
23 Jun, 02:44 PM UTC
Election Wizard 🇺🇸
Justice Alito responds to the dissent: "Although Heller concerned the possession of a handgun in the home, the key point that we decided was that “the people,” not just members of the “militia,” have the right to use a firearm to defend themselves."
23 Jun, 02:49 PM UTC
Ian Millhiser
I've read Scalia's opinion in DC v. Heller at least a dozen times, and every time I'm more confused about why the Militia Clause of the Second Amendment doesn't count.
23 Jun, 05:46 PM UTC
Mark Joseph Stern
Clarence Thomas' opinion for the court dramatically expands the scope of the Second Amendment, blasting past ostensible restrictions laid out in Heller to establish a new test that will render many, many more gun control laws unconstitutional. https://t.co/QtXnGlobBG
23 Jun, 02:34 PM UTC
Suraj Patel
Scalia in Heller wrote that nothing in the decision would preclude laws making it illegal to carry guns near schools or in post offices. The NYS Senate should immediately draft a bill banning guns within 5 miles of any school, playground or house of worship.
23 Jun, 03:46 PM UTC
THE Red-Headed libertarian™
Kings and queens, This is arguably the largest expansion of gun rights since Heller and we are witnessing it. https://t.co/4rucOZzkXT
23 Jun, 02:46 PM UTC
Charles C. W. Cooke
In Heller, the Supreme Court made it clear that the Second Amendment protected an individual right. In Bruen, it made it clear that that individual right must be treated in the same way as the others are. https://t.co/JBIr0M9sEl
23 Jun, 06:34 PM UTC
Marina Medvin 🇺🇸
Here, Justice Thomas told Heller and McDonald to hold his beer. https://t.co/3ynyzCNClq
23 Jun, 02:40 PM UTC
Joanne L. Molinaro, The Korean Vegan
SCOTUS finds *Heller* unduly restrictive. Yup. THAT's the direction in which we are headed on gun laws by highest court of law in this country. For all of you who said "it's just four years what harm can he do": @#$%^&*(
23 Jun, 04:08 PM UTC
Lucky Democrat
Today's Supreme Court decision on gun rights is an existential threat to the United States. This decision as well as DC vs Heller, a 5-4 decision, need to be reversed. Stuffing the court with sensible justices should be the highest priority of the Biden administration ...
23 Jun, 06:02 PM UTC
C'est au tour de Christian Heller de nous accompagner ce soir, avec cette #photo d'une beauté chancelante de fragilité. Belle #nuit à toutes et tous, à demain. https://t.co/fn5xhBGetX
23 Jun, 06:01 PM UTC
Storm Paglia 🇺🇸
"We too agree, and now hold, consistent with Heller and McDonald, that the Second and Fourteenth Amendments protect an individual’s right to carry a handgun for self-defense outside the home." https://t.co/JaJn8xTD67
23 Jun, 02:40 PM UTC
○༺𓂂𓂃ᗙ 𝔐𝔞𝔯𝔱𝔦𝔫 🏳️‍⚧️ ᗛ𓂃𓂂༻○
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23 Jun, 12:46 PM UTC
Regeringen i DANMARK ønsker at man skal tage imod mRNA vaccinen mod COVID, som ikke giver nogen beskyttelse mod infektion. Der er heller ingen dokumentation for at den giver et mildere forløb, hvis man bliver smittet. Denne dame fik 8 fingre amputeret som følge af sprøjten 💉🤮 https://t.co/S48fA6JFPp
23 Jun, 06:57 AM UTC
Konstadinos Moros
Yep, exactly. This is the intellectual extent of the dissents in Heller and Bruen. Guns are bad. https://t.co/34zpfDZfkx
23 Jun, 06:27 PM UTC
Ville d'Antony
🔴 Annulation du Concert de Louane La Ville est dans l’obligation d’annuler le concert de Louane prévu vendredi 24 juin au Parc Heller. La société chargée d'installer la scène s’est révélée incapable de remplir sa mission par manque de personnel et de matériel. @VilleAntony's photo on Heller
23 Jun, 12:55 PM UTC
Christer Carlsson
@dilba_demirbag Den dagen då sekulära Muslimer och Imamer går ut på gator och torg och fördömer våldsdåd i Allahs namn, skall jag ta mig en funderare. Men eftersom det aldrig hänt och heller aldrig kommer att hända så får ni stå ut med att ta gemensam kritik för all djävulskap som händer. https://t.co/oVWbBzHrxJ
23 Jun, 03:08 PM UTC
Amnesty International USA
On June 5, 2022, Bruno Pereira and Dom Phillips, environmental and Indigenous peoples’ rights defenders, disappeared in the Javari Valley. We urge the General Prosecutor of the Republic to bring those suspected to justice. Take action: https://t.co/mGrRwc1F80 @amnestyusa's photo on Heller
23 Jun, 08:02 PM UTC
Hal Marshall
Originalism is a fraud, a thinly - veiled pretense for justices to indulge their most reactionary impulses on the basis of poor scholarship. Justice Stevens demonstrated that in his Heller dissent. See https://t.co/k6Sy8bVDqe
23 Jun, 07:30 PM UTC
This line of 2A jurisprudence makes me nervous just because of how recent and limited the case law is. I think Heller is correct but the foundations are *by definition* shaky precisely because it claims to recover constitutional content that was ignored for a century plus.
23 Jun, 05:11 PM UTC
🇬🇱 Blue 🇩🇰
@KingLudd2 Jeg tror desværre heller ikke at det hjælper noget. Som andre siger. Blok ham og i næste uge går han i kødet på en anden.
23 Jun, 08:13 PM UTC
Hal Marshall
“He points to scholarship debunking the basis of District of Columbia v. Heller, the most recent major Supreme Court gun case, …
23 Jun, 07:30 PM UTC
Israel Hands
Wrong District of Columbia v. Heller, case in which the U.S. Supreme Court on June 26, 2008, held (5–4) that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to possess firearms independent of service in a state militia and to use firearms for traditionally lawful purposes, https://t.co/51BnqP7PA2
23 Jun, 07:49 PM UTC
@SmallMetalOwl @imillhiser The 2nd only applied between the states and that federal government. States were not required to maintain militias or to allow people to keep and bear arms. That reading is entirely new and made up in Heller.
23 Jun, 08:11 PM UTC
The Dark Nook FX
@warrenjaay @jswami75 @WmDGill @dia_izquierdo @KeithOlbermann Well Heller had to recognize that we now have a standing military and a national guard, so the militia is no longer necessary to the security of a free State. But if they admit the first part no longer applies, then that begs the question about the 2nd part. 1/2
23 Jun, 08:10 PM UTC
@Erik_Apel @hrmanner @LinaAStenberg Jag tror definitivt att svenonius sitter på makten pga MP. Och MP har inte heller sagt nej till hennes reformer/urförsäljning. Det ä ganska allvarligt för det är svårt att reversera.
23 Jun, 08:08 PM UTC
bernhard walter
@vt27kolt11 @siegbert_nagl @Ma_Heller @AutorToto @welt Dann iss mal was da rauskommt - was glaubst du wie du dann feuern kannst.
23 Jun, 08:16 PM UTC
@neal_katyal Heller amendment by SCOTUS included this clarification for states--and has been honored until NOW (Heller is 1st decision to depart from 2nd amendment is strictly about rights of state militias) https://t.co/7A10d8Rwtc
23 Jun, 08:16 PM UTC
Laurie Brunner
I am old enough to remember, after the Heller decision, when a conservative court led by Justice Roberts told us that they simply thought citizens had the right to arm themselves in their own homes, and that of course states could regulate who got to use them outside of that.
23 Jun, 08:16 PM UTC