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Kian Egan
Tonight will see our first performance of #hellomylove on Graham Norton. Be sure to tune in! BBC1 10.35pm https://t.co/n66szP5diW
11 Jan, 09:15 PM UTC
Kian Egan
Here’s a clip from the #HelloMyLove video. Be sure to check out the full video. Link in my Bio! https://t.co/7DibeEKZsK
11 Jan, 11:53 PM UTC
🎤 P1. Westlife performing on @TheGNShow! #HelloMyLove @NickyByrne @ShaneFilan @KianEganWL @MarkusFeehily TeamByrneOFFICIAL's photo on #hellomylove
11 Jan, 11:33 PM UTC
Spotify UK
Hello our loves, @westlifemusic. It's great to have you back 😍 Listen to #HelloMyLove on Spotify now. https://t.co/NEIKcvFyez Spotify UK's photo on #hellomylove
11 Jan, 11:29 AM UTC
📺 Pt.1 Westlife @TheGNShow interview. #HelloMyLove @NickyByrne @ShaneFilan @KianEganWL @MarkusFeehily TeamByrneOFFICIAL's photo on #hellomylove
11 Jan, 11:46 PM UTC
Lee Brennan
Great comeback tune by @westlifemusic Isn’t it great to have another Boyband back again 🙌🏻 Love pop music #HelloMyLove Lee Brennan's photo on #hellomylove
11 Jan, 11:48 AM UTC
🎤 P2. Westlife performing on @TheGNShow! #HelloMyLove @NickyByrne @ShaneFilan @KianEganWL @MarkusFeehily TeamByrneOFFICIAL's photo on #hellomylove
11 Jan, 11:35 PM UTC
THAT SMILE AND THOSE DIMPLES!!! 😍😍 I AM DEAD !!!! @MarkusFeehily #HelloMyLove #Westlife https://t.co/j9DJruVRgH
11 Jan, 01:17 PM UTC
Full Westlife performance of #HelloMyLove on The Graham Norton Show. 🎤👏 @NickyByrne @ShaneFilan @KianEganWL @MarkusFeehily https://t.co/WkxL6UAGZ2
12 Jan, 12:09 AM UTC
It’s about time an excellent band/group were at number 1 with a terrific song. Been fed up of all the crap & trash that’s been getting to number 1 over the years. I love 2019! #Westlife #HelloMyLove #TheGNShow
11 Jan, 11:50 PM UTC
THEY LOOKED SO HAPPY LIKE IM JUST IN TEARS DHKSSLWJWVWSJE #hellomylove #TheGNShow @ShaneFilan @MarkusFeehily @KianEganWL @NickyByrne Mary-WL's photo on #hellomylove
11 Jan, 11:29 PM UTC
𝓕𝓲𝓵𝓪𝓷𝓼 𝓣𝔀𝓲𝓷𝓴𝓵𝓮
What can I Say well-done lads first performance of #HelloMyLove an outstanding one 👌 no words to say how proud we are 😍 No 1 all the way. 🎶 @ShaneFilan @KianEganWL @NickyByrne @MarkusFeehily @westlifemusic 𝓕𝓲𝓵𝓪𝓷𝓼 𝓣𝔀𝓲𝓷𝓴𝓵𝓮's photo on #hellomylove
12 Jan, 12:06 AM UTC
♧✨⭐Paulinah Maifo♧✨
I am so dying right now since I can’t watch ⁦@TheGNShow⁩ at this stage to watch ⁦@westlifemusic⁩ performing #HelloMyLove but I’m having my moments of joy seeing that they made it to No.1 in SA🇿🇦 iTunes Charts. This is huge 😭😭😭 #HelloMyLoveNo1 ♧✨⭐Paulinah Maifo♧✨'s photo on #hellomylove
11 Jan, 10:36 PM UTC
Jamie Holland 🎥
#Westlife at Number one on 2019! What a time to be alive! #HelloMyLove
11 Jan, 11:22 PM UTC
Jenny 💖FeehilyLover 💚✨☘️🌈 🇮🇪
#HelloMyLove @westlifemusic New #MusicVideo is out now Downloading and streaming through the official channels please to secure their charts position Going for Nr 1️⃣ Worldwide 🌏 youtube, iTunes,Google,Spotify @westlifemusic @MarkusFeehily @ShaneFilan @NickyByrne @KianEganWL Jenny 💖FeehilyLover 💚✨☘️🌈 🇮🇪's photo on #hellomylove
11 Jan, 08:44 PM UTC
Scottish Team WL
Number 1 single, number 1 music video... bring on the number 1 album. #HelloMyLove Scottish Team WL's photo on #hellomylove
12 Jan, 01:06 AM UTC
ENJOY THIS MASTERPIECE IN FULL HD, FOLKS #HelloMyLove #Westlife https://t.co/U4TkZcYn8a
12 Jan, 06:31 AM UTC
Oh wow!! @ShaneFilan you and the boys were absolutely amazing live! Really loved that and just so proud of you! #HelloMyLove is such a fantastic happy song!! Congratulations!! 👌🏻🎶👦🏻🎉 Sue's photo on #hellomylove
11 Jan, 11:30 PM UTC
#HellomyLove and Good Morning from snowy Switzerland 🇨🇭 Was to early on the train station so i was creative with the new snow we got ❄️ Can‘t stop listen this beautiful song ❤️ #westlife #switzerland #snow #HelloMyLove NickyByrneSwissCrew's photo on #hellomylove
12 Jan, 05:57 AM UTC
Westlife Lover Angel 🎶🎵🎼
I can't brag enough lol. @westlifemusic #HelloMyLove nr1 on the iTunes in South Africa I'm so proud of you guys @ShaneFilan @MarkusFeehily @NickyByrne @KianEganWL never expected anything less with your amazing voices. What do you think @Gillian_Filan @JodiAlbert @GginaAhernByrne Westlife Lover Angel 🎶🎵🎼's photo on #hellomylove
12 Jan, 06:15 AM UTC
Keep watching the @westlifemusic #HelloMyLove Official Video because it’s trending at No2 on YouTube!!! 245K views in half a day!! Woohoo!! They count towards chart position, keep going guys!! Watch here: https://t.co/bGDbwJuyHd https://t.co/PIqnuTEQhS
11 Jan, 11:54 PM UTC
Reyna D
Still cant believe @westlife actually back!!! My amazing, lovely , stunning men @ShaneFilan @KianEganWL @NickyByrne @MarkusFeehily are back! Cant say anything, just cried to see You back together😭 always perfect as always. Love You to the moon and back #WESTLIFE #HelloMyLove ❤️ Reyna D's photo on #hellomylove
12 Jan, 05:51 AM UTC
ふみ aka WestlifeJapan
The Graham Norton Show #westlife #HelloMyLove https://t.co/kZANw2ldWE
12 Jan, 06:51 AM UTC
Hema Malik
NICKY BYRNE DESERVES BETTER. I can't believe BBC iPlayer did him wrong like this! 😅 @NickyByrne [tagging the @RTE2fm folks because it's another thing to rip into him over, hahaha. @djjennygreene @jayhartigan @CarlMullan @carolineclarke] #HelloMyLove #Westlife https://t.co/bJdNJnGBzi
12 Jan, 02:40 AM UTC
Loop for Westlife #HelloMyLove ! Log out of your browser or go incognito on your app! RT✔ Thanks for sharing @westlifebrasilhttps://t.co/xs2WNaR978
12 Jan, 07:06 AM UTC
12 Jan, 07:03 AM UTC
ふみ aka WestlifeJapan
#westlife visit Magic Radio 09.01.2019 #HelloMyLove https://t.co/Hu2DMDSzj9
12 Jan, 06:49 AM UTC
Good morning Starting into the day with #Westlife #HelloMyLove You have no idea how happy this song makes me LISTEN TO IT ! TRY YOURSELF: it will put a smile on your face 😊 💚💛🧡❤💜🖤 @westlifemusic @NickyByrne @ShaneFilan @MarkusFeehily @KianEganWL https://t.co/qlb74Df77A
12 Jan, 06:33 AM UTC
Elfily ❄️☃️💙
THIS made me happy af 😍❤️ #westlifeareback #Westlife #Hellomylove #TheGNShow Elfily ❄️☃️💙's photo on #hellomylove
12 Jan, 06:24 AM UTC
Michelle Evans
357k views, number 4 trending globally! Keep it going let's get to 500k today!! #HelloMyLove #westlife https://t.co/C3syWd7TfV
12 Jan, 06:56 AM UTC
Rizky Antonio Adam F
I've been waiting for a long time to enjoy the moment when @westlifemusic made their new single, and finally, it comes true! I can't describe how happy i am to see them back and give this new year gift to their fans. Welcome back, lads! #Westlife #HelloMyLove
12 Jan, 06:46 AM UTC
#HelloMyLove #HelloMyLove Unshakable! Thank you Lord! You are still number 1 in the philippines my loves! @MarkusFeehily @KianEganWL @ShaneFilan @NickyByrne #Westlife #WestlifeTwenty #WESTLIFEREUNION Shieismeant4u🇵🇭's photo on #hellomylove
12 Jan, 06:22 AM UTC
gledis Nbbn
My Love♥️ #today #gledgallery #hellomylove #markusfeehily #westlife #shanefilan #markfeehily #nickybyrne #kianegan #bryanmcfadden #video #song #music #movie #lovesong #bestmovie… https://t.co/yKN0Gp97Og
12 Jan, 06:15 AM UTC
I woke up thinking this would be gone. It's still here. We really are number 1. Thank you South Africa for welcoming #HelloMyLove... Am proud of you je's photo on #hellomylove
12 Jan, 06:09 AM UTC
#westlife #HelloMyLove #NewSingle https://t.co/DWBpMUl18X
12 Jan, 07:11 AM UTC
Neela A Kumar
This is everything: https://t.co/Vrz0mDMJlo #westlife #hellomylove
12 Jan, 07:05 AM UTC
Kate Stride
@westlifemusic @ShaneFilan @MarkusFeehily @KianEganWL @NickyByrne LOVE LOVE #HelloMyLove it is brilliant!! Cannot wait to see #Westlife in concert again. AMAZING!!! 😊
12 Jan, 06:56 AM UTC
ふみ aka WestlifeJapan
London 09.01.2019 #westlife #HelloMyLove https://t.co/gpLx8aTEOq
12 Jan, 06:47 AM UTC
#HelloMyLove Hello to my Fave 😍 💕🎧 @ShaneFilan @NickyByrne @MarkusFeehily @KianEganWL Elms1819's photo on #hellomylove
12 Jan, 06:41 AM UTC
Can't stop listening to this song. #HelloMyLove by #Westlife. https://t.co/yvYX14GfGm
12 Jan, 06:40 AM UTC
Andy Tran
Love it! Great to hear Nicky and Kian also have a turn too. #HelloMyLove #Westlife https://t.co/liWKhoOZu1
12 Jan, 06:38 AM UTC
Jen Pedrajas
Wow! @westlifemusic #2 on trending! Keep streaming guys let's make it to #1 #hellomylove #westlife #fifteenthnumberonesingle @MarkusFeehily @ShaneFilan @NickyByrne @KianEganWL Jen Pedrajas's photo on #hellomylove
12 Jan, 06:32 AM UTC
#HelloMyLove Unshakable! Thank you Lord! You are still number 1 in the philippines my loves! @MarkusFeehily @KianEganWL @ShaneFilan @NickyByrne #Westlife #WestlifeTwenty #WESTLIFEREUNION
12 Jan, 06:21 AM UTC
M E I 🌸💐
#HelloMyLove from @westlifemusic is in CNN Indonesia this afternoon! 😍❤️ Say hello to Indonesia fans, lads @MarkusFeehily @NickyByrne @KianEganWL @ShaneFilan 😆🥰 M E I 🌸💐's photo on #hellomylove
12 Jan, 06:20 AM UTC
#HelloMyLove I just can't understand why youtube views for hello mylove are suspiciously low even if thousands of people are viewing it infinite times. #Westlife #WestlifeTwenty
12 Jan, 06:18 AM UTC
Stephanie García
Los amooo 😍❤❤❤❤ https://t.co/9TDF63Fa88 #Westlife #HelloMyLove
12 Jan, 06:15 AM UTC
Now all I do is wait #KAI-shot
No one knows about all the good things you do when people take advantage of you your heart is pure and so beautiful and I know that it's just the way you are I'll be searching for someone like you #HelloMyLove #Westlife
12 Jan, 06:10 AM UTC
gledis Nbbn
Hello My #Legend♥️🎤 #today #gledgallery #hellomylove #markusfeehily #westlife #shanefilan #markfeehily #nickybyrne #kianegan #bryanmcfadden #video #song #music… https://t.co/HQWLw1dJOt
12 Jan, 06:01 AM UTC

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