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SP 🇸🇱
Mitrovic cooking Henderson and VVD 😭 @septimusajprime's photo on Henderson
06 Aug, 12:48 PM UTC
Henderson v Fulham highlights https://t.co/2QjQ2MtiSg
06 Aug, 12:13 PM UTC
Footy Accumulators
Henderson shouting at Nunez when he's lost every single 50/50 himself so far... What a captain 😂😂😂
06 Aug, 12:46 PM UTC
Pep Guardiola will never play with a player like Henderson, that's why he won the title every year
06 Aug, 12:16 PM UTC
Sky Sports Premier League
The evolution of Jordan Henderson at Liverpool 📊🔴
06 Aug, 09:01 AM UTC
Jordan Henderson vs Fulham (A), Time for the championship 🔜🔜🔜 https://t.co/JRtBktfQ1c
06 Aug, 03:13 PM UTC
James Pearce
#LFC line up v Fulham: Alisson, Trent AA, Matip, VVD, Robertson, Fabinho, Thiago, Henderson, Diaz, Firmino, Salah.
06 Aug, 10:30 AM UTC
Henderson’s contribution to the team https://t.co/nR7gAkCgv3
06 Aug, 01:05 PM UTC
Footy Accumulators
Liverpool's current midfield options: ✅ Henderson ✅ Fabinho ✅ Milner ❌ Thiago (out) ❌ Keita (out) ❌ Jones (out) ❌ AOC (out) They may need to go back into the transfer market after all... 😳
06 Aug, 02:57 PM UTC
Dean Henderson 😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/nUMmgrSdSm
06 Aug, 03:40 PM UTC
I just don’t get why there’s a subsection of the fan base who are so reluctant to criticise Henderson and attack you relentlessly if you do. Club legend and seems a top guy, but he’s physically regressed and needed phasing out 2 years ago. He’s 32, it happens. Stop clinging on.
06 Aug, 07:48 PM UTC
Marina Purkiss
And only last week… I learnt there will be another energy price rise in Jan When the UK population in fuel poverty is predicted to rise to 54% We are sleepwalking into utter chaos and carnage with a Govt that are happy to just look the other way.
07 Aug, 07:04 AM UTC
The Bladesman
Wes Foderingham's assist for Iliman Ndiaye today was the first time a Sheffield United goalkeeper has assisted a goal since Dean Henderson's pass to Mark Duffy against Aston Villa in September 2018. #twitterblades #sufc https://t.co/BuEIsxxUAT
06 Aug, 08:04 PM UTC
Firmino and Henderson cannot be starters in this team anymore.
06 Aug, 12:06 PM UTC
Emma Kennedy💙
If I was Johnson, exiting in disgrace, I’d have everything and anything to redeem myself before leaving office. He’s done nothing because he’s never given one single shit about this country. Off he trots to his US after dinner payday. https://t.co/KJdEjmdYBh
07 Aug, 07:35 AM UTC
Shane Bazzi
If only @AlboMP was in a position of power to do something to help people like Ricci 🙃 it’s truly disgusting that as PM he is refusing to increase welfare payments above the Henderson poverty line. so shameful. https://t.co/GUMkgUGRXy
07 Aug, 01:47 AM UTC
we play 4 games in 12 days in a couple weeks time, and one keita injury means we will see a midfield of fabinho henderson milner, klopp has blood in his hands
07 Aug, 05:47 AM UTC
Ellie/ IPA TROLL ⭐️ #LaborROCKS ⭐️
@lennyb123 @FixatedUnits It’s Gerard Henderson and yes he heads up the Sydney Institute which is I reckon a shopfront for the IPA. ⚠️ #TheIPAisNotOurFriend❗️ 🔴WARNING: #NeoLiberals, #Libertarians DO NOT ACT in the PUBLIC GOOD / NEVER ACT IN THE PUBLIC GOOD❗️ 🔴#Auspol
06 Aug, 12:49 PM UTC
Steve McVeigh
Henderson is a good off pitch skipper. Does a lot of good work. Charity & making sure new players are well received. Sound. Most sound pros do it at that level. He's never convinced me as an on pitch skipper. Stank out 3 CL finals & couldn't inspire anything in all three finals.
07 Aug, 01:34 AM UTC
Texas State Soccer
GOAL!!! @malla_henderson with a bending left-footed shot over the goalkeeper's hands to cut the deficit in half! #EatEmUp https://t.co/TERM3K8Wgx
07 Aug, 01:04 AM UTC
Rory Greenfield
Liverpool have absolutely nothing to lose starting Elliott in the 8. The midfield that started yesterday is only offering defensive solidity when they’re on it, which they certainly weren’t yesterday. Let Fabinho / Henderson rotate at 6 and bring Keita in whilst Thiago is out.
07 Aug, 06:52 AM UTC
alex IS AT DUNDERCON (from pam❣️)
@steddiedustin “dustin is this true? did you punch that kid?” “…yeah” “hell yeah henderson!” “eddie…” “that kid’s a prick steve” “please. i called you both in here because we could not reach claudia and you both are his next emergency contacts. please keep the arguing to a minimum.”
06 Aug, 08:49 PM UTC
Jane P.
Cero dudas de que Martin Henderson y Aishwarya Rai son la pareja Darcy/Lizzie (perdón... Lalita) más atractiva y sexy de la historia. https://t.co/yCho4sjNL6
06 Aug, 12:29 PM UTC
nn.`~ saw bullet train
แบรดลีย์ แบรดชอว์ as jordan henderson กองกลางรองกัปตัน ในฐานะนักเตะคนนึงเค้าอาจจะโดยปรามาสบ่อย เพราะแม้สกิลจะดีใช้ได้แต่เค้ามักจะเล่นเพลย์เซฟ จ่ายแปะสั้นๆให้เพื่อนจนได้ฉายาว่าแปะ แต่ที่ยึดตัวจริงได้เพราะความทุ่มเทและความเป็นผู้นำ ที่มักจะคอยแยกเวลาใครตีกัน ยกเว้นมันสุดจะทน https://t.co/lfaHjwXnDa
06 Aug, 05:43 PM UTC
Coaches complicate shit, Sundowns coaches playing Lebusa and Mandela instead of Kekana and De Reuck, Klopp plying Henderson, just play the best players and stop complicating a fairly simple game. Don’t overthink.
06 Aug, 01:34 PM UTC
@AnfieldEdition Henderson was the worst player on the pitch at any given point. Fulham players are of higher standard than him at the moment. The guys a liability. How many more league titles is he gonna cost us before he's shipped out.
06 Aug, 09:02 PM UTC
Durkhany Ijaz Khan
The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit." ― Nelson Henderson https://t.co/EVb8tZ27BI
07 Aug, 07:31 AM UTC
Every time Henderson is talked about footballing abilities are not mentioned🤣 All I hear is but … he’s a very good leader 😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/AfkSVb2Zmk
07 Aug, 07:30 AM UTC
@VirgiIxnte_ we are gonna field henderson milner and harvey elliott against united in 2 weeks time 🤣😂😂
07 Aug, 07:30 AM UTC
Lawrence Kinuthia 🔴📌
Hey @Its_Faredy the mouthy Dean Henderson conceded twice😂😂😂😂
07 Aug, 07:41 AM UTC