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Chiddy 🇳🇬
Thiago is a crock, Hendo is meady, Keita is meady, Elliott is still young, Jones ain't there yet and Fabinho has declined, how's Klopp happy with this
06 Aug, 12:40 PM UTC
Anfield Watch
06 Aug, 01:22 PM UTC
Andrew James
Imagine how the narratives change if Hendo’s shot goes in though…gritty three points away, winning when not playing well is how you win the league… subs by Klopp changed the game…goal from midfield exactly what we needed…etc etc …fine margins.
06 Aug, 06:05 PM UTC
Pay it. Not an over-reaction, but Matheus is a necessity. Even Luka Sucic would’ve been destructive today. Can’t be ending the game with Hendo, Milner, Elliott, as much as I love them, it ain’t good enough. #LFC https://t.co/zlHi1n7qge
06 Aug, 01:40 PM UTC
Football Daily
🗣 "Was it a foul on Hendo before the first goal? Yeah?" 😬 Jurgen Klopp had his say on the build up to Fulham's opening goal @footballdaily's photo on Hendo
06 Aug, 05:11 PM UTC
@AnfieldEdition Nah, we'll be relying on Milner and Hendo even in 2024.
06 Aug, 08:30 PM UTC
People won’t blame de gea for this but will blame both goals on Hendo today😭😂 https://t.co/ExLqn7Dpwj
06 Aug, 08:05 PM UTC
If that was DeGea the Hendo fanboys would be losing the plot. They’ve all gone a bit quiet though. https://t.co/YfLT1nlKP2
06 Aug, 08:51 PM UTC
We all know Hendo is not our best player, but mugging our captain off who probably loves the club more than you fake dickhead fans ain’t on. Straight up, go support some other fucking team. Ain’t got time for you dick heads
06 Aug, 09:16 PM UTC
Dean Roberts 🌱
If the only player you've selected as a liability yesterday was Hendo, you're everything that's wrong with our fanbase. #LFC
07 Aug, 07:09 AM UTC
dennis wise
@CACoates96 We can't keep deceiving ourselves. None of our attack-minded midfielders come close to De Bruyne and B. Silva. We can't compete with City with these set of midfielders. The midfield need some improvement and players like Keita, Hendo, Milner, Curtis, Ox can't add anything new.
06 Aug, 05:22 PM UTC
@vxrgil yup, klopp deserves all the criticism for starting henderson and firmino, even fabinho too cos hendo as a 6 away from home >>
07 Aug, 07:01 AM UTC
@AnfieldMagic And this is not just relevant to Hendo
07 Aug, 06:31 AM UTC
Mike Wilson*
@cjluck84 One game in and we are getting the moans like ‘Hendo misplaced pass videos (like he was the only one yesterday), FSG not backing Klopp, Keita always injured (he’s unwell), every midfielder is injured, bloody relying on Milner (he was excellent) etc. Instant blocks all of them.
07 Aug, 06:34 AM UTC
@samuelmway Kushusha hendo
07 Aug, 06:32 AM UTC
@IDONTM1SSCUH nah don't disrespect him like this. leadership is important outside the pitch. there are many things that we don't know but players always said Hendo helped them a lot. is he a legend for being a captain alone? yes, because he's a big part of the reason we win those achievements
06 Aug, 09:29 PM UTC
Michael Brooks (𝙏𝘼𝙔𝙇𝙊𝙍’𝙎 𝙑𝙀𝙍𝙎𝙄𝙊𝙉)
Having kept on seeing Barry corballymancII spouting shite about Bobby and Hendo on my timeline; finally blocked him. Honestly thought I had him in the bin ages ago… hey ho, live and learn! Block block block button people
07 Aug, 06:26 AM UTC
Taking Fabinho off was a mistake yesterday. Milner for Hendo made more sense #LFC
07 Aug, 07:37 AM UTC
Dean Roberts 🌱
You know what, instead of upsetting myself about idiots in our fanbase... Knowing that these wetwipes greatest moments as a fan will always be coupled with Hendo lifting the trophies gives me great joy. #MyCaptain #LFC https://t.co/DkLKw8eWT9 https://t.co/QLpA3MYL67
07 Aug, 07:24 AM UTC
If Hendo loves Liverpool he should beg Klopp not to start him any game lol😭
07 Aug, 07:19 AM UTC
Love hendo for his leadership and his serving loyalty for our club, whether in bottom or glory days. Tapi sudah seharusnya mulai "koreksi" diri buat not blame other player for his poor end and through pass. He's been outclassed by 38 year old Milner for making "proper pass". https://t.co/VRSN9wairv
07 Aug, 06:34 AM UTC
Steven McAuley
1 game in and the wetwipes are making it very hard for me to remain calm! From Klopp’s blind loyalty to Hendo to Pep spending all week treating the training ground like Wetherstones!! Where do we get these morons from? But I’m not getting involved 😉
07 Aug, 07:28 AM UTC
@Liverpoolgoals_ A below average performance from Hendo i feel.. even though if that last strike could have been a redemption if that went in!
07 Aug, 07:22 AM UTC
@KIopptinho bellinghams number 1 we get it but even without injuries we clearly wanted a mid even nearly the end of last season hendo wasnt starting so fab and thaigo are starters we have get a top mid in
07 Aug, 07:17 AM UTC
@LFCVik2 MILNER was actually better than hendo i was gassed everytime he touched the ball
07 Aug, 07:05 AM UTC
@RoryGreenfield @TaintlessRed I will take anyone other than Hendo in that position at the moment. Bring on Spearing ffs
07 Aug, 07:03 AM UTC
@FanofNoOneV1 agree !! stop using 4-3-3 with hendo he open the gap for opponent
07 Aug, 07:01 AM UTC
@SocialChartered Add Elliott,hendo as well.
07 Aug, 06:50 AM UTC