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G Herbo’s Girlfriend Gets Him a Chain w/ His Grandmothers Face on it & He Tears Up 🙏🏽 @2Cool2BIog's photo on Herbo
09 Oct, 04:47 AM UTC
Hot Freestyle
G Herbo started tearing up after his girlfriend gifted him a chain with a picture of his grandma on it 🙏🏽 @HotFreestyle's photo on Herbo
09 Oct, 05:09 AM UTC
Rap All-Stars 🏆
G Herbo’s girlfriend gave him a chain with a picture of his grandmother on it for his birthday and he couldn’t help but cry 😢 @RapAllStars's photo on Herbo
09 Oct, 02:10 PM UTC
Culture Central™️
G Herbo just had his best birthday ever!😩 Even made him cry😭 @CultureCentral_'s photo on Herbo
09 Oct, 04:53 AM UTC
Never seen G Herbo Cry Ever 😢 @2Cool2BIog's photo on Herbo
09 Oct, 04:57 AM UTC
Young Jefè
G herbo literally cried at the gift his shorty got him while his bm on the internet writing a paragraph that ended with fuck your birthday
09 Oct, 12:19 PM UTC
Legs Legs Legs
Ari seen Herbo crying tears of joy and said “it’s showtime” 😭😭
09 Oct, 12:57 PM UTC
Fuck what Ari is saying, how you don’t want your son around your baby father’s decent girlfriend but you wanna bring your son around a nigga you constantly on and off with? Does that make any sense? The reasons for her acting this way are probably one of the reasons Herbo left
09 Oct, 02:03 PM UTC
Dear Jesus I’ll do whatever you want just don’t give me a baby mama like Herbo’s
09 Oct, 04:55 PM UTC
Bel Alejandrà
Taina made g herbo cry😭 I can’t wait to make my nigga happy like that
09 Oct, 05:07 AM UTC
You niggaz after watching Herbo cry: @MOWHETT's photo on Herbo
09 Oct, 05:38 AM UTC
Ari is 100% still in love with G herbo did y’all see how long that paragraph was, I wouldn’t even care if my ex died no man from my past is getting a paragraph from me 😂😂😂
09 Oct, 09:06 AM UTC
I pray for G herbo, he got the worst baby mama in this industry lol. Shawty too toxic
09 Oct, 10:47 AM UTC
DJ First Class™ 🏁
Ari Last Night Seeing That Video Of Herbo & Taina Everywhere....... @1DJFirstClass's photo on Herbo
09 Oct, 01:45 PM UTC
HOT 97
G Herbo’s GF makes him emotional after Getting Him A Chain With His Grandma’s Face On It for his birthday 😢 @HOT97's photo on Herbo
09 Oct, 12:37 PM UTC
DJ Meechademiks
Ari bought G Herbo 22 pairs of air forces for his 22nd birthday. I promise you that nigga was disappointed when he woke up and seen that.
09 Oct, 11:42 AM UTC
Thee Jacksonian
Somebody said G Herbo sent that prayer up that Ciara did 😢 https://t.co/LHWzzZFUUB
09 Oct, 06:19 AM UTC
Throughout her pregnancy until she delivered and got diagnosed with postpartum g herbo was out cheating with tiana then g herbo agreed with ari not to have tiana around. Ari ain't right in her delivery but g herbo is foul https://t.co/BXOuE9JzEr
09 Oct, 04:17 PM UTC
Tania fucked Bibby? Then got Herbo . Wow she got taste in niggas, I would’ve probably did the same 😭
09 Oct, 02:29 PM UTC
FCGX 🏁🏁🏁
G Herbo: *Enjoying life* Ari: https://t.co/isATLTsBGo
09 Oct, 04:13 PM UTC
Y’all saying taina a keeper just cuz she bought herbo a chain and made him cry.... that nigga don’t give af😭😭😭😭he still gonna do what he do. Y’all ain’t learned a thing about niggas yet!
09 Oct, 02:49 PM UTC
While G Herbo was celebrating his 24th birthday his ex was blasting him for allegedly letting their son spend time with his new girlfriend: https://t.co/Z41zts5J0v @Complex's photo on Herbo
09 Oct, 08:25 PM UTC
All you niggas commenting on G Herbo relationship situation is bitches. That’s shit that females do. I’m convinced you niggas wear rompers with Timbs.
09 Oct, 08:49 PM UTC
wanderer 🧞‍♀️
So G Herbo can’t have his baby around his GF who been good since they dated, but her baby can be around a nigga she stay on & off with, who stay doing her dirty.. make it make sense. She’s a bitter BM af, toxic as hell. Want him to be miserable.
09 Oct, 02:13 PM UTC
that girl got G herbo crying yeaaaa it might be over for Ari 😭😭
09 Oct, 05:31 AM UTC
Everybody goin off Ari and Herbo situation half y’all babyfathers didnt even want you or the baby 🤷🏽‍♀️🤣
09 Oct, 02:24 PM UTC
Kazui // Tensa Zangetsu ☠️🍓
This video of G Herbo and Taina is much more beautiful than the viral one going around https://t.co/r3r0omzZOJ
09 Oct, 07:50 PM UTC
princess ash💋
Ari the reason I know who g herbo is🤷🏾‍♀️ cause it damn sure wasn’t his music https://t.co/5gDFHJplF5
09 Oct, 08:31 PM UTC
G Herbo slander will get you unfollowed
09 Oct, 01:50 PM UTC
G Herbo just need to have a 3 some with both them n call it a day
09 Oct, 07:22 PM UTC

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