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Emerald van Zyl
I am financing the case of 3 of the complainants in the Equality Court in the Western Cape High Court against FNB for unfair discrimination with interest rates on their mortgage loans A sincere thanks to NUMSA who contacted me and paid 50% of my cost up to now.
13 Mar, 03:15 AM UTC
John Finucane
A statement on behalf of my client James McClean in advance of proceedings which commence at Belfast High Court tomorrow morning. John Finucane's photo on High Court
12 Mar, 05:53 PM UTC
Tom Winter
BREAKING / NBC News: The FBI and U.S. Attorney in Boston has charged 12 people in a massive college entrance exam cheating scandal that facilitated students being admitted high-profile D-1 schools, court documents show. More details to come.
12 Mar, 02:05 PM UTC
Maharashtra Congress
धनगर आरक्षणाची कागदपत्र गायब झाल्याचे सरकारी वकिलांनी न्यायालयात सांगितले. भाजप शिवसेना सरकार आरक्षणाची कागदपत्रे गहाळ झाल्याचे सांगून धनगर आरक्षणापासून पळ काढते आहे. #GayabHoGaya https://t.co/v9alQB1CxZ
12 Mar, 11:21 AM UTC
Louise Milligan
"Sexual abuse of children by those in authority over them has been revealed as a most serious blight on society." Kidd CJ in #PellSentence, quoting the High Court.
12 Mar, 11:59 PM UTC
Biyaki Michoma
Took me 7 years! But I'm here! Advocate of the High Court of Kenya. 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾
13 Mar, 07:17 AM UTC
Candice Wyatt
Abuse survivors are breaking down in tears watching the live sentencing of Cardinal George Pell on a screen outside court. Emotions are high. A reminder... support services are available. @10Daily @10NewsFirst #pellsentence Candice Wyatt's photo on High Court
12 Mar, 11:26 PM UTC
Teela Reid
‘The High Court of Australia has upheld the award of $1.3 million to a group of Aboriginal traditional owners in the Northern Territory for cultural loss caused by their native title being extinguished, in a landmark decision delivered on Wednesday.’ https://t.co/LI8h5cPnXU
13 Mar, 07:14 AM UTC
Amy McQuire
Background on the landmark Timber Creek case - handed down today during the Pell sentencing: https://t.co/lXSubTpL2k
13 Mar, 12:28 AM UTC
Deepika Bhardwaj
High Court makes this observation but still releases the woman on bail as she's a woman of young age! Even though she got her husband killed in conspiracy with her lover! Lover is still incarcerated. What Equality! https://t.co/8Ko1ixQHC0
12 Mar, 07:12 PM UTC
Marcia Langton
The hysterical white panic campaign against native title again - They won’t be happy until they have completely eradicated us. Racism & hate, even when their legal system finds in our favour: High Court paves way for 'billions' in native title compensation https://t.co/Ae5MQh4WsT
13 Mar, 07:54 AM UTC
Prof M Davis [-0-]
Let’s not focus on the BILLIONS. The test case run by the Ngaliwurru and Nungali people asked the court to quantify the cost of dispossession. Can we pause and reflect on this historic decision where the High Court upheld and endorsed compensation for cultural spiritual loss?
13 Mar, 08:04 AM UTC
Ashurst Australia
In a landmark decision, the High Court has today ordered the NT Government to pay A$2.5m compensation to the native title holders of Timber Creek. #timbercreek #nativetitle Ashurst Australia's photo on High Court
13 Mar, 12:14 AM UTC
Adebayo Bankole Akintunde
FLASH: The 10-year-old trial of a Fmr MD of the defunct Intercontinental Bank Plc, Dr. Erastus Akingbola has been reopened by the EFCC before the Federal High Court in Lagos.
13 Mar, 05:52 AM UTC
Pearson In The Wind
Wait, so is it billions or ‘billions’? Because I feel that, given a choice, I’d take billions over ‘billions’ every time... https://t.co/JeIG0JyyP6
13 Mar, 07:39 AM UTC
Michael Koziol
At the opening of a pilates studio, Malcolm Turnbull says he was recovering from back surgery when Matt Canavan called him and told him he was an Italian citizen. (But the High Court did not so hold!) #auspol
13 Mar, 07:52 AM UTC
Pauli Van Wyk
#VBS fixer & frontman #KabeloMatsepe attempted to convince the Master of the High Court in Polokwane that the bank Matsepe allegedly helped to rob still owes it R21.6-million in “consulting services”. https://t.co/rKl7ygrhAy
13 Mar, 04:57 AM UTC
Haji's zeal in prosecuting high profile cases made hm a constant feature n dailies he recently moved to court seeking to have corruption suspects barred frm holding public office To have this candid live interview with @KoinangeJeff on @citizentvkenya with @ODPP_KE Tune #JKLive KAIZER's photo on High Court
13 Mar, 09:17 AM UTC
Friends of the Earth 🌍
Live at the High Court with @planb.earth to say #NoThirdRunway at Heathrow https://t.co/21VzH5FKfM
13 Mar, 09:08 AM UTC
The Standard Digital
The High Court has declared unconstitutional sections of law that gave men the leeway to either accept or reject responsibility for children born out of wedlock. https://t.co/MUw7AoKtc2
13 Mar, 04:59 AM UTC
patricia mukhim
Contempt Order Against Patricia Mukhim Unjustified on Law & Facts https://t.co/c6t6zWA4kh
12 Mar, 05:20 PM UTC
Dr kafeel khan
H'ble high court has asked UP govt to expedite the departmental inquiry against suspended Dr Kafeel Khan 18 महीने से ⁦@myogiadityanath⁩ की enquiry ही नहीं ख़त्म हो रही Finish probe against suspended BRD doctor in three months: Allahabad high court https://t.co/kuwOqi5DRl
13 Mar, 08:49 AM UTC
#432days on, our leaders still held under inhumane conditions in Biya's dungeons.We must rise up and tk that which is ours after Abuja high Court ruling in our favour.@MBuhari execute that order through your high office n bring #Justice4Nera10.
13 Mar, 07:14 AM UTC
The High Court has declared unconstitutional sections of law that gave men the leeway to either accept or reject responsibility for children born out of wedlock.
13 Mar, 05:21 AM UTC
Matthew Rimmer
The High Court of Australia confirms process for calculating native title compensation - including economic value and cultural loss https://t.co/dYEbBpQR1f via @smh @mwhitbourn #auslaw #auspol
13 Mar, 07:44 AM UTC
Eff Sedibeng Region
{NOW} Fighter Khanyisile Nontsikelelo Dhlakama has been admitted as an Advocate by the High Court. Making education fashionable. 💃🕺❤️ #VoteEFF #OurLandAndJobsNow Eff Sedibeng Region's photo on High Court
13 Mar, 09:34 AM UTC
Duncan Ivison
High Court paves way for 'billions' in native title compensation https://t.co/dovp9HVTm1
13 Mar, 07:33 AM UTC
Craig Bennett
Good turn out at High Court on day judge starts to consider climate arguments against a #ThirdRunway at #Heathrow It will lead to 700 extra planes a day, and an airport generating emissions equivalent to the whole of Croatia. Insane that we even have to be bringing this case. Craig Bennett's photo on High Court
13 Mar, 09:19 AM UTC
A bench of three High Court judges is tomorrow expected to hear a case in which human rights groups are challenging the criminalisation of same sex relations. https://t.co/IbAHOztqwS
13 Mar, 09:24 AM UTC
Phoenix Law Belfast
Gardaí at a senior level told not to extradite Ludlow killers. What we seem to have here is an implied or express agreement, it’s almost collusion between the two states to keep this covered up @GavinBooth23 of @PhoenixLawHR acts for the family https://t.co/984hmfrTMu
12 Mar, 10:02 PM UTC
Deborah Doane
As I listen to the planes above my head this morning (very noisy in SE15), I am grateful for this high court challenge. Thanks @friends_earth @CraigBennett3 #climatechange https://t.co/K8b9w54b4I
13 Mar, 09:03 AM UTC
john o'neill
@ballymurphy11 Another callous heinous cowardly crime by Brit state. The nephew of a murdered forestry worker has won permission in the Belfast High Court to challenge a decision not to prosecute British soldiers and loyalist paramilitaries identified as suspects. https://t.co/1J3s6XRNnY
12 Mar, 11:52 PM UTC
Thursday March 14, Botswana's High Court hears @legabiboadvo case on the Constitutionality of offences which criminalise consensual same-sex sexual conduct. A full bench will hear the case challenging the constitutionality of sections 164(a) (c) and 167 of the Botswana Penal Code
13 Mar, 09:21 AM UTC
Drivers & Norris
Controversial council wins High Court case against #landlords' group https://t.co/Qroh8TL9ot
13 Mar, 08:38 AM UTC
"For the first time in its 118-year history, the High Court sat in Darwin to hear the appeal." #coolHC 😉 #auspol https://t.co/UNWytddMWE
13 Mar, 09:52 AM UTC
N2.5bn fraud: Bring NBC DG on stretcher, court orders A Federal High Court in Abuja, has ordered that the DG of the National Broadcasting Commission, Moddibo Kawu, accused of fraud to the tune of N2.5bn be brought to court on April 17, 2019, even if he is on a stretcher.
12 Mar, 09:05 PM UTC
2 Days To Go!!! The Law Needs to Change! On the 14 March 2019, the Botswana High Court in Gaborone will hear a case challenging the constitutionality of laws that promote stigma and discrimination! 🇧🇼🌈 #Repeal164 #DecrimBotswana #ReBatswana #LEGABIBO's photo on High Court
13 Mar, 05:20 AM UTC
Leeze 🧜🏻‍♀️
To all my #lgbti activists, advocates and campaigners worldwide. All eyes on #Botswana today on the decriminalisation of homosexuality heads to the high court.
13 Mar, 09:51 AM UTC
With a commencement date of 31st January, 2019, the High Court of Lagos State (Civil Procedure) Rules 2012 will cease to apply to all civil proceedings in the High Court of Lagos State including all part-time causes & matters. https://t.co/HZ3sM0jB9F
13 Mar, 09:54 AM UTC
Ketan Jha from Plan B Earth @PlanB_earth speaking outside the High Court today before the hearings into the Heathrow 3rd runway where Plan B and others are arguing strongly about the government's failure on climate change on this issue AirportWatch's photo on High Court
13 Mar, 09:10 AM UTC
ARY News
A two-member bench of the high court, comprising Justice Hassan Azhar Rizvi and Justice Aziz ur Rehman, heard a petition regarding the new police rules. #ARYNews #SindhHighCourt https://t.co/QPAyEAcTGY
13 Mar, 10:01 AM UTC
Stephen Parnham
Court refuses to unwind bankruptee's tax-planning gifts in Tate v Barbara Farrell, 2019 EWHC 119 Ch.- https://t.co/IyVfpS5802
13 Mar, 09:22 AM UTC
The Madras High court has banned such hoardings. Political parties seem to unite only when it comes to not following judicial orders. https://t.co/dHgFOCX06Y
13 Mar, 09:55 AM UTC
Improving upon its 2012 Rules, the Lagos State High Court has put in place forward-looking Rules in line with international best practices to guide the dispensation of justice in the state. (THREAD) LawPavilion's photo on High Court
13 Mar, 09:51 AM UTC
Jay beilis
@cindi_abbott Scary when the talking heads are now saying he’s going to win again Which means at least RBG and maybe others retire and the high court is screwed for generations
13 Mar, 09:59 AM UTC
Ed Grove, A-level student, speaking at the protest today before the high court hearings into the Heathrow third runway. Saying he never expected to be an activist - but it is only through action and citizens uprising there anything ever gets changed AirportWatch's photo on High Court
13 Mar, 09:56 AM UTC
আগে ফোন থেকে স্ত্রীর সব নগ্ন ছবি ডিলিট করো, তবে ডিভোর্স পাবে: হাইকোর্ট https://t.co/HE6aXY1XzO via @Eisamay
13 Mar, 10:00 AM UTC
Penham Excel
Experiencing property and land issues such as non-payment of rent, service charges, or breach of tenancy agreements? Contact us today on 033 000 20705. https://t.co/GvIWBlRl2K
13 Mar, 10:00 AM UTC
Alan Wood
Experiencing property and land issues such as non-payment of rent, service charges, or breach of tenancy agreements? Contact us today on 033 000 20705. https://t.co/SVJmLI0TyV
13 Mar, 10:00 AM UTC
Rick Barnes
States face billion-dollar Indigenous title compensation bill after court ruling in Australia. https://t.co/VcQUsdGxEM
13 Mar, 10:00 AM UTC
Lynks Estate Agents
Landlords association loses High Court battle to prevent new landlord rules https://t.co/bIJphyZW03
13 Mar, 10:00 AM UTC
All eyes on #Botswana as #LGBTi equality groups head to the high court to hear the case on decriminalisation of same-sex relationships. Botswana's has been moving progressively in the right direction on LGB and Trans... https://t.co/XW5CjkBbrp
13 Mar, 10:00 AM UTC
Yonah Jeremy Bob
Israeli-Arab party candidate comments about attacking IDF being heroic were philosophical - lawyer tells Israeli High Court in trying to get Ofer Kassif reinstated to run for Knesset after central election c'tee disqualified him: https://t.co/akJjyTCWDv
13 Mar, 10:00 AM UTC
#AndileLungisa's defence addressed issue of his conviction in the Eastern Cape High Court in Makhanda. Issue of self-defence. Requires dolus intent. Lungisa believed he was under attack. Assault GBH has a double intent. Aim to cause grievous bodily harm. HeraldLIVE's photo on High Court
13 Mar, 09:59 AM UTC
@vicderbyshire @VictoriaLIVE @BBCTwo @BBCNews The problem is not Brexit the problem is the MP’s like Anna Soubry who refuse to carry out the will of the people. It is time for the High Court to force the Government to give us Brexit and to force MP’s like Soubry to respect the vote or go to prison
13 Mar, 09:57 AM UTC
The Pinkcity Post
Masala Chowk: Rajasthan high court issues contempt notice @jdajaipur #HighCourt #Jaipur #Rajasthan https://t.co/p7hMPowxrS
13 Mar, 09:56 AM UTC
The Sheriffs Office
Next week we will be holding a webinar with @BritainTrading which will cover High Court enforcement for business Sign up for free today: https://t.co/2uYkrPCYes #WednesdayWisdom #WednesdayMotivation #wednesdaythoughts #today The Sheriffs Office's photo on High Court
13 Mar, 09:55 AM UTC
cultural loss, but hey, you got roofs.... https://t.co/PmXDDewvhm via @smh
13 Mar, 09:53 AM UTC
High Court Swabi Jobs 2019 Latest: High Court Swabi Jobs 2019 Latest The post High Court… https://t.co/CdlK35M3jZ
13 Mar, 09:53 AM UTC
@PNMaster_ really no need bcz Moyane's matter dealt on other platforms such as Nugent commission, high court and Concourt
13 Mar, 09:51 AM UTC
Netania Lim
Doesn't go far enough but 👏👏👏 https://t.co/dA9J9LXWLo
13 Mar, 09:51 AM UTC
Rishi Shrestha
The Meghalaya High Court contempt order against the Newspaper The Shillong Times curbs the freedom of the press and poses a threat to the freedom of speech. Journalists should unite aginst this audacious verdict given by the Meghalaya High Court.
13 Mar, 09:51 AM UTC

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