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Sandra Laville
Hilary Mantel: "We see the ugly face of contemporary Britain in the people on the beaches abusing exhausted refugees even as they scramble to the shore. It makes one ashamed. And ashamed, of course to be living in the nation that elected this government..."
23 Sep, 08:23 PM UTC
Ben Amunwa 🌈💙💛
A paragraph from Hilary Mantel's Reith lectures (2017). Especially apt for lawyers among others. RIP 🙏🏽 https://t.co/CpcxWwcK6A
23 Sep, 10:01 PM UTC
Jim Pickard
love this Hilary Mantel explanation of what history actually is @PickardJE's photo on Hilary Mantel
24 Sep, 05:03 PM UTC
lemn sissay OBE FRSL
“The things you think are the disasters in your life are not the disasters really. Almost anything can be turned around: out of every ditch, a path, if you can only see it.” ― Hilary Mantel - Photo by Patrick Fore from Unsplash @lemnsissay's photo on Hilary Mantel
24 Sep, 08:55 AM UTC
George Foulkes
For the last two days all the Tweets and Retweets by @NicolaSturgeon, apart from a tribute to Hilary Mantel, have been about the UK Government. I happen to agree with them, but surely she should be running her own Government & getting on with what she is paid to do.
24 Sep, 10:15 AM UTC
Greg Jenner
The ⁦@LRB⁩ has removed their paywall for various Hilary Mantel pieces, if you want to read them here https://t.co/zj2XQ8JMBy
24 Sep, 01:39 PM UTC
Karen Palmer
Hilary Mantel's description of the Cromwells trying to get their family cat down from a tree is genius (from THE MIRROR AND THE LIGHT). https://t.co/7bkh7R5q4c
24 Sep, 01:07 PM UTC
just heard late the actual queen is dead RIP Hilary Mantel :( see her rules for writing love letters below https://t.co/JFSF5r45Nj
24 Sep, 07:12 PM UTC
The New Yorker
The author Hilary Mantel, who died earlier this week, “was always able to see into the next world, and tell us what she saw there” @LarissaMacFarqu writes. “We can only reread her books.” https://t.co/NnAvgwtgc4
24 Sep, 05:05 PM UTC
Rebecca Rideal
I wrote this a few years ago for @guardian about the wonderful Hilary Mantel and historical fiction. Explainer - this was in the shadow of a right wing hissy fit about her. https://t.co/wboSUHemTm
23 Sep, 09:36 PM UTC
The Washington Post
The loss of Hilary Mantel, the brilliant and widely beloved British author who died at 70 on Thursday, spurred many eloquent reactions of grief from her admirers. https://t.co/6ahddnpHbc
24 Sep, 06:19 PM UTC
Catherine Curzon
#frockingFabulous Hilary Mantel edition https://t.co/lxyzOnnwWp
24 Sep, 08:02 PM UTC
Andy Grieve
"Evidence is always partial. Facts are not truth, though they are part of it – information is not knowledge." Who said this? A statistician? A causal analyst? No, the late Hilary Mantel.
24 Sep, 05:05 PM UTC
Debora Pisano
Il tributo di grandi scrittori inglesi a Dame Hilary che ci ha lasciato due giorni fa. @FaziEditore Hilary Mantel remembered: ‘She was the queen of literature’ https://t.co/BLf1eW4tSi
24 Sep, 03:45 PM UTC
Christ Is Our King ✝️ 🇺🇸
DEAD from a "massive stroke" The same @guardian that featured Hilary Mantel's: "auction for global vaccine rollout" now prints her obituary 16 months later. https://t.co/Vxhaeo9czx
24 Sep, 05:41 PM UTC
Avril Joy
On my blog: The Loss of Hilary Mantel- Writer in the Shadows, on hiding and not meeting the night of the Costa Awards https://t.co/LlaQoYCfHk https://t.co/91tODm4TGQ
24 Sep, 10:47 AM UTC
New York Times Opinion
“One of the great gifts of Hilary Mantel is her skewering wit,” writes the @kamilashamsie. https://t.co/abFlDksSoz
24 Sep, 08:16 PM UTC
Andrzej Tokarski
GLE News: brytyjska pisarka Hilary Mantel zmarła na GLE - ale spokojnie". Spokojnie...
24 Sep, 08:14 PM UTC
Claude R.
Like millions of people, I am devastated to see Hilary Mantel leave us, probably in pain. The loss is invaluable for the literary community. All I could say yesterday morning when the news came was, "Oh no." How incredible her accomplishments were while feeling miserable.
24 Sep, 08:16 PM UTC
Rick Larios 🇺🇲
Hilary Mantel, Prize-Winning Author of Historical Fiction, Dies at 70 https://t.co/T6tO0kzZb2
24 Sep, 08:14 PM UTC
NOBLE Libraries
Novelist Hilary Mantel has died. Mantel was best known for her historical fiction, including Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies. She was awarded the Booker Prize for both novels, one of only four writers to win this prestigious award twice. #noblelibraries https://t.co/xDiR8aeEOf https://t.co/HSyIF0xhm1
24 Sep, 08:12 PM UTC
Dawninthewest 🍃💚🍃
RIP Hilary Mantel. https://t.co/iIyQNiInoK
24 Sep, 08:09 PM UTC
usa share news
Hilary Mantel’s Life with Ghosts https://t.co/RhXByHmUI6
24 Sep, 08:09 PM UTC
usa share news
Hilary Mantel’s Life with Ghosts https://t.co/g9w2zi3aLO
24 Sep, 08:09 PM UTC
Nula Suchet
The Guardian view on Hilary Mantel: a glorious original https://t.co/5Xqz6JcwKo
24 Sep, 08:07 PM UTC