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Alok Bhatt
As someone who has worked on DRP bidding for Hines-Urban Infra consortium in 2007, I can tell u that this so called Dharavi spirit is biggest BS thrusted down our throats for longest of times- Mumbai is dying city, mangroves are dying & so is Mithi river-DRP is a must for Mumbai @alok_bhatt's photo on Hines
01 Dec, 10:18 AM UTC
Michael F. Florio
#Bills 1st Half RB Usage - James Cook: 44% snaps, 8 carries, 3 targets (80 yards) - Nyheim Hines: 42% snaps, 2 carries, 2 targets (18 yards) - Devin Singletary: 37% snaps, 5 carries, 1 target (21 yards) Cook is averaging 6.3 yards per carry and 10 yards per catch
02 Dec, 02:44 AM UTC
Joe Buscaglia
Bills 1st quarter RB snaps by my count: James Cook 10 Nyheim Hines 9 Devin Singletary 6
02 Dec, 01:46 AM UTC
Steelers Depot 7⃣🎄🎅
Falcons Week Throwback: Hines Ward goes yard with one shoe against the Falcons! Sunday Oct 22, 2006 Georgia Dome @CharlieBatch16 @mvp86hinesward #Steelers #NFL https://t.co/vwV4Il8pCb
02 Dec, 12:40 AM UTC
CNN's @abbydphillip, @GloriaBorger and @SaraMurray join @MarquardtA to discuss the decision of the federal appeals court to halt the special master review of documents seized from former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home. Rep. Jim Hines also weighs in. Watch: @CNN's photo on Hines
02 Dec, 01:08 AM UTC
G O L D I E.
Met Hines having drinks with Ben Vereen in Atlanta hotel lobby bar way back in ‘86. They were so very charming as 18yo me sipped on seltzer water and lime while I waited for my mother to finish her shift. https://t.co/AmQGiBgiC8
02 Dec, 02:42 AM UTC
Underdog NFL
Bills RBs halftime snap counts and routes run (per @PFF): Nyheim Hines 19 (9) James Cook 18 (8) Devin Singletary 16 (8)
02 Dec, 02:45 AM UTC
Marixa Lasso, PhD.
Orgullosa nieta de una egresada de la Normal de Institutoras y miembro del Magisterio Unido y una de las maestras que marcho contra el convenio Filos Hines. Esa generación de maestras fue clave para la recuperación del Canal y obtener conquistas sociales. Feliz día del maestro https://t.co/wIEHorWBPD
01 Dec, 02:54 PM UTC
Mx. Amadi Lovelace
The scene that proved that Gregory Hines could’ve been a great ballet dancer, but Mikhail Baryshnikov could never have been a tapper. https://t.co/rkwlKHGhe2
02 Dec, 02:22 AM UTC
Mike Clay
Bills RB snaps - Devin Singletary - 19 (41.3%) James Cook - 19 Nyheim Hines - 17
02 Dec, 02:59 AM UTC
Samad Hines
No.. 20 Wasatch Academy (UT) just took down No. 1 AZ Compass Prep (AZ) 61-48 to stay unbeaten at 6-0 -- South Carolina commit 2023 F Collin Murray-Boyles with 18 and 14. The Tigers with an elite win adding to their resume -- excellent win for HC Paul Peterson @WATigersBB.
02 Dec, 03:18 AM UTC
Tonight, Dec. 1 at 6:30 PM: Join us online for the conversation Education for Liberation with Drs. Kabria Baumgartner, Christopher Bonastia, Michael Hines, and Brian Jones. #SchomburgCenter @SchomburgCBFS https://t.co/qDv2cZTu88 #SchomburgCenter
01 Dec, 10:45 PM UTC
Kristina Kallhoff
Decoding and encoding multisyllabic vocabulary words as a pre-reading activity empowers students to read through texts with ease. #scienceofreading @PrincipalPage @Emily_Hines_CCS @mrsharrisccs @Alabama_Reading https://t.co/XjZVfEQ9Vv
01 Dec, 11:46 AM UTC
ALA Public Policy & Advocacy
NEW: Join ALA Pres. @Lessa4Libraries next week on IG Live to learn about new federal funding for digital equity outreach! Tune in 12/8 @ 2pm EST to hear more about @FCC ACP Outreach Grants, open to libraries of ALL types. Featuring guests from @StateLibrary & @EdSuperHighway! https://t.co/d6LhLost2H
01 Dec, 09:52 PM UTC
The Haunted Jukebox
@tressiemcphd I love Gregory Hines so much. So so much.
02 Dec, 03:04 AM UTC
@DFBeanCounter There’s plenty of avenues to success for him in this offense. He also looks to be uber efficient, don’t think he needs 15-20 touches to be a difference maker. The only I don’t get it is why it took them this long and the Hines trade also. Made no sense.
02 Dec, 02:36 AM UTC
Glenn Fosnacht
Congratulations to KK Baggett! KK has received a tennis scholarship and will play at Hines Community College!! KK makes it 3 consecutive years of Yellow Jacket tennis players going on to the next level! #jacketpride #stingem @SMHSAthleticsPA @StMartinHighSc1 @StMartinSports https://t.co/TFJqpQQ8T7
02 Dec, 02:56 AM UTC
Meghan Hughes
I really want Cook or Hines to get a TD. I’m just loving them lately and I just want that for them. #BillsMafia #GoBills #BuffaloBills
02 Dec, 03:27 AM UTC
Show Pony
@big_sib "Just put on some vance and hines slip ons with a fuelpak and k&n Punisher edition air cleaner on my road glide only cost me 3k and dyno says 210 hp" https://t.co/uN5uiESlVt
02 Dec, 03:20 AM UTC
Coalfield Stats and Info
Jacket scoring tonight vs Rockwood [51]: Brayden Burgess 18, Zach Armstrong 9, Cole Hines 8, Tucker West 7, Rommel Conlon 5, Blake Hudson 4. #CHSHoops #JacketHoops #CHSStats
02 Dec, 03:08 AM UTC
🌛🌹Theresa Martínez Flannery 🌹🌜
@tressiemcphd I met Gregory Hines in a newstand/bookstore at the old Stapleton Airport in Denver. Just gave me a grin and a nod when I peeped him, and I blushed! He was sweet.
02 Dec, 03:06 AM UTC
Jingle Mining
👻【MEME】Follow us to see more #crypto #memes! If mine were like this, I just wanna say the “F” word. #JingleMining #doge #CryptoNews #FU #infowars #infosec #BlueLock #Sweeney #Morocco #Charizard #Gaetz #Kanye #Pats #Cade #Germany #Nazis #Hines https://t.co/BeWIcU0QSy
02 Dec, 03:00 AM UTC
@OverHypedSleepr @DFBeanCounter He looks pretty special out there Dan. Hines is barely a part of this offense. If it’s him and singletary with cook catching the balls, I like his chances. I was talking redraft tho. Forgive my dyno ignorance.
02 Dec, 02:56 AM UTC
Will Lever
A touch on 5 of the last 7 plays. Cook through 3Q 2:40 17 touches for 101 yards Singletary + Hines 10 touches for 49 yards
02 Dec, 03:23 AM UTC
Nathan Joyner 🗑️
Cook getting a lot of work. I’m telling you guys this is the direction the franchise wants to go. Hines backing him up and letting Motor walk. Cook has home run ability. He’s gotta be on the field. That’s just what it is.
02 Dec, 03:22 AM UTC
Matthew Pearson
Look. I like motor, but they have to lean on Hines and Cook. They are just better options and Motor has the dropsys tonight
02 Dec, 03:19 AM UTC
Adam 💙🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸everyone matters 🗽🌈🌊🧢
@BigNickFL Hines is working three shifts with overtime 🤣
02 Dec, 03:15 AM UTC
Josh Allen Stats
A lot of sets with both Hines and Cook in. Something to watch the rest of the season.
02 Dec, 03:15 AM UTC
@NickFilipowski More than 5. 2 by singletary, 2 or 3 by Davis, Knox, Hines, now Diggs
02 Dec, 03:04 AM UTC
Rob Cotterill
@BradleyGelber That play should be for Ny Hines
02 Dec, 03:02 AM UTC