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⚜️Pierre est sérieux⚜️
@Acyn @Bindlestaff No, it's not a violation of your HIPPA rights for someone to ask you, or for you to tell them, whether you have been Covid vaccinated. A violation of your HIPPA rights would occur if a health care provider revealed to a third party without your permission whether you had been.
20 Jul, 09:23 PM UTC
Jax Persists
No, #EmptyGreene, HIPAA only applies to HIPAA-covered entities. If they asked your DOCTOR if you'd been vaccinated, AND your doctor answered without your consent, that would be a violation of your HIPPA rights. Asking YOU if you've been vaccinated is not a violation. https://t.co/WuifqpeQiF
21 Jul, 12:12 AM UTC
Bad COVID-19 Takes
Context: I probably should have captioned this “HIPPA,” because that's clearly the fictional concept MTG invoked. A helpful chart: https://t.co/WhucZMdOLH
20 Jul, 11:45 PM UTC
Sarah Reese Jones
@Acyn I’m taking this as a YES while she continues to LIE about it to the GOP cult. HIPPA, the new Fifth Amendment for people who are good at pretending they don’t understand reality.
20 Jul, 11:11 PM UTC
Duty To Warn 🔉
Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn’t understand HIPPA rights are about doctors maintaining confidentiality. Maybe she thought it violated her “hypocrite rights” to infect people https://t.co/xkowEzfmMu
21 Jul, 10:09 AM UTC
Bad HIPPA Takes 🦛💨
It's bad HIPPA takes all the way down. https://t.co/BGyYBl7y5z
21 Jul, 02:23 AM UTC
Lexis-Olivier Ray
To everybody concerned about LA bars violating HIPPA when they ask for proof of vaccine. HIPPA only applies to "covered entities" (IE: healthcare providers, health care plans, etc)... https://t.co/xNzkVEgrSa
20 Jul, 11:54 PM UTC
Prez 🌻🌹🌍🏳️‍🌈
MGT invokes Hippa because the truth would mean she’s been vaccinated even though she’s doing everything in her power to convince the Right not to...she’s nothing more than a power hungry traitor #DemVoice1 #wtpEARTH #wtpBlue #4TheTrollLibrary https://t.co/nYb36lsBTa
20 Jul, 11:38 PM UTC
Kimmy, Bestie of Bunzy
@Acyn I think she was referring to HIPPA, not HIPAA 🧐 https://t.co/sv79XylBTV
20 Jul, 11:21 PM UTC
Nathan Quarry
If I asked her doctor that still wouldn’t be a violation of her HIPPA rights. If the DOCTOR told me without her consent THAT would be a violation of her HIPPA rights. STOP electing idiots. I’m sorry smart people make you feel dumb. And she makes you feel smart. It’s not worth it https://t.co/h3iNqwk0HG
21 Jul, 12:13 AM UTC
Reesus Patriot
MTG: Doc, will anyone know if I get a vaccine? Doctor: No HIPPA says we can not reveal Reporter: Have you been vaccinated? MTG: I have HIPPA Right not to answer. like stupidity is a built-in gaslighting tool with this one.
20 Jul, 10:28 PM UTC
BigBlueWaveUSA 2022 #StopVoterSuppression
The motivation for Steve Scalise, Sean Hannity & #MoscowMitch to start pushing hard for vaccinations is simple math. The vast majority of the unvaccinated are Republican voters. They will die disproportionately vs Democrats. It’s about votes. #HIPPA #COVID19 #DrFauci #RandPaul https://t.co/wqlNb60U9X
21 Jul, 12:51 AM UTC
Mike Sington
Legal experts: HIPPA rules permit businesses to require proof of vaccination. Start this now with all businesses. It’s time to completely shut out unvaccinated that are able to be vaccinated. Once they realize they can’t go anywhere, do anything, maybe that will incentivize them. @MikeSington's photo on HIPPA
21 Jul, 10:07 AM UTC
RHenry 🇺🇸
Canoes without cup holders are a HIPPA violation.
21 Jul, 02:05 AM UTC
David W. Peters
Cain to god when he asks where his brother Abel is: that’s a HIPPA violation god
21 Jul, 12:24 PM UTC
@snopes @Artemis888Infin They don't understand HIPPA. Just like they wanted ObamaCare gone but wanted to keep ACA . They have no clue what's what. HIPPA is privacy of your specific health needs. A vaccination is diff. Even kids must show it to schools or they can't enter! Duh.
21 Jul, 03:51 AM UTC
Jim, #Resist
@Acyn Idiot, HIPPA protects OTHERS from releasing your info, not you. Dumb enough to get elected. Stupid enough to not know how government works.
21 Jul, 12:03 PM UTC
Raisins in potato salad is a HIPPA violation https://t.co/3FkMUuWQjE
21 Jul, 12:20 PM UTC
Sion of the House Moderna 😷💉🏳️‍⚧️💍🌿🐕🐈🐔🦆
This is a HIPPA violation. https://t.co/UROxK6PkRR
21 Jul, 12:27 PM UTC
Rita, the Original MotherTucker🥇
@AndySzilagyi She knows as much about HIPPA as she does the constitution. Now that’s sad.
21 Jul, 12:26 PM UTC
Getting the acronym correct, is often the telltale sign of whether the person has the faintest clue of what they’re speaking about (it’s HIPAA and not HIPPA). Good chart 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 https://t.co/9yYzCFrv9n
21 Jul, 12:09 PM UTC
Elizabeth Lynn
@Acyn Abortion questions are also a violation of HIPPA
21 Jul, 12:17 PM UTC
Christina Szalinski
❌HIPPA: Health Information Privacy Protection Act (doesn't exist in the U.S.) ✅HIPAA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (the often misinterpreted U.S. law) https://t.co/yW7NqaU6Fo
21 Jul, 12:17 PM UTC
Shawn Johnson
@JoeSilverman7 The amount of people that don’t actually understand HIPPA is astounding, and they need to stop, cause they look stupid AF…
21 Jul, 12:16 PM UTC
Special to #MTG: A reporter asking your vaccination status isn't a violation of HIPPA. You answering isnt a violation. The nurse who gave you the shot telling a reporter your status would be a violation. Please try to know what you're talking about. #MarjorieTaylorGreeneIsSoDumb
21 Jul, 12:30 PM UTC
Ma’am that is not what HIPPA means but okay https://t.co/WlnZJkK4Oj
21 Jul, 12:30 PM UTC
justanothername🇮🇪 🇵🇸
HIPAA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act HIPPA: https://t.co/6TXqROOMnf
21 Jul, 12:30 PM UTC
@TheRickWilson She only said it out loud but somehow we all still know she spelled it “HIPPA”
21 Jul, 12:30 PM UTC
J gawel
@FPWellman Those feet are a hippa violation
21 Jul, 12:29 PM UTC
𝕊𝕔𝕠𝕥𝕥 ℝ. ℕ𝕖𝕝𝕤𝕠𝕟, ℂℙ 🇺🇸🎙
@BadHippa You do know the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act’s acronym is HIPAA not HIPPA?
21 Jul, 12:29 PM UTC