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Soo Choi 💜 Film out
Yoongi said he has his hair permed. @BTS_twt @choi_bts2's photo on HIS HAIR
05 Apr, 09:18 AM UTC
innittwt i’m sorry but he’s gonna cut his hair soon... https://t.co/EJQm9sdVJm
04 Apr, 06:38 PM UTC
j-hope daily™
Hoseok everytime he hides his hair color : wears bucket hat https://t.co/j9dC3mkpOd
05 Apr, 09:20 AM UTC
hobi wasn't pranking us at all when he said he dyed his hair👀 https://t.co/X4DkSVo0D6
05 Apr, 09:42 AM UTC
Dear BigHit staff, DO NOT TOUCH HIS HAIR. thank you. https://t.co/3jKglgFHm6
05 Apr, 07:11 AM UTC
ㅍ.ㅍ 👑
jeno pushing his hair back (3 times) @4ljn23's photo on HIS HAIR
05 Apr, 06:45 AM UTC
AFBF ⁷ 🌙
Why is hobi hiding his hair DID HE DYE IT !!!! BTS LIVE YOONGIS @koobestie01's photo on HIS HAIR
05 Apr, 09:38 AM UTC
eek ♫
anyways sapnap was raised by skeppy and bad and skeppy dyes his hair for him // rp https://t.co/fTydCUJQHL
04 Apr, 07:16 PM UTC
mau is mash
lacrosse stiles with his hair down. https://t.co/IZbbTO1FIu
05 Apr, 01:44 AM UTC
MAYCEE ⁷ ⟭⟬ abyss 🐹🐯🍊
please don't cut his hair, we want long haired seokjin on cb https://t.co/cCWXPEZHWp
05 Apr, 08:14 AM UTC
Jose Mourinho blames his players for his hair colour 👴🏻 @ESPNUK's photo on HIS HAIR
04 Apr, 04:04 PM UTC
the funniest thing is that Hoseok teased us while trying to convince us he had red hair when HE ACTUALLY had his hair dyed in another color ALL ALONG
05 Apr, 10:10 AM UTC
hourly 2seok 🌊🍊 I love yuo 👉👈
hobi hiding his hair in tiny 🥺 https://t.co/S4eqH6De2G
05 Apr, 09:52 AM UTC
hourly junkyu
THE WAY HE FLIPPED HIS HAIR https://t.co/xl7Nk74sVr
05 Apr, 10:41 AM UTC
ri ♡︎
oh taehyung definitely dyed his hair https://t.co/iangSfAq5M
05 Apr, 10:32 AM UTC
Peniel said he not only dye his hair but he even dye his scalp 🤣🤣🤣
05 Apr, 11:03 AM UTC
yafie ∞ BTOB
Lee Minhyuk dyed his hair!! Ayyyy!!! https://t.co/Wz2stOhmpW
05 Apr, 10:44 AM UTC
Openly Black
Verdine White will never sweat his hair out... Doing 2-3 hour SHOWS and STILL SILK PRESS SITTING... One workout... I’m done. Teach me your ways @VerdineWhite
05 Apr, 12:30 AM UTC
Missing JongSuk badly😭
If you look at my phone album, you’ll know who my boyfriend is.. BOYFRIEND REVEAL HIS HAIR #LeeJongSuk https://t.co/Xg0wZdPrNV
05 Apr, 10:47 AM UTC
mon ! choso fanart 📌
the day gege gives us choso with his hair down is the day my worries will be cured 🙏
05 Apr, 08:49 AM UTC
Let's see how long giwook's gonna keep his hair, before dyeing it to another color. No, no scissors allowed 😠 /hj https://t.co/tzrASllsFb
05 Apr, 11:50 AM UTC
ᴮᴱ harshi⁷💜 ig• uri_oppa_babo_geyo
Hobi has dyed his hair silver or ash grey?!!?!!? https://t.co/OJISnWqSoy
05 Apr, 11:50 AM UTC
05 Apr, 11:59 AM UTC
Welcome to another episode of "I want to ruffle his hair so bad". 🥰 https://t.co/V8vCo0n5sg
05 Apr, 11:58 AM UTC
Give his hair a break please
05 Apr, 12:00 PM UTC
@andynces i miss his hair💔
05 Apr, 12:00 PM UTC
@be3mgyu in the live rn hes covering his hair w a beanie + a hat on top of that so his hair might b a diff color now
05 Apr, 12:00 PM UTC
sherlock script
[John briefly laughs. In the busy, he sees a beautiful young woman. She smiles at John, and he smiles back. Realizing she was still smiling at him, John sweeps a hand over his hair.]
05 Apr, 12:00 PM UTC