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haru⁷🌿 𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐨𝐟
Jungkook In the Seom chat 220701 🐰: Hobi hyung is cool right? 🐰: he’s our hyung 🐰: please give him a lot of support @BOMHARU1230's photo on hobi
01 Jul, 02:05 PM UTC
faye⁷ in the box🃏
not a single 'hobi' in tl I'MCRYINFGGKFKDKS
01 Jul, 04:27 AM UTC
Alysé⁷ in the box💘
WAIT….so what you telling me is all the rooms that are in this box, Hobi visited in the music video MEANING..HE WAS LITERALLY JACK IN DA BOXXXX @vmonsparadise's photo on hobi
01 Jul, 04:13 AM UTC
220701 Hobi on Weverse 🐿hoo.. (*sigh/breathing out) @btsbaragi__'s photo on hobi
01 Jul, 03:56 AM UTC
「 claire ⁷ 」
weverse 220701 hobi: going home after finishing up work!!! i'm feeling pretty good, and proud in so many ways. even putting the song release aside, i think this feeling really comes from the fact that, after the start of the pandemic, completing the songs i've been working on… https://t.co/kR8AQT5g2F
01 Jul, 02:27 PM UTC
Ellie 앨리⁷ 🃏
Op saying her nephew was in hobi’s mv and taehyung came to the mv shooting wearing modern hanbok!! The nephew talked with taehyung and said he’s so nice and so sociable🥺 https://t.co/5YjsGfmNP9
01 Jul, 07:34 AM UTC
jungkook admirer
jungkook: "hobi hyung is cool, right? he’s our hyung. please give him a lot of support." https://t.co/2NYiE8YHBy
01 Jul, 02:12 PM UTC
solo stans coming at joon for supporting hobi.. besties, he was there for ALL OF THEM before you were even on the picture, sit down
01 Jul, 09:55 AM UTC
"hobi hyung is cool right?" "thats our hyung" "please give him lots of support" oh jungkook 😞
01 Jul, 02:04 PM UTC
bts quotes archive⁷
"Hobi-hyung is cool right? He's our hyung. please, give him a lot of support" ㅡ 220701, Jeon Jungkook at ITS Club chatroom 🥺 https://t.co/EvZx2twW6J
01 Jul, 02:16 PM UTC
nuri in the box🃏
nadie le está diciendo hobi a hoseok, así de fuerte estuvo la cosa
01 Jul, 04:51 AM UTC
BTS Charts Daily⁷ᴹᵒʳᵉ
#⃣ Worldwide Trends 1 #jhope_MORE 2 HOSEOK 3 HOBI 4 #MOREOutNow 6 MORE IS COMING 7 #MoreIsHere 8 #MORETonight
01 Jul, 04:27 AM UTC
Universal Music Singapore🎮
always surprising us, hobi 💙 who can resist wanting more, more and more? J-HOPE'S single "MORE" off his upcoming solo album Jack In The Box is out now! 🃏 🎧 https://t.co/Id2FrF7CSs #JHOPE #JHOPE_MORE #JackInTheBox @BTS_twt @universalmusg's photo on hobi
01 Jul, 04:40 AM UTC
너의 까미유
🐰 Hobi hyung is cool, right? 🐰 He's my hyung 🐰 Please cheer for him a lot of support https://t.co/DJsaVc1b2Q
01 Jul, 02:02 PM UTC
y'all don't understand it's so special to hobi, that man worked his ass off till the dawn in his studio just for y'all to play that game instead of giving him what he deserves? y'all really doing this??
01 Jul, 11:48 AM UTC
please stream more mv now. on 15th july we will have a whole album to stream so our focus will be divided, this pre-release single is our chance to make some records for hobi !! our views are low compared to other cbs, so please please stream
01 Jul, 12:14 PM UTC
Clout News
Taehyung (V) apparently has a cameo in J-hope's MORE M/V 📹 #kimtaehyung #taehyung #v #tae #jhope #bts #hobi #hoseok #jhope_more #jackinthebox @CloutNewsMedia's photo on hobi
01 Jul, 09:04 AM UTC
🐰 Hobi hyung is cool, right? 🐰 He's my hyung 🐰 Please cheer for him a lot of support https://t.co/uL72EuCvg4
01 Jul, 02:06 PM UTC
220702 Hobi on IG 🐿#/shoutout #/wantmore https://t.co/yq49UR1qIZ
01 Jul, 03:50 PM UTC
「 claire ⁷ 」
(continued) hobi: i've finally gotten the chance to show this to you, to have you listen [to my work], and it makes me feel so happy. it's like seeing the result of all that hard work, right in front of my eyes!! or it could just be my own sense of personal satisfaction!!!.. heh https://t.co/Hld5EiAIYi
01 Jul, 02:27 PM UTC
sen⁷ 🃏 MORE
tbh it's not required for yall to finish in the seom immediately, its okay to take months so if you have time PLS keep streaming hobi's pre release track, this is an official cb also vote for bts on fan n star!
01 Jul, 01:13 PM UTC
「 claire ⁷ 」
hobi: i don't know what you all thought about it but i think i can still feel the soul of my younger self in my ego always exploring, looking to show different sides of who i am as the individual behind j-hope of BTS!!! today's the kind of day i make peace with my regrets ..! https://t.co/GoPYadYha8
01 Jul, 02:43 PM UTC
🐻‍❄️⁷| 🃏☀️
um. so. then. well. hobi’s outfit and makeup for lolapalooza ?
01 Jul, 04:37 AM UTC
levi⁷ ᵃˢʰ 🐾
No les pasa que después de ver el mv se siente raro decirle hobi a Hoseok
01 Jul, 03:07 PM UTC
「 claire ⁷ 」
hobi: thinking about our armys from around the world who are here to witness the result of all that [raw] emotion with me, i can't help but feel both thankful and apologetic!!! this album really is, through and through, rooted in the very thoughts and emotions of "j-hope" !!!!!! https://t.co/WnLvOR6FoN
01 Jul, 02:52 PM UTC
Deezer France
Merci Hobi pour ce bop. 🖤 #JHOPE #jhope_MORE #JackInTheBox @bts_twt https://t.co/eAAgbguBOS
01 Jul, 07:39 AM UTC
fairy 🐮
thread of voting giveaways for hobi! if he wins these polls, votes will be casted for him
01 Jul, 03:40 PM UTC
Jungkook chat ITS 🐰: Hobi hyung keren kan? 🐰: dia hyung kami 🐰: mohon berikan banyak support @BTS_twt -🐼 https://t.co/KKjMJgcwIJ
01 Jul, 02:29 PM UTC
「 claire ⁷ 」
hobi: today marks the start of how i hope to share the many many emotions behind j-hope, [putting together] one piece at a time !!! i ask for your support and recognition that this is an important time of development, taking my next steps both as j-hope & the person, jung hoseok https://t.co/y1tkf7r20I
01 Jul, 03:04 PM UTC
「 claire ⁷ 」
(continued) hobi: i would be so thankful for your excitement and interest [for what lays ahead on this path]! it is all thanks to our fans, the people who will listen, that i am a musician. i love you, and thank you!! 🥰 https://t.co/lEFyrIqQkw
01 Jul, 03:08 PM UTC